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My AOL Nightmare

All I wanted to do was reset my GoDaddy password. The instructions were sent to my AOL email. I attempted to login and it prompted me to reset my password. I followed the instructions and it said that they did not have enough information on the account to reset it and I would have to call. The site also provided me with a case number.

I proceeded to call AOL and after a 15 minute conversation trying to spell my username with someone who barely spoke english they reset my password. I logged into my account and had received 9 emails (picture) about my password reset as well as advertisements. Then to my surprise ALL of my emails had been deleted from my inbox, old, sent, it was like a fresh account. I complained and asked to be transferred to the manager-the phone call ended.

I called back and after 20 minutes they picked up. A lot of "Sorry" and "That should not have happened" took place. They transferred me to the tech support department who proceeded to tell me that I had to upgrade my account to a paid version in order to get my emails restored because that was the only way I could talk to a representative. Email Hostage!!!

I left out a lot of the details but I am irate. I will never use AOL again, and will never recommend AOL to anyone (I haven't since the early 2000's).

Apr 25, 2013

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