Anchor House Financial / Real estate scam

5662 Called Real Suite #207, Goleta, CA, United States

Really, how do you people sleep at night? We are a couple in our mid sixty's and have been robbed by people we have helped. Seen your ad on craigslist and we both thought maybe this could be our lucky break, but of course we didn't you went ahead and stole our $199 . Now we just wanted to let you know that, that money wasn't easy to come by and that we were homeless last year for a little while with our 5 cat's. So to say the least we just didn't want that to happen to us again and your deal sounded great, yeah right! I hope that this doesn't happen to one of your mom or even your grandma, I know that you all have family and it could happen to a family member, unless you have a very cold heart and don't give a damn which is probably the case. You people are ###!

Jan 16, 2016

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