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We purchased a $3000 Kitchen Aid 5 Door Stainless Steel refrigerator on 10/14/16. It was delivered a few days later. We bought it at a discount due to a small dent on the front. We should have looked under all the stickers and signage first. The delivery people showed up in a U-Haul and proceeded to damage our wall while trying to get the refrigerator into our home. They had to leave and come back because having the Uhaul they did not have the right equipment in the Truck for the Water Line, Filter, etc. In the time it took them to come back I had called the # on the receipt to the report the incident and the lady on the phone took down the claim and scheduled a date for them to come look at the damage. She then called me back 10 minutes later and informed me that Grand Junction is not affiliated in that way with the rest of the their stores and I would have to deal with the store direct. They returned later in the evening with the water line much later than what was disclosed to us. They left after installing the water line, but we never had any drinkable water that did not sputter all over the front of the fridge come out of the water dispenser. No ice was made in this first month. We attempted later that evening to clear the water from spitting and spoke to the store on several occasions. We were told to do several things that did not work, and eventually we were told they would need to come back out, but once again were short staffed, and had a tight delivery schedule. We were continually told this on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. LATE Saturday afternoon they finally came out. They confirmed the water was sputtering, and there was an issue, and a filter MIGHT fix it but they did not have one to give me. The delivery people told me I needed to contact Kitchen Aid. Kitchen Aid was dispatched on the following Thursday, and they informed me I needed a new water line, valve, and NEW filter, and that their location in Michigan had slow delivery. If they did not get it before Wednesday I would have to wait an additional 10 days, as they were going on vacation, and they were the ONLY installer. I of course ended up waiting the 10 days and had to call the company to get them to schedule with me when the installer returned from vacation. Please wait for the next chapter in this ongoing saga. I now have a bill WITH interest from a company called Brand Source even though I am not supposed to be paying interest for 6 MONTHS, and I called today and spoke to Brand Source for the third time, but was finally able to confirm the store did not add the promo so interest was accruing. To add to this fabulous nightmare when we were in the store we found a razor blade in one of the refrigerators and the Store Manager, Joe Sweeney, proceeded to tell us it was "not anything they were doing" very jokingly. For a week + while this was all happening, the Store Manager, Joe Sweeney, was on vacation. After he returned, I called him, and when I informed him of the very lengthy delay from getting my refrigerator 10/14 to ACTUALLY working (which it was NOT on the date I called him) he let me know as long as it was “cooling” there was nothing they had to do about it! Joe did not back his product, warranty, delivery people, or salesman. Overall I spent a MONTH buying ice and water. The cost we incurred buying ice bags and water jugs very easily exceeded $200 in addition. I had the WORST experience of my life and I will NEVER EVER set foot into this establishment again!! Word of mouth in this kind of town is everything, and I will continue to express my concerns with friends, family, and otherwise.

Dec 07, 2016

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