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Applied Bank Credit Card / Ridiculous Fees

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Okay, so pretty much I got this card to use for Christmas and then cut the sucker up so I could pay it off. Well, I am getting nowhere!!

I always made my payments on time and then, last month, I noticed my check hadn't cleared after two weeks. So I login to my Applied Bank account and there it is...a $32 late fee. So, now I am wondering where is my check? Did it get lost in the mail or did they just toss it so they could charge me this late fee (I honestly believe they do this to people to make money.)

So I call customer service and they give me this whole schpeel about how I have to write or fax a letter to billing disputes to see if they will do anything for me. Meanwhile, to get my account current, I pay a $12.95 fee to process my payment over the phone. They have now made $44.95 off of me.

So a few weeks later I get a letter stating that they will credit me for $25 since I have always made my payments on time. Whatever!?! You still made $19.95 off of me, of which it was not my fault.

So, now I decide that I will setup my payment to automatically come out of my bank account throught their website a few days before my due date just because I am now afraid that they will not receive my payment if I mail it.

What a shock?! I login to check on my account I have a late fee posted. But my payment has been posted before the due date and I selected minimum payment due (which showed $54.00) and selected a date before the due date.

So, now I'm so irritated ( what else is new?) and I call customer service. I actually deal with two very nice people ( i know shocking) who inform me that my minumum payment was actually $54.05 and that the computer only does whole numbers so it should have rounded it up to $55.00. Now I have been stuck with a $32 late fee for 5 cents!!! Yes, 5 cents of which was not my fault. So i immediately faxed a letter with all of the details, also informing them of how UNHAPPY i am doing business with them.

Last night, I open my mail, and my request for a credit has been DENIED!!

I totally believe that I am being screwed and from the looks of it so are a bunch of other people. So how do we go about getting a class action suit together because I am absolutely done dealing with this ignorant bank!?!

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  • Pi
      25th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I don't like this banks practice either and i need to get rid of them. if anyone finds out about a class action suit please email me.

  • En
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    Welcome to the club. Applied is NOT a "Bank"...this is a fraud. They're using this label to imply legitamacy. I (we) understand paying a premium in the way of monthly fees etc., because of our current credit conditions, but these fraudulent and exhorbitant Late/Overlimit Fees are just rediculous and illegal. These are preditory scam atrtists at best and are currently being investigated? by atleast two States AG offices (NY & MN) for starters. I suggest we each write a well-crafted letter-of-compaint to our respective AG's Office, and send copies to the Fair Credit Reporting Agency, SEC, FTC, Congressmen, Senators and anyone else you can think of. Check for THOUSANDS MORE COMPLAINTS!!!

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