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APPLE is big company making high quality products, but they don't care about customers at all. Be aware of buying apple products - read this.
I have iPod Hi-Fi docking station which I have received as a gift from my parents about 16 months ago. It was very expensive present, they paid more than $500 for it from Apple online. This docking station has a great sound but it is stopped working last week. I have called the Apple customer service and ask them for help. They said the product is out of warranty and I have to pay for repair, I agreed ( there was no other option anyway ). The send me to the nearby Apple store. I have been waiting in the store about 50 minutes for assistance and after that they told me my product is out of warranty and they are not able to repair that. I have called the Apple again following day and they try to send me to the store again. I told them what happened in the store and they said they couldn't help me. I asked for some supervisor and they transfer me to her. She send me to the store again and when I told her what was happened in the store a day before, she said I have to go for vrepair to third party. So I go to the Chicago repair shop and asked for repair. The technician said they are able to repair that if they will have the part ( metal stick which going in to the iPod ), but they don't have it and there is no possibility to order it from Apple. I have called Apple again, they send me to the store, send me to the third repair party and after that, they told me I have to buy a new Hi-fi docking station. If I ask where, they said they don't know because they don't produce them anymore. I think this is BAD JOKE! I had product from APPLE for more than $500 which was good enough only for 16 MONTHS! Now, I should throw it away and buy a new one - other brand which will be for I hope last longer.

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  • Sh
      May 02, 2008

    Hi, I don't know if this will help you but it helped me collect money from a company that gave me the run around. Go online with the better business bureau and file a complaint. They will send Apple a copy of your complaint and give them the option of paying you. Believe it or not most big companies care about their reputation with the BBB. A lot of people check with them before doing business with a company. Give it a try and good luck.

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  • Ch
      May 11, 2008

    Honestly, it would cost you MORE to repair it than buy a new one in most cases. That is why they told you they can't fix it because it makes no sense to charge you that much to fix it.

    Honestly... the ipod docks are a huge scam. They are way overpriced, underpowered and sound like crap compared to a real bookshelf system and computer speakers. Do yourself a favor, go to futureshop and pick up a $99 set of altec lansings and you'll be much happier.

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  • Ri
      Jun 07, 2011

    We have made a replacement pcb for the ipod hifi which makes it easy to repair it when this happens. Furthermore the replacement pcb will allow the hifi to work with newer ipods and iphones and charge these. Please check our repair guide at

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