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We made a payment arrangement to pay a past due balance on a water bill that amount to 182 dollars. They said that we could pay 77 dollars and the balance the following week. They took the 77 dollars out of my account that day and then 4 days later shut off our water anyway and then had no one to turn it back on because it was after 5pm. There should be some sort of statute that requires any utility company that has the ability to shut off any utility in your home should be available 24 hours in case mistakes are made like this one.

I hope we don't have a kitchen fire or have to go to the bathroom in the next 12 hours while we wait for the idiots to get there act together and turn my water back on. Heartless jerks

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  • Kj
      31st of Mar, 2010

    I have Aqua as well. I just recently brought a home and so excited until i recieved my first water bill. My sewer charger $65...WT[censored] I made a mistake on my bill pay on the date so it made me 19 days late. Do you know this sorry company was ready to come out and shut me off. I hate my community now because of a $100 a month water bill i have to pay to this company who is obviously ripping people off. We are talking about water. I wonder how to get rid of this company..but i need water. They have a monopoly on new suburban communities...we have no other options because we can not get city water...if anybody knows how we can win against this company...speak out...i am going to try and find a way...they are just going to hike the prices up every year...with this company being my water company...i am actually thinking about moving within 3 years hopefully i will not be paying them $200 a month by then.

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  • Ca
      21st of Sep, 2010

    Totally hate this company. They send us a shut-off notice that has the date of 9/9 printed on it. It arrives on 9/18. This is not the first time this has happen. Pay the bill before the shut off date and low and behold they still come out and shut it off because I did not call with the confirmation number of my payment! WTH, when I call to complain they can pull my account up and when I give them the confirm number, they show it, but it hasn't posted. Now they are telling me that it cannot be turned back on until the next day! They have their service people in our neighborhood all of the time because our neighborhood is hooking up to city water. Thank goodness, but I think they are pissed and do not want to go out of their way to help at all. I have three minor children, one with disabilities and they still don't care. I have a call into the Public Utilities Commission to file a complaint. Their customer service has always sucked, they have none! I would tell anyone considering buying a home where they are the water carrier to run the other way!

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  • Ha
      29th of Apr, 2011

    I hate this company as well, they sent me a bill stating the total amount due was$93.79 for past and current and It was due by May 05 but they shut my water off on April 28. So I had to pay the past due plus and extra 35.00 dollars for reconnection fee. So I paid the bill about 10mins after they shut it off and they told me they do not do same day reconnection and that someone would be out the next day between 8am-5pm. I am so angry, I too have two kids with disabilities. They said they terminated my services because of my past bill of $68.87. My argument was then why include the past of $68.87 with my current and state I have until May 05 to pay. The bill should state past due of $68.87 due by... and the current of $24.45 due by May 05. And if you pay close attention under Billing Detail... current charges are labeled total water charges TOTAL WATER CHARGES instead of CURRENT CHARGES. This confused me imagine an elderly person.

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  • An
      10th of Aug, 2011

    Poor policies need to be changed:
    1. The policy of one missed payment then a 10-day notice of shutoff can be effective before the next month's payment is due.
    2. Customer service's inability, unwillingness and no authority to correct a water turnoff in less than 48 hours.
    3. posting old and wrong billing information.
    4. The disconnect between user information and the billing/credit information. In my case, billing had a phone number that did not exist and no email whereas my profile on has always been up to date.
    5. commonly being down or unavailable.
    6. AQUA's policy of one letter and one automated message and then immediate water disconnect. This has no system to verify customer receipt of notification and AQUA only provides 10 days before extreme action is levied!
    From the comments above, AQUA takes extreme action by shutting off service for a period of at least 24 hours over a bill less than $100 and overdue by less than 30 days.

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  • Al
      18th of Aug, 2011

    I have very similar issue with this monster. My money got to Aqua but different account (still not certain how and when they have changed it). I show them all proves (check copies and so on) but they just shut off my water. I was without water 2 DAYS because of Holidays and their "busyness". I could do NOTHING about this bazar situation and absolutely "anti-customer" service attitude.
    In addition today I have another "oops" with them. I missed ONE payment (prob just missed the envelope). Next mail - shut off notice. I paid immediately using online banking but the payment should be received on Aug 23rd (same date as shut off notice). I called customer support, provide them with the check# and the whole situation - THEY DON'T CARE. They said if on 23rd 8am they will not get the payment in the system - they will shut off the service. However, for additional $3.20 I can pay using my credit card - what a joke! I had no choice but pay. There must be a way to use either different company or make them work with the consumer like most of the small businesses - with respect to their customers.
    Any way to fight back this monopolist? Any good idea? I am in :)

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  • Le
      26th of May, 2012

    Aqua's water quality is aweful. We have complained several times and they just deny that there is anything wrong with the water quality. The water quality reports are not current and are not accurate. It is against federal law to not provide an annual water quality report. They simply provide a statement that says view the report online and when you go to review it, it is several years old. Not sure why we are paying them anything because when we have called to report excess sediments and metallic taste, excessive chloirne, they simply add more sodium bicarbonate or chlorine to "Fix" the problem. We ended up buying and installing a whole house filter system and the filter cloggs up months before it is due to change according to the manufacturers guidelines. Take a look at this filter next to a new one after just 4 months...yuck!

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  • Ta
      15th of Jun, 2012

    Wondering how many ppl have had issues w water quality ? I have 2 kids w cancer thx to lies about radium in our water...guess what NO AMOUNT OF RADIUM IN YOUR WATER IS SAFE. they flat out.lied about the levels being safe. would love to hear from others w aqua NC w water quality issues! [protected]

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  • St
      15th of Jun, 2012

    Aqua is a nasty company, but it doesn't change anything to complain privately or complain online. There are only one or two people between each of you (each of us) and those who are ignoring decency, justice, (and in North Carolina) our laws. The nice part is that we do live in a democracy. If each of us would phone and email our State Representative and State Senator and insist that they perform their legal duty of oversight, our situations would improve. As odd as it may sound, we set our own rates with only one or two people between us and our monthly bills. We determine what Aqua can and cannot do. They survive and thrive at the mercy of our Democracy. They are controlled by the governments of our states. We are the Democracy. They work for us.

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  • Bc
      19th of Jun, 2012

    here's the deal - i know about aqua and their many power buy outs of local and small family wells, we had a rate request hearing here in n.c. and it was open to the public at several different citys . after sending letters and calling my state utilitys comm. I made it a point to show up and speak ! there were none there from my commuity except me. and there were few from else where. there were plenty there for aqua all the bosses and even an ex state utility commisioner who was now representing aqua she is an attorney and now speaks for them, they (aqua) are a large multi state company and on the stock market, who are rapidly buying up all the water rights in many areas of these united states, they have the money and power to control your water, what will you do without water ? katie hicks has been fighting these people here in north carolina tooth and nail. for some time now, its not to late to let your state hear from you, or do you just mumble when you write them a check.

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  • Al
      25th of Aug, 2012

    I can't understand how this company still operates after so many complains ! They have absolutely the worst ignorant customer service. I just open my mail with shut off notice on or after 8/22 (today's is 8/25!). I could have not looked into my mail for few days but not for 2 weeks (it says 10 days shut off notice).

    I had even worse case a year or so ago when they shut off me even though I sent them my money every month! I spoke to them and explained that the bills are paid in full and on time! They shut me off! I had to pay all the money and $50! They found my money on someone's else account! Before they didn't even want to talk to me but just "you got to pay the balance" attitude. I am not sure how but we must shut THEM off!!

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  • Po
      18th of Jan, 2013

    Aqua America is overcharging Candlewick Lake residents and something needs to be done about it.

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  • Li
      28th of Jan, 2013

    I too paid my bill and forgot to call them to tell them not to shut off my water. You would think with and online payment it would show up immediately.I was at the Dr office when they came and shut off the water. I have a 4 year old with the Flu and no water. They will come tomorrow to turn it back on.They wouldn't even give me a time when it will be back on. They have doubled the water rates in our community. We have no other choice as they are the only water providers in our area. Something must be done!!

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  • Wa
      10th of Jun, 2013

    Terrible customer service from their call center employees. Ugly attitudes and complete incompetence. Do they pick these people up off the streets randomly and skip on the customer service training? Politeness isn't hard to at least fake. A customer isn't an anonymous target to take the frustrations of your crappy life's choices out on.

    -Another satisfied Aqua customer.

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  • Aq
      30th of Jul, 2013

    Ha! I mixed my bills up by mistake which I never do so I didn't relize my bill was past due I guess having 2 kids and a full time job can get to ya! Anyhow they came about 3-4 in the Afternoon to shut my water off giving me only an hour or so to pay my bill and contact them of course that wasn't enough time due to me loading up kids and driving 30 mins to the nearest place to pay my bill with cash unfortunately that's how I have to do things... I ended up having to pay $175! So they can cut my water on ... the next morning I called them they treated me horribly and refused to send someone out that they were to busy maintaning! "Well water" we have to pay so much for... the well in my neighborhood is two houses over were thy are always at! So now we have to go 3 day without water because ther can not provide 24 hour costumer service for people that may work late or have children and crazy schedules an my children have to suffer " 9 month old" and 9 year old because all they give a ### about is money instead of drinking water for my children in the month of July! How sad and pathetic this should be illegal ! And no body should have to pay that much or water! Something needs to be done and I don't understand how the hell they get away with this!

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  • Aq
      16th of Oct, 2013

    this company is ridiculous. they have a bunch of ghetto people on the phone answering phone calls. i hate this company the price for water it outragious. the company prior to this one black hawk was reasonable. Thanks alot big brother!!!

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  • Aq
      18th of Jan, 2014

    We moved into our new house back in august and here in NJ all of the utilities are transferred by the lawyers. Ok so we were in the house about a months when I got a shut off notice in the mail. Now mind you this was a Friday and I as scheduled to be shut off on that Monday. My wife was pregnant and we have a two yo. So I called customer service what a joke rude isn't the word for them. I explained that I had no idea they were even the water co here because where I moved from we had city water which btw was way cheaper. Example we paid quaterly and the most it was ever was 80 dollars for 3 months. Now I am paying Aqua 74 a month avg to 840 a year. Anyway I changed out a toilet thinking this was my issue but just got my new bill and it's not the case. I called last month and was super pleasant but it didn't matter I asked the woman from the hood about if there was a franchise agreement between my town and Aqua, she got nasty... I really want to try and get them out of our town or at least make them charge fair rates. I plan on writing up a petition to help let my neighbors and town know there rights. People are becoming to passive and laying down. God I wish I had known about this before I moved here...

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  • Aq
      11th of Sep, 2014

    Customer service raised her voice at me today, and padded on $120+ in excessive fees after getting disconnected once in nearly 5 years. There is also a breakdown/disconnect in their online payment systems where you must call at let them know you have paid before they will issue a reconnect order. Even though the online payment system says payments made before 2pm credit the same day. I paid early in morning, shortly after cut off, Aqua left us without water all day, all night and part of next day. I will be buying food grade barrels to store water for storms/disasters and sorry utilities like Aqua.

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  • Sj
      6th of Oct, 2014

    I agree the suck. When I bought the house they made me pay for the water that the last owner did not pay for.My bill is from 150 to 200 a month, the water is not even drinkable so I have to buy water. It smells and taste bad. I try to get a payment plan and they give you 4 months to pay having payments that are unreasonable. Then for 5 months the estimated high because of a broken wire and the new bill is still high. I want to move and never have there water again.

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  • Ge
      16th of Oct, 2014

    Add me to the list.
    I think they went from quarterly to monthly billing so they could catch more people being "late" and threaten them and collect re-connect fees.

    My bill was due Oct 3. On Oct 16 I rec'd a 10 day shut off notice dated 10/10/14 to be shut off 10/23/14. As of 10/23/14 the bill would only be 21 days overdue. Seriously!? And, why does it take 6 days for the 10 day notice to even arrive? I have sent thing to Florida from NJ that got there 2 days later. I paid it online from my checking account and it should get there Monday. I didn't want to be held hostage to the Western Union fee. I wonder if they have a share in that company? It was much nicer having a local office that I could call or go to when there were problems or my payment was overlooked. btw, We have been in this house 18 years and I think this is our second "late" payment.

    Why are WATER companies, of all things, allowed to shut you off so quickly? Good thing nobody in my house has a highly contagious illness. Imagine the family of kids going to school unwashed when their sibling has the flu, or that new virus, or EBOLA! Seems to me it's a public health hazard...

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  • St
      31st of May, 2015

    Aqua is trying to contract with the City that I live in ( Cleveland Heights Ohio). We are a small Suburb of Cleveland. Our city council only posted the hearing notice 48 hours beforehand. Well how surprised they must have been to see over 200 residents armed with the info you good people provided and mad as heck. City council has wisely agreed to table the issue but we won't rest until this company is off the table. My advice to all of you is stand and be heard. Write letters and vote out the bums who allow companies like this to operate in your community.

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  • Ma
      24th of Jul, 2015

    Aqua customer service reps are horrible, have no respect for people and their situations.They shut off my water for a past due bill of $126.

    I never received a shut off notice letter. They claimed they sent one but bill that have said payment due date is August 3, 2015. I can pay the $126, but the want me to pay them $50 reconnection fee plus $85 deposit fee. I told them that I am unemployed right now and I children in the home.

    I have a child with a medical conditions that require to have water in the home.They told me they are going to fax a paper of medical necessity to my child doctor for the doctor to fill out and send back to them. I did as they requested the doctor filled out the paper and faxed right back to them. I called them back they told me it takes 24hr to process. I called the next day nothing, they can't even verify if it was received or not.

    Now today is Friday my doctor office is closed, that disrespectful customer service representative told it's still not there, my doctor has to fax it again. I have been calling them every day since Tuesday. Now I have to wait until Monday and they don't care because they water in their home. Water is a basic needs it's not fair that companies like Aqua water can overcharge people and get away with it and then asking for more money that people don't have.

    That's why they stay rich and the poor stay even poorer because they are squeezing the life out of the poor.I loose respect for those companies that provides basic needs services to people, they play God with people's lives.

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  • Ad
      17th of Sep, 2015

    They constantly raise rates, the water quality is horrible, there is frequently a brown discoloration in the water and customer service is terrible. Their standard response to complaints about brown water is that it's just "air bubbles." Brown bubbles that never dissipate, y'all. They're supposedly flushing the water lines in our subdivision this week and they advised us not to use our water for FIVE DAYS. WTF? I hate this company with a passion I normally reserve for insurance companies. If you have a choice, stay away!

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  • Mi
      24th of Jan, 2016

    My complaint is mild compared to the other complaints. So it just goes to show that aqua stinks all the way around! They have the worst website ever, I cant pay online, you think if they wanted to get paid they would have a normal website as other utility services.
    Not to mention I am from Michigan and my water bill was $25 tops per month!! Here in Ohio it is $100.00 for 1 per WTF is wrong with aqua!!! We need another water service here, that does not include my sewage I pay Painesville!!!
    Has anyone looked into them having a monopoly on water service???? I hate aqua and would switch to another water service in a heartbeat, we need to look into this!!! Let aqua go bankrupt!!!

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  • Aq
      11th of Jul, 2017

    Aqua Water Company has been replacing old pipes in our neighborhood for TWO years now. (Our neighborhood of less than 300 houses!) They have managed to cut everyone's cable lines, power lines, internet lines, satellite lines, phone lines and now water lines for the past two years. The contractors they have hired to do this work with them are rude and disrespectful and really don't care what they cut or how it affects anyone. We have elderly people in our neighborhood that have to have power and water and they don't care at all. They will cut our lines and leave us without water for two days at a time. We complain and they could care less. When it comes back on, it is brown and we have to run it for a very long time for it to clear out. They also have sent me and my husband a "notice" that they don't have proper documentation that someone has created an account at our address yet water has been used and that we need to create an account or they will cut off our water. Two days later, we get a bill IN OUR NAME for the water. How can they say we have not created an account (when we have) if they are sending us a bill each month that we pay, and have paid for FOUR YEARS? They really suck and no one in our neighborhood likes them. They have torn our yards, driveways and streets up to the point of no repair.

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