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I belonged to anytime fitness in groton massachusetts for 3 years.
I was a loyal fitness customer, loyal to the site and on time with payments. In september of 2010 i had emergency breast surgery to remove a breast lump. I was told by my surgeon to take the gym off to recover. Subsequent from my surgery i developed a musculoskeletal condition effecting my trapezius causing muscle strain. I called the gym to cancel and was instructed to pay the next 2 months and a 150 dollar cancellation fee as well as sedning a certified letter to them and to abc. I was also told by anytime to call abc for additional information.
I paid over the phone with abc my nov payment (As i filed this cancellation on 10 / 28 and it fell within a 30 day cancellation period) . The represenative i spoke with said that they would be cancelling my card so there would be no drafting issues. I sent a ceritifed medical note from my doctor for indefinite return to the gym and a cetified cancellation letter from myself to the gym and to abc. Both were received by 10 / 30 via certified mail with receipt.

On 11 / 3 / 2010 abc emailed me stating the medical note they received needed more detail. That it needed to say "substatial disability. " i provided them an additional medical note (From an additional physician treating me as my surrgeon cleared me to my primary care doctor) and itsent via fax with confirmation on 11 / 4.

At this point i am about to call the police for a stolen bank card and illegal transactions.

I am paid in full with them and they are denying to cancel my membership without the 150. 00 payment. Multiple representatives told me this would be waived with medical documentation. I have provided them more than enough medical documentation. Too much in fact, as i will be reporting to the american medical association that they are in hipaa violation by threatening consumers to surrender protected health information and treatment for commercial advances.

I feel so comletely abused as a female customer. I am a physically strong 20 soemthing female and abc financial has beat me down emotionally and physically, while i am already down recovery from this medical condition. Eveything they have asked me to do, i have done. And they continue to find something "not good enough" and refuse to provide me the cancellation policy portion of my contract, that i apparently signed. They continue to threaten me with more payments due.
Anytime fitness is of no help. Jen refuses to let me talk to anthony vivoamore (The owner) . I can understand their crooked ways if abc is what they are dealing with.

I have contacted the better business bureau as well for all of the above. Hopefully, god willing, no one already belonging to that gym gets sick. Barring death, you're unable to cancel. And for those of you looking to join a gym. . . Always ask their billing company before you join!!! And google them!!!

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  • Al
      Nov 08, 2010


    I regret to hear that you have not been able to cancel your membership. Please be assured that ABC Financial Services' intent is not to delay this process for you. We are a third party contracted to mediate an agreement between you and your health club. I would be happy to review the information that you have sent to us already to cancel your membership.

    Please feel free to contact me directly at alex.[protected]

    Thank you,

    Alex Mena
    Data Research Analyst

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  • As
      Mar 12, 2011

    Anytime fitness and abc financial are horrible and ### people to deal with. Anytime fitness screwed up my membership. They froze it because they were recieving payments called me to go in. When I first signed up a month later I came back for personal training. That was what was frozen. They said the paperwork may have gotten lost due to a system switch. I kept getting the run around so I said to hell with it I wanted to cancel my personal training seeing as both times I went in for my scheduled training session they were spent dealing with paper work and their errors. ABC kept calling me and told me to contact my gym. Yet my gym refused to call me back! ### YOU GUYS

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  • Ab
      Apr 22, 2011

    ABC keeps all your personal information and credit card numbers on file even after they personally told me it would be removed after all cancellation fees were paid. I told them they no longer had my permission to charge my credit card. After I paid all their fees I was still charged when I was told by a supervisor after my payment there would be no further charges nor would they have my credit card on file. They are a big scan and have hidden rules and fees in place to get more of your money.

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  • Pi
      Apr 25, 2011

    I had a similar problem. I wrote to cancel my membership in January, which was suppose to be up in February. Supposedely, you still get billed on a monthly basis even though you signed a 18 month contract. I still got billed in March and April. I wrote again to cancel my membership since "they didn't get it in January." That's fine, I'm in financial sales and I will steer all my clients to avoid ABC Fitness since they want to treat me this way. This is a scam.

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  • Jo
      May 26, 2011

    I have had similar probelms. I moved far away from the location of Anytime Fitness in Burnaby BC, Canada. I was told I could cancel as long as I would be able to fax in a letter stating my old address, new address, membership number and also fax in my new lease agreement. I also was only suppose to pay the next month of Janurary and that would be final. I did the following In December 2010.
    After all that I called to check in and make sure they recieved the documents. They said they had recieved the letter but not the lease, and once they recieve the lease it would be canceled. I sent them both in again in Januaray. Still payments coming out in Feburary, so i stopped payment on them. They kept harassing me about owing 51.92. So i sent in all my papers AGAIN in march 2011. Now it is May and they are now threatening me to take me to collections.

    I have given all the apporpriete papers to cancel this useless companies membership. They are both SCAM companies and should be under investigation.

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  • Do
      Aug 11, 2011

    Anytime Fitness and ABC Financial are scam artists. My son and I were provided a gym membership by a non profit organization, they paid for the entire membership up front. The owner of the Anytime Fitness center told me to sign this contract and I am finding out now that there is a automatic renewal portion that he had me sign and I thought I was just signing the club membership for the year, now they are calling me and will not stop the payments, I told them over the phone to stop that I have not even been there for a year and why are they contacting me now and they told me it was an automatic renewal? Where was the automatic renewal last year?
    I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General about their low life practices. STAY AWAY FROM ANYTIME FITNESS.

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  • Am
      Aug 26, 2013

    I had a membership with the anytime fitness in happy valley Arizona. I cancelled in May and they said i would have to pay for June and then be done. Suddenly in July as well i was charged again.i filed a claim through my bank and called them they apologized and reversed the charge. Then after abc financial called and harassed me thru the month i ignored the calls assuming they were trying to get me to re join or something. Suddenly in August i was charged for reinstating my membership!! When icalled to ask them to cancel this since I'd been nowhere in the area at this time they said i had called and reinstated. I have them my phone call statements and had no call to them yet they told me to get an attorney were extremely rude and hung up. I'm at a loss what to do, cancelled my card but just shocking the fraud they are willing to commit for under a hundred dollars.

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