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i had purchased the body magic and the le vive juice from a woman named vonnie who came to my beauty school i am already a size 5 and i used to be a size 13 but this was before this product i would like to have been a size 1 or 0 vonnie had told me as soon as i get my body magic i would be able to wear a 1 or a 0 while wearing it as soon as i put it on i had waited 2 weeks for this product and she kept on telling me every day it will be in tomorrow finally it arives it took two people to put it on me which i was told was going to happen and i was ok with what i was not ok with was they had me up against the wall and on the floor in all these crazy positions to get it on i had it on and i looked in the mirror it made my waist smaller from the frontal veiw but from the side i had a small semi bloated tummy in which my stmach is concave with out the garmet and it pinched a little underneath my breast and into my rib cage and made me feel like i had ate a very large meal i had just told her thank you i love it and going to the bathroom the first day was a large chore because of the snaps at the bottom its becoming some what easy as the days go on though and a little less painful to wear and i can see that my body is starting to take the shape of the garmet and its only been 3 days but as far as the size shrinking no way now my size fives are a little baggier in the waist but not much but they fit my buttocks tight because the garmet lifts it now the juice is very ood it makes me have healthy bowl movements and increases my sex drive which is a good thing because the birth control i am on was slowing it down before the juice but now i am addicted to the juice and its 40 dollars a bottle by the way and one bottle only lasts a month i had purchased another bottle before the other was even finished and i dont have a job and ihave to rely on tips from my clients at beauty school in which i dont make any unless i do a friend or family member and the body magic was 140 dollars and i had enough and a little more than enough money saved for a trip i am going on and now i need 100 mor dollars

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  • Mi
      3rd of Mar, 2010

    I am a Ardyss distributor since you like the nutritional did the distributor advise you to sign up on autoship or become a member so you can get the products at wholesale price instead of retail that way it can be more cost effective for you. That will be normal that the clothes will began to be bigger on you unless you have the garment on. The garment is doing its job by helping you to shrink down. But beside the body magic there are other products that would be better for you during the day. The t-shirt light and the panty reshaper are great together also the reshaper short.

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  • Gl
      9th of Sep, 2012

    this was difficult to read...confusing..and just pointless and ridiculous...omg

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