Aramex Internationalon hold shipping


Kindly, I have shipment on hold in USA under my shop and ship account, because account inactive. I have requested to change the address from Saudi Arabia Dammam to Riyadh city and looks changed on my account but still the account inactive.

The shipment number is [protected], and I have attached my ID two times through emails to [protected]@SHOPANDSHIP.COM, and through the website account and still inactive. My account number on shop&ship is RUH 1073193.

I called our local call center 5 time maybe more and always they said we will raise the issue to the team and will get back to you. No one get back to me and the account is in active. I sent 4 follow up emails to [protected] and no reply.

I have paid for the items from Amazon and it's been on hold since March 23rd, 2017.

Appreciate your help and support.

Khaled Bafakieh

May 02, 2017

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