Apple Computers / Macbook Prothe words &quality& & &respect& no longer matter at apple computers.

Ever since I installed Yosemite OS and PixelMator on my MacBook Pro mid 2010, the computer keeps crashing and I could not get to do my work on it. On my 1st appointment at theApple Store in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island New York, they said I had to backup the laptop and do a clean install of Yosemite OS and that it would only take 10 minutes. It took a while to backup the laptop. Then I did many walk-in visits to see if they could do the clean install for me they could never accommodate me. I had an appointment for 2/8/15 at 1pm; but I so much needed to use the Mac that I made many walk-ins to se if they could fix it sooner. So on 2/1/15 I booked an appointment for 2/4/15 at 7PM.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Valley Stream, NY after I traveled miles to get here ant the Apple Store in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island New York, I was told they did not have any appointment for me here today whereas I recorded it on my iPhone when the man made the appointment: they still denied it because they don't see it on their iPads.
I really feel victimized by Apple's mediocrity with the Yosemite OS, wasting my time to come to their store and making appointments in vain. I invested in a Mac because they did not crash like my windows computers. Since 2010, my MacBook Pro never crashed until I put the new OS on it. Apple is big and they get away with wasting small people's time as if my time means nothing. Big companies should be taught to respect customers's time and Apple should provide more humane solutions to assist their customers who invested in a product that used to represent quality, reliability and dependability when Steve Jobs was around. I am afraid the words quality and respect no longer matter at apple... it is a shame.

Feb 04, 2015

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