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Arise / scam

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Arise is one tricky place. I serviced AT&T and Carnival. First AT&T KCA which was a disaster in of itself and then Carnival which was actually ok to work for. But the end result will always be the same, you will be removed and forced to purchase more training or do another client.

What they are basically doing is getting people to pay for classes/training, the person passes and then contracts for client. However, they set their metrics too high and often you are unable to meet the metrics because either Arise or the client's system habitually fail, you are forced to call other departments with wait times that are out of control or other reasons that are out of your control. Believe me when I tell you this, you can do everything perfect for a while but at some point they will remove you so as to make room for the next batch of people.

After a bit, they will find a reason to remove that person who can then re-train (after paying more money) or do new training (paying more money) for another client.

Then they will find a reason to remove you.

Its a rinse and repeat thing. The bottom line, they keep getting a fresh influx of people to take their "training classes" making a good amount of money in the process (not to mention taking a percentage out of your paycheck providing they even pay you what you worked or earned)

Also note, they will remove you without reason or warning and without even a message or email as to why. Extremely unprofessional and highly suspicious.

The BBB or another government agency should really look into them (again)

May 19, 2013
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  • Vi
      25th of May, 2013
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    After you pay over $300 to take the course and pass all of their tests 95% or better, they have you pay $20 twice a month for Tech support. Then your technicians("fix") your Avaya phone so you receive 2 calls at the same time, all the time. Then you receive this letter from Roger Snyder the contract compliance officer saying you were "intentionally disconnecting and avoiding calls" (while already on a call). Then they terminate your SOW (Statement of Work Contract ) because of this. There was even an open technical support incident. They go to alot of trouble to set you up to fail. Then all they can say is "Sorry for the inconvenience". That's a real expensive inconvenience isn't it? This is not a very pleasant experience, I don't recommend Arise to anybody.

  • Bu
      2nd of Sep, 2014
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    I read all the comments on this site when I first took the job with Arise, but took it with a grain of salt. Every company has good and bad. I worked hard, completed all my assignments. Passed with flying colors. I started servicing and was getting good surveys and good reports from customers and supervisors. Metrics are extremely difficult to meet, but I was getting them in line but even working 40 hours a week (while only getting paid "talk time" which equaled about 20 hours a week). My end goal was to become a professional facilitator so the risk and the hard work and the pay never equaled the hours I worked, I overlooked thinking my return would come in time. Then one day, I went to log into my systems and I received a message I was no longer authorized. The only explanation I was able to get from the company was the decision was based on my performance but could not or would not name anything specific, only shell shock. I would evaluate very carefully if you can afford to put a lot of time and money into an opportunity that 9 times out of 10 will not work out with no explanations

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