Arbonneloss of consultant status

I have been a consultant since approx 2006 and have been grandfathered in at the 35% level.

I received an email approx. 6 weeks ago stating I needed to renew to keep my grandfathered 35% status. I went in to the website and saw no banner or prompt that my renewal was due. Nothing came up saying it was due. I attempted to go in anyhow to multiple places to renew, putting in my credit card number several times. It just didn't seem to be going through like it usually had in the past and nothing was reflected with my credit card statement. I then called customer service over my lunch hour the next day and spoke to a gentleman who checked and said I was up to date and no further action was needed on my part. I asked him multiple times, and each time he gave me the same answer that everything was fine and up-to-date. I reminded him about the email that I had received and he informed me that is a random email that goes out to all consultants regardless if they're up-to-date or not. He told me to disregard the email. I tried to verify over and over informing him that I did not want to lose my status and he assured me everything was fine and up-to-date. So I hung up and did not pursue any further action.

The end of last week, I received an email stating that I needed to renew my preferred client status to keep my 20% discount and update my credit card information.Why am I at a preferred client status and only a 20% discount?????

So for a second time, today I took my lunch break and made a phone call to Arbonne customer service. This time I spoke to a woman who was very helpful, was able to see the phone call that I had made in December and stated that the notes regarding that phone call verified my story. However, she said she was unable to do anything for me, she could not reinstate my 35% grandfathered in status. She gave me the name and email address of Ann Wandishin and told me that she would be the one to contact to be able to reinstate my 35% grandfathered-in status. I sent her an email and heard NOTHING back from her. So today I tried to get in to my account to update information and at least get my 20% discount until this mess can be straightened out. I cannot get in, cannot reset my password, cannot update my credit card information...NOTHING! It continually says nothing is valid. What the heck is going on??????? I have been with Arbonne for over 10 years and this is how I am treated. I was lied to by the initial Arbonne rep and then ignored by my upline. I am someone who has always paid renewals in a timely manner, used Arbonne product for over a decade...and am being completely ignored. If mu business is not wanted, the decent thing to do would be to be upfront and honest instead of this run around I have been getting.

Feb 05, 2017

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