Appleseed'scharges for having called customer service

Hi, I ordered 2 shorts from Appleseed's and since I had questions about my order, I called customer service. I subsequently received my order, it was as expected, but when I didn't hear from them concerning my payment, I called again customer service, not wanting to pay late fees. I wasn't late, but when I received my bill a couple of days later, I saw that Appleseed's had charged me with the amount of $17 for having called customer service twice - it was clearly stated on my invoice.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Beverly, MAThey had sent me their credit card with my order, so I promptly cut it in half, not wanting to do business with them again, ever. I sent my full and final payment to the bank and wrote an email to the company telling them that I found both the fact that they charged me for calls to customer service and the amount outrageous, and that as a protest, I had cut my credit card in half, not wanting to order from them ever again.
The only reply I got was: We are sorry you experienced problems with your credit card, but for this you have to contact another department..., in short, they are stonewalling.
Ladies, let's boycott that company, that is so consumer-unfriendly!!!

May 15, 2017

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