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I have contacted Arbonne UK 5 times now to complain about an allergic reaction I had to their products, not so much complain actually, more to advise them of my reaction, so they can investigate it... I did not have sensitive skin... but I certainly do now after using Arbonne's products.
I am copying the letter I have sent them 5 times now below, to shame them to acknowledge me!!!

I recently tried your product from my regular beautician who recommended your products. She explained how the product range is ‘healthy, botanically based and inspired by nature’.

The products I used are from the RE9 Advanced pack… priced at £250.00
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser LOT041150
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner LOT038047
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Crème LOT039885
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Extra Moisture Restorative Day Crème LOT038639
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Night Repair Crème LOT039542

I followed the instructions my beautician gave me, and those on the inside of the RE9 Advanced set box. I had followed the new beauty regime for 2 days (morning & night), totally 4 applications of your products, when my face started ‘puffing up’.

I have never had any adverse reactions to beauty products, especially not from those who claim to be natural. I have had a previous reaction to a drug called Gelofusin, and to Salmon. Neither of these ingredients were listed on your product information supplied.

I will never use your product again, the swelling was prominent for 3 days after I stopped using your products.

I would suggest you look into this complaint, as there must be something in your products that is causing this severe allergic reactions, I would urge you to research this further.

I have supplied a picture of my eyes, and the reaction caused, although this was 1 day after the initial reaction, when the swelling had started to go down. My skin is now covered in hundreds of tiny pimples, which is extremely unusual as my skin is normally impeccable. Since using your products I have also developed sensitive skin, even to E45 cream! I am sure you will agree this is totally unacceptable.

A total waste of £250 worth of products, that will now be binned.


  •   Oct 26, 2012

    It's not their responsibility to look into why you had a reaction to the products, it is yours and your doctor's.

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      Aug 24, 2018

    I had the same experience with the Arbonne products. I wish I had known before I had tried. The consultant who's name is Tracey from Perth, reassured me there were no active ingredients, it was totally safe and vegan. I tried it and now I'm in agony experiencing the same problems you are. I have never had any issues with my skin before. Her comment was "products you're using isn't helping you, you must use arbonne". I found out later (when the irritation occured) Arbonne consultants are not trained in any form of beauty therapy and should not be offering these products as they are not qualified to recommend for clients. Stay away from Arbonne, it's a disaster! Now I'm facing approximately $2, 000 in lost income (I can't go to work with a puffed up, hive face) and extra costs for dermalogical treatment to try and address these problems.

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      Jun 03, 2019

    I'm starting a class action lawsuit as this line of products has absolutely DESTROYED my face. I had a similar reaction (and I've NEVER reacted to products before hand), and it has caused an ongoing and perpetual reaction that has prematurely aged my under eye skin by ten years. TEN [censored]ING YEARS. I am thirty and I look FORTY now! This is NOT ok. Arbonne has known about how common these reaction are for the past decade and they refuse to look into why or at the very least put warnings on the products, if not totally remove it from their shelves. I'm sueing the [censored] out of them and if anyone would like to join my lawsuit, please email me at [protected]

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      Oct 13, 2019

    @Estellabella88 I am experiencing exactly the same reaction. People started asking me if I slept well last night.
    I can't use my foundation anymore which I used to use for the last 2 years. The line made my skin sensitive to other cosmetics.

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  • A
      Oct 21, 2019

    @Estellabella88 Have you made any progress on a lawsuit? I have experienced the same thing recently. Trying to get an appointment with a dermatologist to see what can be done to help my face. I am 21 yrs old and now have red blotches on and around my eyes. HELP!

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      Jun 03, 2019

    Email at conscious touch 88

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      20h ago

    I too, had a serious reaction after the 4th application. (First three apps were fine) My face was burning and even though I tried to wash the product off, it felt like my skin was on fire. I immediately stopped using the product, and the next morning my face was very swollen, tender, and my eyes were swollen halfway shut. After three days of swelling, facial dryness, and facial flaking, I went to my doctor who prescribed prednisone (a steroid via mouth for a week). Due to the medication, the swelling is coming down, but my skin is very dry and flaking. Fortunately for me, the woman who sold the product to me is giving me a full refund, as she said she's never seen a reaction like mine in all the time she's been selling it. (We work together, so she sees me daily) I will note, the first two apps left my skin looking pretty good; the third app made my skin tingle, but I didn't think too much of it. The fourth app was quite shocking as it immediately felt like I put chemicals on my face that were burning through my skin. I've never had sensitive skin, nor am I allergic to any fruits or plants. I am a vegan and thought this "all natural plant based" product was worth a try. Nope. Joan

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