Apple iPhone Appsmoney back not received

This is regarding my complaint against Apple-Iphone, Pine Labs & Retailer. On 7th March 2017, i had gone to M/s Karan Telecom (Top-10) in Santacruz West, opp. Railway Station to purchase a mobile phone within a budget of 15000/- There they started promoting Apple Iphone 5s for Rs.19700.00 with a cash back of Rs.5000.00 back into my bank account. I was reluctant as i was not sure whether they do really give the money back. But this dealer insisted that Apple is a good brand and you don't worry. All have received the promised money back. I asked them to give me in writing but they said they are always there to help me and will ensure that i get my money back. On that day they had problem with the swipe machine and the transaction didn't happen. On 8th March, 2017 they again called me by 12 pm and said that machine is working fine and i can go and buy. They were so customer oriented and sweet till they sold that phone to me. I purchased the phone on 8th March 2017 with Kotak Bank Debit Card. Today its more then 120 days and i have not yet received my money back in my account. When i visited the shop on 7th June, 2017 to inform them about money not received, i was shooed away by them with angry remarks i.e. they are not here for money back, write to apple directly. I was really shocked to see such a different and opposite attitude by the same staff, who once were the sweetest seller. They are cheaters and should be booked for fooling customers. Expecting no help from them, i contacted pine labs as well as Apple customer support. Pine labs reverted with different dates and several excuses i.e. Brand reply awaited, etc. Apple customer support was also of no help to me. They never bothered to revert or contact me. I never thought that such a big company like Apple is minting money by fooling customers with different schemes. They advertise money back offers against their product and then never refund the amount. They all are crook. Retailer, Pine Labs as well as Apple-Iphone. I have decided to highlight their scam in each and every newspaper. Innocent customers like me shouldn't be cheated anymore. They cannot take us for a ride anymore.

Jul 05, 2017

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