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Background information.

On Jan 12, 2018, I Melissa Dubaj took Steve Dubaj to the Yavapai Regional Medical Center ( Prescott, AZ). Steve Dubaj was admitted to the hospital for having trouble breathing, high blood pressure and low oxygen levels, after running some test the doctors discovered Steve Dubaj cancerous tumor on his lung had gotten bigger and was starting to cut off his oxygen. So on Jan 15, 2018 Steve Dubaj appointed me to be his medical power of attorney incase he got the point where he couldn't make decisions on his own. And that's also when Steve Dubaj was put on Hospice Family Care . People from Hospice Family Care and the doctor discussed with Steve about transferring to a health rehabilitation to try and get stabilize to possibly go home. On Jan 17, 2018 Steve was transferred to the Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center.

My Complaint

After going through Steve Dubaj medical records from Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center, I discovered in his medical records they had Steve Dubaj sign off to start taking a medication called Lorazepam for anxiety on Jan 17, 2018.The attending Physician was DR. Kruprnrck. MY complaint is Steve Dubaj was obviously heavy medicated when he signed off for the Lorazepam on Jan 17, 2018, because his signature isn't clear and doesn't look like Steve Dubaj's signature. Steve Dubaj shouldn't have been allowed to sign off for the Lorazepam when heavily medicated, they should have got me, (Melissa Dubaj) permission to start to him on Lorazepam for anxiety. The hand writing isn't clear for LPN who signed off on that record, but it looks the initials LCL or ICL .

After receiving Steve Dubaj medical records from Granite Creeks Health and Rehabilitation Center on April 22, 2018.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Prescott, AZ I discovered a majore problem. Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center had a record saying on Jan 19th I (Melissa Dubaj) gave them permission verbally to start giving Steve Dubaj a drug called Terminalttaldol for agitation and I know for a fact on Jan 19, 2018. I did NOT give them permission to give Steve Dubaj anything for agitation.

Also Jan 19, 2018 Melina Mckg. RN wrote a prescription at Melissa Dubaj request for the staff to check Steve Dubaj blood sugar before each meal or if Steve Dubaj doesn't eat, because of his diabetes. And again in Granite Creek Medical Health and Rehabilitation Center records said it was checked on Jan 19, 2018 and Jan 2018 by someone that goes by the initials FNTW, when making documentation of what care Steve Dubaj had for that day, the problem is Every Nurse that I spoke to from Hospice Family Home Care and the nurses from Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center told me over and over on Jan 21, 2018 that they did NOT check Steve Dubaj blood sugar at all and they weren't going to check Steve Dubaj blood sugar, because it wouldn't change the outcome of his health. Either someone falsified there records or I was lied to.

Then also in Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center records they have a record dated Jan 20, 2018, that an order was given by phone for them no to care for Steve Dubaj's diabetes anymore, but it Does Not say who gave the order to Discontinue Steve Dubaj diabetic care.

I don't have a way to scan the decimations in my computer, but I have hard copies of all them that were mentioned in my complaint.

I just want someone to pay for providing really horrible care to Steve Dubaj when he was there from Jan 17, 2018- Jan 21, 2018 when he passed away and make sure no one else will go through that horrible care ever again.

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    it's suppose to say documentation not decimations.

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    My phone is [protected]

Jul 19, 2018
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    Jeff here from the Corporate Offices. Please respond back with your phone # so I can give you a call and help resolve this issue. Thank you.

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