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I decided to write about this company, to give the reviews a more recent experience and more up to date. I usually dont fall for scams, but I fell for this one. And believe me I am HIGHLY upset. I was skeptical about this company from the beginning because I kept thinking who pays for a job and who pays for training?

Training is suppose to pay you, and a job is suppose to pay you. But after noticing major companies listed on arise, I thought to myself, ok, major companies would not risk their brands, so I gave in and took the bait

But before training could even start I kept thinking about, all the fees to start up, internet, phone, computer, I was like is this even worth it with the pay being 9.50 an hour and then to pay a monthly fee to arise.

Before I even begin my detailed nightmare, let me say don't even bother to WASTE your money most of all your time with this company unless you dont mind loosing money or time.

So the break down is you will pay your class training, than you will start your training, they will send an email when you have started class, they will than give you a codes and a fake name you must use while servicing. After that, you will attend class 5days a week, 4 hrs a day, and pretty much listen to your teacher talk.

Throughout that you will have homework assignments which are a bunch of power point slides, than you will have 4 assessments, they pretty much give you the answers so youre guaranteed to pass. Lastly you will have your mock call, which everyone passes.

they will set up your Avaya, on your computer, which is how you will receive calls. They tell you to get a phone line but you never use it. They tell you to get a phone, but you never use it, you will only use your headset.

Now Im assuming depending on what kind of teacher you get, class will feel draining. My teacher was terrible. You wasnt allowed to come 5 mins late, she would call you out, if you left your computer for a sec, she would embarrass but what got me was the bathroom, you were only allowed to use the bathroom on break, which is a 10-15 min break each day. Lord forbid you need to pee after break and she calls your name to get on your mic

I will say this teacher name in the hopes if you do get her. DROP the class! change your class, do whatever it takes but in my opinion dont even join arise!

KA is her name. So here is where things got interesting. After passing all the assessments, passed the mock calls, passed/completed homework, and came to class on time, never missed any days, the day that is expected to be certified, I receive an email, your certification has been withdrawn. No explanation nothing.

Of course I first reach out to the teacher, interestingly NO RESPONSE. The teacher is very responsive throughout the course, but all of sudden goes ghost. I contact arise support, all they can say is that the teacher has failed me from the course.

What bothers me is that they make you feel like you're about to get a job when the truth is, they may only pass a very few, because that many isnt needed anyways. Which makes sense. I remember in a field trip session, there were 80 students, and I kept sayin 80! thats a lot of people to be hired for one company. I know that many isnt needed.

They will play with your mind and say youre doing good, you will pass and etc. When its all fake and lies. The fact that my teacher never responded to my numerous emails, and no one can explain why I didnt get certified even with perfect scores, and attendance speaks volumes.

The warning signs are there. The fact that you pay for the training, the fact that you pay monthly fees, the fact that its so easy to get in, and the fact that SO many people join the class, like what company would need that many workers, unless it was a company that was just created and fresh and needed to hire as many people.

Im curious to know about the companies that work through arise the disney, comcast, Intuit, what do they have to say because this looks bad on their reputations as well. I did noticed in my arise that Carnival and Comcast were the main constant ones having classes and consistently looking for people. Thats a red flag there, like why are they always looking for people to sign up.

This is bad for the companies very bad, because now I dont look at comcast or disney the same. I want my time back! I want my money back and all the frustration. but if this can help someone and prevent someone else from wasting their money and time I am grateful for that.

Bottom line DONT TRUST this company. If anything dont even waste your time. You should never have to pay for job let alone pay for training. Run from arise, as far as you can.


After several days of trying to connect to a live person via the Internet, looking for corporate number, etc, I was redirected to the Arise portal platform where after several minutes of waiting I was connected to a live chat. On 3/14/2017, I spoke with the Virtual chat agent Stephanie. I reported that I would like a refund for a certification class that I had paid for previously, intuit, Video.

During the instructional time I was served jury duty, I notified the trainer and my IBO. The trainer then informed me that the class is 100% participation or I will not be certified. I then notified my IBO ( McGhee & Associates) I explained the issue and she then contacted the instructor and advised her to work with me. In turn, the instructor stated she would work with me however the client she services requires 100% participation. I then interjected, that this absence is no cause of mine, but the law.

Needless to say, I served three days jury duty received my certificate and now was looking for a refund. In between time, I did receive an email from Arise stating I had been dropped from the class.

Unfortunately, I was not afforded a refund the only exception is death with proof and you will receive a voucher. How can you deny a refund form a mandate that is out of the CSP's control. I will seek some legal advice. I notice Arise has several warranted complaints. We may need to come together and issue a class action suit.

  • I am with a class action suit. One day during service last, I was dropped in the middle of a live call. Busting my butt and resolving calls as should. Sometimes working off the clock and longer than I had checked scheduled for. I Asked why? poor NSP-impossible. No warning no other explanation. Money, time, and expectations lost. That was with Intuit. Fast forward, in class with same client. 40 people, 1st day of cert a field trip, in the field trip Shaun bashes "five people" in the class for complaining to management about managements (poor) decisions. He speaks about people who complain have poor internet and lousy computers. Bashing continues for duration of 'field trip". All I could think about was an very unethical company. It was basically a threat to the entire class that if you went to management about any decision there would be consequences.

    By the end of the first day of 40 students, more than half had completed homework before she assigned it at 100% Only nearly 10 answers questions in the class, but the instructor doesnt notice that the spread sheet she submits with individual progress updates has nearly 20 people with 10 assignments completed, attempting logins for the first time. Mind you, this is a 4 hour course the first excel spread sheet issued by 5 pm that evening should not be full when no one has a system, are new to the course, and cannot get in to system logins.

    3 days later, remember those who had the assignments did sooner than should have, because they could not get into a specific program well the homework was submitted the first day, third day- specific program, funny my logins dont work. Catch, the PFs and Trainers, moderators are all IBOs, Independent Business Owners and look out for known Arise or Client's workers, contractors, friends and family. You? Well you are overlooked in the classes (intentionally), favoritism reigns heavily (they get away with it). Now in order for me to pass cert, I need access to the systems that my login and password doesn't work for. Set -up to fail. They are terrible. After a year or more experiences of a unfairly terminated sow I see complaint after complaint about arise. If you see my emails to Arise you'd know that I have came to notice or experience many of the same experiences others have had prior.

    Whats even worst, their advertisement on the VIew. The View need to know that Arise hurts stay at home workers rather than help them. Stop allowing them to advertise on the show and pay attention to the complaints. Also, agencies are giving them awards. Why?

    There is more. All week, Ive been thinking class action. They are making money, big time. All they need is workers to come for 30 to 60 days or less and Arise is paid alot for them days and give you what they want. They also keep the IBOs (owned by their clients who have started companies, their PFs and monitors, instructors, tech support have companies or are friends with those they do) and keep them with work and intervals. and give you nothing. Oh and the monitors on the calls are your course trainers and all own companies. So, to ignore you in a class and specifically focused on those they want to succeed. Why? So, that those they know keep their sow and money. One hand washes another! Arise thinks people are dumb.

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Scam Alert

Arise makes you jump hoops to become qualified with them. I investigated the company and decided to see if it was worth joining. I did their little customer service 101 program which cost me $100. After that you have to pay to attend a web class. You will probably get some one who knows very little about the company and keep you occupied for a few weeks. They make you read paragraphs like children. There is no real hands on training given. No real support. After a few weeks you will be given a few calls in which you have to perform perfectly on or else you will be terminated. And after several hundred dollars later it hits you. They make their money by selling training courses. This is the biggest scam of time.

Nobody cares

Hi! I became an employee of Arise Virtual Solutions some time ago and I would like to tell you my story. I...


Arise is one tricky place. I serviced AT&T and Carnival. First AT&T KCA which was a disaster in of itself and then Carnival which was actually ok to work for. But the end result will always be the same, you will be removed and forced to purchase more training or do another client.

What they are basically doing is getting people to pay for classes/training, the person passes and then contracts for client. However, they set their metrics too high and often you are unable to meet the metrics because either Arise or the client's system habitually fail, you are forced to call other departments with wait times that are out of control or other reasons that are out of your control. Believe me when I tell you this, you can do everything perfect for a while but at some point they will remove you so as to make room for the next batch of people.

After a bit, they will find a reason to remove that person who can then re-train (after paying more money) or do new training (paying more money) for another client.

Then they will find a reason to remove you.

Its a rinse and repeat thing. The bottom line, they keep getting a fresh influx of people to take their "training classes" making a good amount of money in the process (not to mention taking a percentage out of your paycheck providing they even pay you what you worked or earned)

Also note, they will remove you without reason or warning and without even a message or email as to why. Extremely unprofessional and highly suspicious.

The BBB or another government agency should really look into them (again)

  • Vi
    Vicki Hope Renee May 25, 2013

    After you pay over $300 to take the course and pass all of their tests 95% or better, they have you pay $20 twice a month for Tech support. Then your technicians("fix") your Avaya phone so you receive 2 calls at the same time, all the time. Then you receive this letter from Roger Snyder the contract compliance officer saying you were "intentionally disconnecting and avoiding calls" (while already on a call). Then they terminate your SOW (Statement of Work Contract ) because of this. There was even an open technical support incident. They go to alot of trouble to set you up to fail. Then all they can say is "Sorry for the inconvenience". That's a real expensive inconvenience isn't it? This is not a very pleasant experience, I don't recommend Arise to anybody.

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  • Bu
    busymomma80 Sep 02, 2014

    I read all the comments on this site when I first took the job with Arise, but took it with a grain of salt. Every company has good and bad. I worked hard, completed all my assignments. Passed with flying colors. I started servicing and was getting good surveys and good reports from customers and supervisors. Metrics are extremely difficult to meet, but I was getting them in line but even working 40 hours a week (while only getting paid "talk time" which equaled about 20 hours a week). My end goal was to become a professional facilitator so the risk and the hard work and the pay never equaled the hours I worked, I overlooked thinking my return would come in time. Then one day, I went to log into my systems and I received a message I was no longer authorized. The only explanation I was able to get from the company was the decision was based on my performance but could not or would not name anything specific, only shell shock. I would evaluate very carefully if you can afford to put a lot of time and money into an opportunity that 9 times out of 10 will not work out with no explanations

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Poor business Practices

This company treats you with total disdain. After paying and spending five weeks in training, and passing all...

Poor treatment of applicants/ACP's/Employees

Once you pay to take their course and then pay to take on an "opportunity" servicing one of their clients (AAA, Disney, Apple, Verizon, and many others) they treat you horribly. I could go on & on, but don't have time at the moment. I can just they are ruthless and I always thought it was just me until I seen something on the net like this and then did a search and realized it wasnt just me, they apparently treat all of their "ACP's" this way.

  • Mo
    Morales329 Mar 18, 2013

    Many people can work a company and have different opinions about it. For example, my Aunt in Florida has been with them 10 years and she loves it. Of course she has had her moments, but who wouldn't. Think about what you are doing... you are a customer service rep so for starters you are dealing with many many different people, you are troubleshooting the majority of the time. Another problem that one may encounter is a CSP agent that completes the course not fully understanding all the details. It happens. This is an opportunity that is not for everyone, just like a job that requires much work and it may not be for everyone. Complainers need to consider why they are compaining and be realistic about their complaints in my opinion. IT IS A FREE COUNTRY so we can all say what we like, but I would like to see all those that are happy and doing just fine, share their happy experiences! I am so happy I joined and wouldn't change it for a minute. Grateful that this even exists! If it doesn't work out for me, than it is just not for me. BIG DEAL!

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  • Ca
    cardstud May 19, 2013

    When there are more people complaining and a very select few who are not, you know something is very very wrong

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  • Pi
    PISSEDIBO Dec 08, 2013

    ARISE IS A SCAMMMMMM! THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN 2 BIT HUSTLERS GETTING YOU TO SPEND YOUR LAST DAMN DIME AND GIVING YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO SAY YOU ARE GOING TO WORK TOMORROW AFTER YOU GET YOUR SOW ! once you get your sow and go in thinking you are about to work and something has happened with your vpn n portals go to their tech support for help and they turn off your firewall and security features and leave you with an affected computer, you turn around spend 299.00 to fix what they screwed up and cant release your hours or anything and they terminate your sow because of no shows you had no control of it. they say to you...SORRY ITS FINAL I DO UNDERSTAND YOUR FRUSTRATION AND DO APOLOGIZE...IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN ASSIST WITH? DOES NOT SOUND ETHICAL AND CARING AT ALL...TAKE MY ADVICE PLEASE DO NOT GO AND SPEND YOUR MONEY WTH ARISE THINKING YOU WILL HAVE STEADY INCOME...THERE IS NOTHING STEADY ABOUT THEM...CERTIFIED TODAY WORK TOMORROW TERMINATED TOMOROW!

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  • Ju
    Julian Thomas Aug 11, 2015

    I agree 100% of it being a scam, so after paid all the money that was needed work couple months in I decided it's not for me. Now we are in August and I am still waiting for May 15th paycheck and NOBODY WILL HELP ME, I am at point is is worth legal.

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Treatment of applicants

Before I contracted with Arise I was with another "well respected" WAH provider. The training was a compression of about 2 months of information into 6 days. I have no idea how anyone could keep up.

There were precious few (2) opportunities for extra help... "just keep doing the practice sessions... you'll get it."

Well I didn't get it. They were patient up to a point but with the antiquated computer system, too much information, no support, and the required extra training I was terminated.

Now I see Arise who, once they got my contact information pursued me with emails phone calls, discounts on fees.

Finally when a client came up that looked reasonable I took the bait and signed up. Everything changed once my payment cleared.

Instructions on how to set up for my course NEVER worked and those friendly people all sent me to the live support group or just ignored my request for help.

I tried live support however after several 1 hour waits I gave up. My time is important as well. Once I did get a tech who took over my desktop... did a few things and explained to me that I needed to finish up with the instruction that he pointed out.

Now I'm one who can follow instructions but these just plain did not work. Actually at one point my case on the resolution center disappeared!

Now they are all resolved (to their standards (telling me to go to live support) but I've followed the instructions many times and cannot make things work as they say they should.

Arise is a "My way or the highway" operation and I would not recommend them even from my personal experience, let alone the things I've read here.

There must be an opportunity that treats it's contractors with respect and is willing to give help when asked.

BTW I once found a blog where people talked openly about their WAH experiences.. who is good, and who is not. Does anyone have that web address?

I must work from home but will certainly trade big $$ for a fair and respectful affiliation.

  • Mi
    Mieke Mar 26, 2010

    I am sorry to hear you had such a negative experience. Did you triple check that your work PC met the minimum requirements? I thought mind did and after a PC scan, was told that it did not meet. I had Google Chrome and the wrong version of Java. Once I was able to fix, my tech issues were resolved.

    Unfortunately, for any tech issue, you have to go to live support. Folks in chat will not be able to assist you. While I agree that your time is important, so is everyone else’s time. While not your ideal answer, it was still an answer none the less.

    In any event, I hope you find something that will work out better for you.

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  • Am
    Amethyst28305 Mar 22, 2011 is the website you are looking for

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pay not what promised

This compnay known as Arise (use to be Willow CSN) offers work at home oppotunities. You form a corporation...


I am shocked. I completed the online assessment and was told I did not meet the minimum requires for Arise. I am a paralegal with a law firm and have been so for 25 years. I speak with court officials, judges and attorneys EVERYDAY. However, I did not meet their "minimum requirements." Well I guess I am so far up the ladder and have been there for so long that I just don't know how to get back down to basics. Not impressed with this company.

  • Ma
    Max1234 Oct 24, 2009

    Fraud? Not sure how your comment or experience represents Fraud.

    Arise has a process in place. Unfortunately, you did not meet the criteria established. It's unclear how you are able to pass judgement on a company that you do not no anything about. Classifying this as Fraud is certainly not appropriate. 9, 000 agents make a living as contractors at Arise.

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  • Tr
    Trea Dec 29, 2009

    I agree with Max... for whatever reason, you did not meet he minimum requirements. Not meeting the minimum requirements says nothing negative about you and should not be taken personally. However, your decision to create this post and label the company as fraud because you did not meet the minimum requirements speaks volumes to your character…

    Given your extensive legal background, I have to wonder if you gave much thought to your libelous complaint before posting…?

    I am impressed with this company & have referred many who feel the same.

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  • Ha
    Hakemp001 Jan 04, 2013

    My Complaint is not about, it is about its users. First clearly states that you are NOT employees of Arise. You either sign up to become an IBO (Independant Business Owner) or a Sub contractor under an IBO (CSP-customer service personnel). First you have a background check to go through, which is needed since Clients DO NOT want known thieves working with customers Credit Cards and account information. Then the testing is for Arise to be sure that you have the ABILITY to learn, pay attention, and have the qualifications to service their Clients. When you pay for the Certification for a certain client, If you pass their Certification classes, any of them with a 90% or better then you can work for that Client. You will be given an SOW - statement of work- in otherwords...a detailed contract in which you can see what the Client will do for you and what they expect from you.
    IF you work for another IBO then you will have a separate form in which you must agree on what THEY expect from you.

    I have worked in the Portal for 2 years now because I happen to know how to read Contracts and fulfill what is expected of me as a Servicing IBO. I have been paid and in turn I pay my own employees. I have worked for the same Client this whole time because I meet the expected requirements. It is that easy. If you see it as a SCAM then maybe you should take a look at what you might have done wrong.

    I have attached one of my invoices.

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Fraud and scam

Arise hires employees with the premise that IF you successfully pass training and several exams you can work...

Fraud and cheating

Yes I have to agree with a lot of people about Arise. It is a rip off company, I have had a lot of friends who took the client training for Carnival Cruise and at the end was told they did not make it. I know 3 individuals who took that training and each one of them have had only 2 to 5 persons in the class that past the certification. I really believe Carnival knew they wanted a certain amount of people which they will tell Arise then Arise will start like 4 classes of 24 knowing damn well they only need like 10 to 20 people and I believe they do that with all companies also.

Just think of the money they are making $200 to $250 dollars is not easy to come by but they do not care about anyone. For those of you who got problems resolve you were fortunate I yet to have any problem I have resolve without putting up a fight. And don't forget about the stress they put you through its unbelievable. I have never been through anything like this in my life, you will think you are working for the president of the United States with the stress they put you through for to work for a client.

I just think if you can do better please do not take this as a full time job. You are being monitor every week like you are in high school like a kid, the system break down everytime and then you get penalize for their problem, forget about tech support you have to say thank God if you get someone nice to help you fix your problem. Or and not to mention your talk time, they want you to book a whole week of reservation for someone in less than 5 mins and they cannot even do it themselves.

Unfortunately I know someone who lost her contract because she was offering quality service and was accuse of being too long on phone. They really need to be reported and to be sued. I am just fed up with them. All those people who are saying how good this company is, are the ones who kisses their a.. and are also a bunch of deceitful people. Good luck everyone, Arise you will meet your match one day.

  • Mi
    Mieke May 11, 2009

    Of course they monitor their agents; it is a virtual contact center. I have never heard of a contact center that did not monitor agents... seriously, what is it you expect? If that is stressful to you, then do not work in the industry.

    Your friend lost a contract because she was not meeting in an area- Arise aside, please list ONE job you can continually not do what is expected of you and still have a job. Talk Time is a metric; you must meet or loose your contract. There is no ambiguity over this in any contact center.

    I am also unsurprised by the foul tone, unprofessional language, grammatical and typographical errors... no wonder it was not a good fit for you.

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  • Qt
    qtsong23 Oct 08, 2009

    Hello all,

    I was looking for some insight on Arise before I proceeded with filing my "Articles of Incorporation" as these are tough economical times and I do not to want to waste $100.oo doing this if this is a scheme or scam. My main concern with Arise is that I have been a will continue to put out money with no promise of profit in return this is very unsetteling to me. I just don't know what to do...?

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  • We
    Westwick Oct 16, 2009

    I have no problem being monitored. I DO have a problem with inconsistencies. Everything about this company and their contracts skew to the benefit of Arise. The agents get zero/no/nada (whatever you want to say) benefit from this package. Not even fair wages. By fair, I mean attainable. It is true that one can be fired "at will". That means for any reason Arise sees fit. As an agent, you have no control over your contract either. I know, because mine was changed 4 times within one contract period. Did they ask me to agree to it? No. Just take it or leave. So why did it benefit me to sign a contract? All it ended up being is a legal contract I signed that they could hold over my head.

    Whoever the Mieke is, really has no idea what he/she is talking about. Arise's industry is to cater to the at home person who is looking to give a great service and most knowlingly accepted they are going to have a lower wage. But that is not the problem here. Arise knows ahead of time that things "are not" going to go as it is being portrayed. They advertise one wage, then after you have payed the money to become an Arise agent, you then pay to train for companies looking for help. I really don't have much of an issue with this type of business strategy, but Arise has botched it completely. You pay for these classes (just like you would, say at a college) and you expect that the training would prepare you for the "real world". Well, think again. You are thrown to the wolves like every other company out there. But YOU paid for it. Now, if this were another company, and they saw that only a small fraction of the classes are qualifying, they would ask themselves, "What could we do to better equip these ppl?" But they don't. And my proof? What Rebecca said is still going on. There are classes that have been released recently where 1-2 people qualified. THEN Arise sends out the notice again...needing agents for the same company. So who is benefiting from the second class they released? Arise, because they get the tuition, yet again.

    Do you really think that people would purchase a computer, pay money to become an authorized agent, pay money to become an LLC or Inc, pay money to take a class to qualify for a specific company, do this on their own time with no income AND not expect a professional relationship? I know I did and to be fair, I still work there. Not because I want to, but because I've started another venture and I'm kind of stuck (for a lack of better terms) until that other venture ends. I also have recruited friends and family in the past, but I cannot, in good conscience, do that anymore. Over the last year and a half the has been a complete change for the worse. If there is a problem, there is no one to speak to about it. Rules are rules, the contract is a contract (and rememeber the "at will" thing so your side of the contract means nothing). For instance, a collegue of mine had a mother that passed away unexpectedly during a day that she was working. Because of this, she was let go. Not because she could not do her, not because she had bad scores on qa's, only because she had to drop hours within our lockdown period. Dropping those hours devastated her commitment adherance. We are required by contract to not drop below 90%. Well, if you drop 16 hours, or 2 - 8 hour days, you need to work 150 hours to make up that time and raise your commitment adherance to 90%. AND you have two weeks to do it. If you don't, you will get your notice that you have been removed from the line. Now tell me what honorable company would do that!

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  • On
    One_More Apr 04, 2010

    I've worked for Arise for over a year now. I do consider their policies abusive on the VSC. They change contracts and agreements, even after you start working for specific clients which you did based on the terms stated on the original documentation. They change the amount of hours, or how many weekend hours you have to work. They also have lots of issues with their server and they penalize the VSC for it. If you get dropped from chats or from the particular phone application it affects your metrics. They don't care if they messed up, the numbers reflect you were short on your worked time; therefore they don't pay you for that time and drop your commitment which later on you can get fired for it.

    If you try calling, there is no one to talk to. If you open a case on their support site they take forever to resolve, and they don't even contact you about it. They just copy/paste from the manual or contract (so ridiculous).

    For some clients they have incentive that you can get paid if you book and work the minimum amount of hours, but again with their system not recording the hours accurately you don’t get paid for them unless you book another couple of hours over the minimum to make sure they book the minimum. If you are supposed to work from 2:0 – 4:00 and there is a server problem that logs you out or freezes your application and you have you get logged out for 5 mins, even if you work an extra 10 minutes it sill shows you were short 5 minutes and adjusts your metrics accordingly.

    They expect you to provide great service (obviously) but let’s say you were supposed to work from 2:00 – 4:00 and the call went over by 20-30 minutes, they don’t pay you for it.

    As many other people have mentioned, everything works on their favor and against the VSC. I got contracted for customer service for customer service for a company, and a month later they decided we needed to start up-selling on the customer service calls (this was never stated on the original client agreement). I don’t like sales; I am not good at it which is why I opted for customer service instead of sales. Well, guess what, I got terminated because low attachment rates (not being able to upsell crap on customer service calls). So, yes they change the contracts and terminate you for it

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  • Do
    dogoodersurs Nov 14, 2010

    You have to incorporate to be a part of Arise (fees, time and paperwork). You have to pay for your background check (fees), a fee is taken out of every check (fee), you pay for your own training (fee and time) which is very expensive and nonrefundable and if you change your mind about a program, it counts against you and you are blocked from other programs (fee, time, loss opportunity). If you keep your head low and you stay out of trouble and don’t ask too many questions like, (why did I get pay $22hr with benefits for this same job in the real world and your are paying $7.50hr minus the bi-weekly fee (severely reduced pay) for the same job with NO benefits except, well you get to work from home so this novelty should satisfy you to all ends and justify whatever they want to do with you. When you finally get through training take the time and examine your contract. They will tell you to hurry up and sign it even though there are many blank lines where your promised compensation should be. You have to scavenger for your work hours; if you dont show up on time when they put out the scheduled time slots you would be out of work for that week or have to constantly monitor the schedules hoping that someone lets something go(loss opportunity). And lets not forget about technical issues that you loose time and money on. When you add up the fees, time, paperwork, and loss of opportunities you might as well find another work at home company or work for McDonalds.

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  • Mi
    miketwa1 Mar 15, 2011

    I will have to agree. I recently did not make it through certification calls. The reason being ( I did not have a FANTASTIC SMILE) throughout the phone call. I had no problem navagating the system, or getting clients the information they needed, but they said I always sounded monatone. But yet my greeting was always great?? I think they just look for anything to let you go, like one person said they know how many they are going to hire, and if your not one of them, they will find something wrong w/ every phone call. And whats funny, they just posted today that Carnival is hiring again!

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  • Kb
    K Blessed Nov 13, 2019

    Wow, you read my mind, you would think I was the one who wrote this. And I literally said this on their social media page, like an hr ago, that they WILL meet their match!!!

    Your right and right about everything. This post is old, but clearly things didnt change. I wish I would of read all of this before wasting my time and money! Yes! they will only certify a very few. Even though I passed everything, did all the homework, came to class everyday I didnt pass through and then my teacher ghosts me from my emails. I have time now, and I will make it my business to put this company on full blast. If someone is speaking highly for arise, I can guarantee they are an Arise employee, not the contractor ones where people pay for the training class, Im talking about the ones who ACTUALLY work for arise itself, the ones who have to have a BS degree to even be considered.

    This is sad to those who really need a stay at home job, but the signs are there never pay for a job. I can say in my group there were a total of 80 people. I knew it was 80 from our class field trip. And that number bothered me. Because I said 80! they do not need 80 employees!!

    So I believe you are right when you say arise must know how many employees the company needs to employ.
    Arise dont care because they are gaining and making money whether you pass or not. Its a recycling thing to them and to be honest 1 of the smartest scams.
    Like why would the training class have 28 to 30 students. For one client? These are major clients, and I am sure they are not on a shortage of employees. They may just need a very few like 2-3 people. I wonder if these major companies knows whats going in arise. They are risking their reputations.

    Run from arise. run from disney company in arise, and save your time in getting a legitimate remote job.

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Arise is a SCAM

This company is a SCAM. There are NO full-time, year-round 'jobs' with this company - everything i...

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