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never received my refud

A distributor with Ardyss international will not send me my refund for a wonder bra that was to big and had to be returned. I have been waiting for the refund since November, when she told me over the phone she would send it. The bra was on back order and some time had past and I had not heard from her so decided to ask for the refund. I called Ardyss and they turned their back on me and said it was between me and their distributor they said they only deal with distributors not the customer, the C/S rep kept repeating this to me even after I told her the distributor would not return my calls.

Regardless of the comments from other distributors about how it is not Ardyss international's fault; The consumer bought a product made by Ardyss, from a distributor who works for and gets a paid by Ardyss and who signed a contract with Aardyss. So why can't both the distributor and Ardyss be responsible for Consumber issues Both Ardyss and the distributor received
cash from me and I received nothing not even the refund. What makes this
wrong is the distributor represented herself as a professional, caring person working under the umbrella of Ardyss. There should be someting in place for these types of matters within the Ardyss organization. A question for Ardyss, do you conduct background checks on the people you hire /contract to sell your product to the public?

2/27/10 update: I am still waiting for a refund, the distributor called me and told me I was harassing her and disrespecting her and if I don't stop texting her she would report me to the police (HUH); I did what Ardyss instructed me to do keep contacting her until she calls me back. If she had just sent the refund as promised I would not have contacted her.

So in closing I would like to say; Ardyss may not be in business long and should have anticipated these types of issues first and not later. It is too late
I will inform consumers that Ardyss does not help with bad distributos who rip off their paying customers.
The products or good quality too bad I can't say that about Administrative Services/Customer Service Dept of Ardyss.

  • Pe
    perfectardyssbody Mar 04, 2010

    you were working with the wrong distributor. For better service call 909-782-3557 Tierra Booker or www.ardysslife.com/tiedev

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horrible customer service

I was a ditributor for Ardyss International until they sent me a garment that had already been worn for the price of a brand new one. Customer service was soooooo rude, that I had to contact an attorney to get them to refund my money. I do not recommend anybody to purchase anything from this company!!!11

  • Ta
    Tara Norwood Feb 26, 2010

    The same thing happened to me...

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  • Tm
    T Matt Feb 26, 2010

    I disagree there maybe a few setbacks with customer service however, the company goes out there way to try to accomodate each distributor. This is a fast paced business & growing by leaps & bounds you have to expect some human error. After all we all get upset we're human. I'm not condoning bad service but remember that is an individual and I'm sure Mr. Diaz de Leon doesn't know someone is representing his company that way. Over all this company is Wonderful. I know Ardyss is trying to better their customer service they've added more dept. of reps & now require the reps to give their name & id# just give it sometime things are steady improving.

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  • To
    totough Mar 06, 2010

    I bought a body magic what made me mad is I gave them 140 dollars for a body magic I was told it takes up to 10 days to get it in the mail however they were getting their products back as early as 3 days. While to make a long story short the girls who sold me on the body magic took the money spent it and ordered my product over 4 weeks later. It is the people who are not honest who make it hard for the next person. I order from my daughter now who decided she would do it. Why are some 189 dollars and some are 140 well when my daughter went to the meeting she found out people were raiseing the price. I don't trust people that easily with my money. Don't give up to the company because the product is great I am waiting to lose the weight so I can send a better message Good luck to those who are looking for better health try the the health products

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  • Ih
    I hate Ardyss Mar 10, 2010

    I am an Ardyss distributor, and I placed an order on autoship...well due to the economy I called to remove the order from autoship and was told that I had to fax a letter for them to stop the autoship. Well I faxed the letter and called and was told that they received the letter, however after 2 months I received a charge and an email stating my order was on the way. I called and they told me that they have not received the letter and that they can stop the oder but they can only refund me the amount short the shipping price. After being hung up on several times, they still refuse to refund the $15.00 shipping when it is not even my fault. They refuse to refund $15 to keep a customer!!! This is a very aweful company, not to mention they send out half filled orders and NEVER sent the remaining portions and I have still not received and it has been 5 months now...GRRRRRRR I am very upset...

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  • Th


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  • He
    heytanya Jul 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Try It Works Marketing Ultimate Body Wraps instead. You'll get real long lasting results! It's a great company to work with and to sell for.

    Check it out at http://www.losefatbodywrap.com

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some what unsatisfied

i had purchased the body magic and the le vive juice from a woman named vonnie who came to my beauty school i...

corsymen white

I bought a corsymen white- a reshaping garment-for my husband, from Ardyss International: http://www.ardysslife.com/?ID=bbfashion. My husband put it on and instantly all his big tommy was gone. He becomes very slim, almost 20 years younger. He has improved his image greatly and feels very confident. Ardyss reshaping garments are great! we all love them!

corsymen white

ardyss body majic garment

On 19 Nov 2009 I purchased a Body Majic garment from a rep.Chaunita Boyd with the help of her mother, Carolyn...

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I have been a distributor for Ardyss for a couple months now and dealing with returns that are "defective" have been a nightmare. 90% of the bodymagics I have sold have been defective. The snaps went crooked for two of them in one week and the hooks on another were pulled out so the abdomen is showing. And the others have been smaller than their measuring chart size. It is going on a month and have not received a refund on my items they guaranteed as a refund. Customer service hangs up on me the majority of the time or places the phone on mute so you have no other choice but to hang up. The tshirts seem to hold up good. And levive is good too.

paid for product, have not received

I went to a beauty shop and while there a rep of Ardyss had me try on a Body Magic. Of course I loved the results so I purchased it.
After wearing it for 1 week, 2 hooks fell off and I moved thru all 3 rows of hook and it is now too big. I spoke to the rep and she admitted she gave me the wrong size!! and that is why it is too big now. She claims she submitted an order to Ardyss. It has been over a month and I still have not rec'd my new garment. All she says is it has been ordered and It should be here before the NEW YEAR!!! She will not reimburse my funds. either.

  • Ti
    Tired2009 Nov 30, 2009


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  • Dr
    Drop 223 Dec 01, 2009

    Good Afternoon Tired2009,

    I to, am an Ardyss Consultant and would like to apologize on behalf of the the Representative. Just as with anything that is purchased online or in a traditional brick and mortar store you have some items that are defective. If this was the case, a defective garment given to you, company policy allows for an exchange provided that the garment has not been worn. You mus t remember we are dealing with a product that is within close proximity to the body. Yes, this garment is an investment and should be treated, as such. As Consultants, we must be accommodating to our clients within reason. My suggestion would be to speak with your Consultant once again to remedy the situation. However, if that does not seem to be effective, you can reach me at: [email protected] and I would be more than happy to assist in any way that I can.

    Warm Regards,

    [email protected]

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  • My
    my refund Feb 28, 2010

    Dear Tired,
    I undestand your pain. I too was ripped off by a consultant from Vallejo Ca by the name of Michelle .
    She refuses to give me a refund and texted me and said "If I don't stop calling her about the refund she would report me to the police for harassing her". Now understand, she owes me a refund, Ardyss said I have to get the money from her because they have given her the money back ;after she returned my bra because it was ordered too big.

    Ardyss would not help so I kept calling her and now she wants me to stop calling about money she knows she owes me. I see the comments other distributors saying things about the garment and how they work with the custormer. But, with that being said, we just simply want our money back since we never received the product in the first place. The distributor got paid, Ardyss got paid and I did not get the product but my check was cashed. What is wrong with this picture?

    The problem is the handful of dishonest distributors giving ardyss a bad name and Arydss does not care about the customer just the cash.

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Attention to the handful of complaintes compared to the undocumented hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. It is unfortunate that you have not had a good experience. It appears the experience is directly related to the distributor you choose to do business with and not Ardyss. Ardyss is an exceptional company that takes a high standard of pride in their product and satisfaction. Contact Ardyss directly to have your complaint resolved concerning your distributor. And remember, there are imitators out there posing as Ardyss products and they are fake.

  • Ex
    ex distributor Jan 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is the worst. I unfortunately singed up to be a distributer. I am trying to stop the auto ship for 2 months now and they do not listen. I wrote emails and have made endless calls to disengage myself from that company and they just ignore me. I had to contact my attorney to get involved. P.S. those garments are horrible, very difficult to put back on after you go to the bathroom. What kind of nonsense is this, open the snaps halfway and pull your panties to the side to urinate. It takes too damn long. The garments are confining and if you're a little taller than the average woman, you need to invest in extensions. Not very sexy at all. Exercise, eat right, take vitamins (you can purchase anywhere) and not only will you look good with clothes on, you will look good without them. And you can see the garments right through your clothes. Then you have to purchase, yet, another expensive garment to wear with your strapless garments. Sorry, but Spanx has the market.

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  • Dj
    djsgranny Feb 19, 2010

    How do we contact Ardyss direct? I have numerous issues with my distributor, The only thing I can find online is a sheet for a sponsor change that "MUST have 4 immediate Upline Distributors signatures". How do we determine all this if our sponsor will not return calls, my order is imcomplete, I have not been trained in anything, no receipt, no info on what or how to do anything, and the list goes on. I cannot believe someone can get your money and represent Ardyss and then you say our issue is with the distributor. The distributors are a representative of Ardyss. Because of my runaway sponsior, I have missed the deadline to order anything. My original order was 3 mos ago and to date, I have not received the complete order. Now who do I call? That's why I wanted to speak to "Mr. Ardyss" to let him know this sponsor is making a very bad name for "him".

    I am suppose to be a distributor and although the products I received are fine, at least two of them, the other was too big, and one was missing, and I find out 3 mos later that I was suppose to return it to Ardyss. Now how was I suppose to know that? Again, the sponsor or whatever they are will not call me back.

    I need help. This is ridiculous.

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  • bbfashion Feb 20, 2010

    You are wrong! This picture is the model with Ardyss Corsymen white. The head does not show itself because it is too big and the website here cut the head. I was not so cruel to do that. I did buy Corsymen white for him and he does love it very much. He wears it every time he goes to teach. He pays attention to his image. I appreciate that. His tummy is gone now with his wearing it for about 2 months. I think he is 20 years younger. Remember: Beauty is in the eyes of beholders! If you can not do your business well you have no reason to doubt others. I've been wearing Ardyss Body Magic and it has worked on me. My back was painful and it recovers with the support of Ardyss Body Magic. Besides, I have lost a lot of accumulated fat around my abdomen and waist. If you don't believe what I say, you can come and see for yourself. Seeing is believing, right? Or call me: 7152146294. Wish you good luck!

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  • My
    my refund Feb 28, 2010

    My of the problem is with the distributers who are signed on to work for and sell the products for Ardyss. Ardyss is a bussiness and be responsible for there image in all aspects including the distributors they contract to sell their product. I had a bad experience with a distributor out of Vallejo Ca. by the name of Michelle or (aka) mimi; whom I ordered a miracle bra from.

    when the bra arrived it was to big (keep in mind she measured me for the bra) The bra had to be returned for a smaller size. Weeks went by and no bra. I ordered the bra around agust of 2009.
    She did call me toward the end of september and said the bra is not in yet and I told her I would wait. I heard nothing until november, I called her and stated it is taking to long so I want my money bac. To make a long story short. It is now Feb. 28 2010 and I have not received my refund.

    She never returned any of my calls so I called Ardyss and explain my issue. They researched her file and told me she was give a refund and she should have given me my money back.
    They also told me it was not their problem and I have to deal with her. but they would flag her file with my complaint.
    that is great but who is going to refund my money; and if this is how Ardyss does business then
    Ardyss is not trust worthy and does not care about the consumer's issues after Ardyss gets paid.

    It is the reps selling the product. People are just signing up any body to be a rep for Ardyss and Ardyss are signing a contract with some people who are dishonest. Ardyss needs to have back ground check done on these people. We are giving them our money and they are keeping it.

    order online if you really like this stuff. Do not take a chance on a distributor.

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  • Po
    Pollie Sanders May 07, 2010

    I think the business looks great but when I brought it up to a friend she asked if I was sure this company isn't discriminating against white distributors or perhaps making it difficult for them to succeed? I was sure that was ridiculous so I started searching on youtube and google for any white distributors and I couldn't find any. I don't get it. Surely there are many overweight white women out there who would like to look better and make $80, 000 a month! What gives???

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  • Fo
    Foxxy Blacque Jan 07, 2012

    My name is Tameka Foxx-ID77998779. I am an Independent Distributor with Ardyss International. Ardyss International does not discriminate against any nationality. I would love to speak to any person that would love to be involved in Ardyss International. We are located globally as well. One has to take the chance and see what Ardyss has to offer and make a decision to get involved. I do apologize that all have had a bad experience with customer service and different reps within the company. But WE are a company of INTEGRITY and have been around over 23 years, but only in the US for 3 1/2 years now to date. Yes the garments and concept was new to all that joined and purchased. But the Body Magic DOES AID in you losing weight it is NOT a scam. This is garment is a medical prosthesis that re-distributes fatty tissue to other areas of the body, corrects your posture and helps flatten your abdomen area over a period of time. If you wear the garment every day for 30 days you will see a difference. Using our garments and the nutrition you will see a difference within 1 to 2 weeks. Now given the opportunity I will be happy to address and help rectify the problems you have incurred. I can be reached at 1(713)454-2467 or [email protected]

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I order a body shaper in Aug. and did nit get it until mid Oct. When I finally received it I couldn't...

questionable product claims

I purchased an Ardyss Body Magict wo weeks ago. It is the short one, not the one with the crotch fasteners. I have a love/hate relationship with it. The garment rides up and bunches at my stomach when I sit down. It is H**L to fasten, and I have worn it 6 days/week for two weeks. It is the "right" size but still digs into my ribs. Some of the hooks are bending and pulling out already. I would not consider this a quality garment. It's a great idea, but needs some work.

By the way, I have a friend who has the full body magic about a year ago. She said it still takes her forever with all the hooks and eyes at the bottom. When I have to "go" I have to go! I'd hate to be fooling with the hooks and eyes. This garment was obviously designed by men who understand engineering but don't have a clue about women!

By the way, I only need to lose five pounds. If you are already close to your goal, you do NOT "drop three sizes." That is false advertising. The garment pulls in my waist and helps me stand straighter. I can wear pants that are one size smaller but NOT two or three sizes smaller. Also, it is totally pososible to slouch in the Body Magic.

  • As a distributor I must ask a few questions. How is it that you have a body magic short? There is only one and they do no come long or short. You may have a reshaper short which is not as aggressive as the body magic. And the advertisement is lose up to 3 dress not lose 3 dress sizes. So results do vary. I did not lose 3 dress sizes but I can get into a smaller size, and I have actually dropped a dress size permanently and my back no longer bothers me. Using the restroom can be a little difficult but do not wait to the last minute. Id rather spend 3 minutes taking off my clothes than spend 24 hours uncomfortable and unappealing in my clothes. As far as it digging in your sides you may have the wrong size. A lady I know complained about it digging in her sides. We got her the right size and she no longer had that problem.

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  • Ia
    Iamdumb Dec 14, 2009

    I see you bought in DC too... You didn't buy from Marcella did you???

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  • Mi
    millionareinthemaking Mar 03, 2010

    I am a Ardyss distributor and the reason why it is digging is because it is it is too big. If you did get a defective product the distributor should exchange it for another one and if you are putting it in the washer machine that can mess up the garment it should be handwashed only. The the body magic is designed for more restriction then the other garments. The reshaper short, t-shirt light, corslettes are great as well. As far as restroom wise I just unhook it from my shoulders and pull it down.

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  • Tr
    TRULYBLESSED43 Oct 30, 2010

    I purchased a Ardyss BodyMagic and I love it I have no problems with it except when I go to the bathroom but I'm getting better at it thoughI have problems with it riding up or bunching up the person was right when the one lady said that her's bunches it has to be too big for you because when I put mine on it gives me an hour glass figure thanks Ardyss BodyMagic.

    0 Votes
  • Le
    LeeCha Aug 16, 2011

    I love the body magic I wear a size 32 for 10 to 12 hours per day - I have both long and short. Everyone tells me I look fabulous and being a distributor I am able to sell the garments and products because it makes me look and feel good and well dressed too - well I dress well always this suit just enhances the look. The is a little problem with the new one which does not fit well it is the same size 32 but this one seems shorter and I know I am not growing so I was not able to wear it for 12 hours I took it off after 6 hours and the area in my back still hurts, I think this one has a problem. But overall I love everything household, vitamins, shampoo etc...

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body magic

brought a body magic from a this lady and after i brought it i ware it for 3 days and like on the 3rd day i...

ripped off!

October 17, 2009 Buyer Beware!!! Let me start by saying, the concept of the Body Magic product is good. I...

undelivered product

I have more than 3 months I order this product and do not get neither my money nor the order that I put what...

I'm losing to much weight

I have been wearing the Ardyss Mens abdomen shirt and drinking the Levive juice and it has gotten me in trouble with my wife. I have lost to much weight. I was 195 when i started drinking the juice and wearing the shirt. Now I am scaling in at 169. She says its too much and doesn't want me to wear it anymore. If you want to loose weight quickly i recommend this shirt for any man out there looking to tone up!


or you can get a discounted one (call me at [protected])

  • Fw
    fwarep Dec 11, 2009

    This sounds like BS, 195 pounds on a man is good size unless you are 5 foot 1. That Levive Juice must be like a laxative.

    If you are going to create a fake testimonial to promote your business at least come up with something a little more believable. The lack of creativity is amazing

    1 Votes
  • Po
    PorterBoston Oct 27, 2011

    agree. BS! he had a good review and sells the stuff. how convenient!

    1 Votes
  • Kn
    knight4444 Dec 26, 2014

    LMFAO now you talk about a fishy as [email protected] testimonial, that was it! any man weighing 195 and still feels FAT, needs his ### KICKED!! unless he's a midget!!!

    0 Votes

never received the product

Monika Long out of Norfolk, VA is a scam! I paid for a body magic system and never received it. She dodges my phone calls. She even went through the trouble of calling to tell me that my suit was in and that she was going to give a discount and then I never heard from her again. Now I have to try to find her address to take her to court to get my money back. And she has the nerve to say "have a blessed day" on her voice mail as if this dishonest, unprofessional person even knows who God is!

  • Vh
    V Henderson Oct 10, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear that this person scammed you. She is definitely not representative of all Ardyss International distributors. It's shameful that she ruined what could have been a wonderful experience for you. I wish you the best with finding justice. After that is taken care of I hope you are will give another distributor a try so that you don't have to miss out of the way Ardyss Body Magic can make you feel and look.

    All the best,
    V. Henderson
    Hampton, GA

    0 Votes
  • Ke
    Kelli Glover Nov 01, 2009

    Thank you for telling all of your experiences; it helps me to know the points I need to focus on with my own clients.

    For instance I will NEVER send my cients to the website to order an item. I will order it myself and then get it to them personally.

    Thank good ness we have not had any problems but it is good to know there is always some exceptions and I would rather not be the exception!

    I hope you get your money back.

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  • Re
    Renee J Nov 05, 2009

    everything makes sense now. I ordered my body magic 2 weeks ago and the distributor said the black was out. I beelieve she measured me for a 44 or 42. She then said well I have a 40 here. I tried it on but I don't think this is how it should fit..It is very tight. I think I wil return it for the original size I ordered.

    0 Votes

do not buy

I was approached by an independent rep from Ardyss International about signing up under her. I declined that...

undelivered product

I order a body magic from them and they charge my debit card 160.00 dollards on 7/01/09. Its been a month and...

undilivered products

I am fairly a new ardyss distributer and already am having bad experiences with this company. I have several...

deception & undelivered products

The operators of this business, Michelle Hardin and her husband Randy, came to my home on 12/17/2008 and I...

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