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When I get on my computer to read the news, I am disgusting. They may or may not put pertinent news on the front lines, but they are good at relaying the stupid skimpy outfits Hollywood stars are wearing. That's just one example of their junk mail. They totally release the same news over and over and even weeks later will repeat something uninteresting. I was involved in the Southwest Airline Debacle a couple weeks ago and it was a horrible experience; yet, I was amazed at the people who had not heard about it. My phone today released an alert news regarding the Delta Airline shutdown. I get on my computer and among all the headlines Delta was not mentioned. Then in small print below the headlines there was an article on it. What is up? That is more important than me hearing something silly that someone does. Wake up your news department! Darlene Oetgen

Aug 8, 2016

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