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Aquativa / Terrible experience!

1 185 E North Street, Bradley Illinois 6095Las Cruces, NM, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 815-932.5300

Purchased product approximately 2004 (was supposed to save money because of softer water. The product is defective, the installation was improperly done, the product has caused numerous plumbing problems. The product was supposedly under warranty, however there was no office to provide any service. We have gone without water several times, have been forced to pay for plumbers to change filters (installation was so poorly done that every attempt to change prefilter required professional assistance, and had actually broken pipe.

Within the first six months, a massive leak occurred from the pipe their plumber installed by the water main. Instead of any type of corrective action being taken for this companies inability/unwillingness to honor their warranty or assist with this defective product in any way, we were told that we would need to find someone to work on the product.

Initially we had requested that the product be placed in the garage. They agreed to do this until the plumber came, at which time we were informed that they could not accomplish this. The product was, according to them, impervious and resistant to weather conditions. Obviously it has not been. The outer casing of the prefilter has split and sprayed massive amounts of water. The electronic control panel had to be replaced twice because of exposure to the summer heat.

I was 'walked through' the procedure of replacing it since there was no service in my state, nor anywhere close. At the time I purchased the product, there was an Aquative office in El Paso, TX (approx. 45 miles), and I was informed that an office was in the process of opening in my city. They never opened any office in my city, and the one in El Paso closed. The attitude was somewhat like an 'oh well'.

I have never been able to receive any semblance of adequate service for this poorly designed and inadequately installed product, and have had to pay out-of-pocket for plumbers who did what they were able to (but could not repair unit). I also incurred a large water bill for the massive leak near the water main on pipe that Aquativa's plumber had installed.

After I called, I received a return call from customer service, and here is my opinion:

> I made a complaint several days ago, but have not received confirmation. I would like to update my complaint. After Aquativa's equipment caused yet another massive leak leaving us without water, a representative from the company returned a call and offered to SELL us the part that malfunctioned along with another filter. This is after the most recent plumbing bill, and would entail hiring a plumber to install the part that should not have ruptured.

So, in addition to paying yet another plumbing bill to bypass the system, I am then insulted by being asked to purchase a replacement for a defective part-AND-another plumbing bill! Seems like a real 'money saver' to me! I will continue to pursue this issue--seriously, who is lying here...

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  • Gl
      17th of Jan, 2009
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    For those who were unfortunate enough to succumb to their sale techniques and own a Aquativa system, there is a bright ray of hope. You can save on your Aquativa replacement filter changes.

    If you are having problems finding filters for aquativa systems, it is because Aquativa has closed their doors as of December last year.

    Global Water Solutions Inc in Bourbonnais Illinois has been servicing and changing filters for Aquativa systems for 6 years, and for substantially less then what Aquativa charged.

    Filters for Aquativa water softeners and their prism ro system are available from Global Water Solutions Inc and can been shipped nationwide, or installed for you.

    Just call 815 939-9314

  • Je
      18th of Jan, 2009
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    You can find discount replacement water filters for your aquativa prism reverse osmosis system, UV light and whole house filter at If you order by 12 CDT your order ships the same day. They can answer all your questions and walk you through the filter change. You can order online or call them 888-453-5465.

  • Gl
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    Please check here for your Aquativa filters changes or for service on your Aquativa softener -----

  • Ra
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    Aquativa - System never worked
    United States

    we were talked in to buying this wonderful life changing water system. we had 2 kids at the time, and the salesman did a water test on our tap water. told us it was in bad shape. They instuled the system, were back with in weeks, due to over regenerating issues. wanted to charge a service fee of $80.00, i said knowway, fix it. Now they are out of bussiness ans Filters 2 you arte selling way too high priced filters, are located at the same address as Aquativa, so they are still Aquativa. Will not cover any warenty on the system as well. Our system has never worked for more than 1 month. The Fleck Head has been rebuilt 2 times. Now broke again, and a sister company wants $400.00 to rebuild it again? No way... This was the worst thing I have ever bought or still buying in my 40 years... BTW out the door the system will cost me $9000.00. What a shame...

  • Ca
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    That reminds me of the $775 water dispenser that came installed on my $685 Frigidaire refrigerator. The circuit board went out on the water dispenser after the warranty period. New one cost $140 + $185 labor to replace. About 2 months later water was leaking from the icemaker and then freezing, clogging the fans. Actuator valves for dispensor and icemaker had calcium buildup and needed to be replaced. Cost for parts and labor was $450. After the 90 day repair warranty was up, the faucet of the dispenser where the water actually comes out froze shut. Unplugged the fridge long enough to let it thaw, and when I plugged it back in, it started dispensing ice cubes all over the floor and wouldn't stop. Ah yes, the circuit board had fried again. Disabled the circuit board and decided to just install an under-the-counter in-line cartridge filter for tap water. The icemaker still works, you just have to reach in to the tray to get your cubes.

  • Ro
      28th of Apr, 2011
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    My system never worked from day 1. Now it is broken and sittng in the basement doing nothing, and we are still paying it off. Sucks

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