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The Amtrak station platforms are becoming infested with homeless people. It's not safe to wait outside for trains anymore. You can wait for your train and be accosted by a homeless person or Jehova's witnesses for up to 30 minutes before the staff will call the police. I try to move away from them, but they get belligerent, demanding money and yelling at you and other passengers if you don't give them what they want. I've spoken to conductors, but they are government workers and only care about their narrow job, which isn't passenger safety throughout the journey.

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  • Dj
      Jun 24, 2009

    Hey this is Roy I'm the vice president for Amtrak . I have the Amtrak police at the train stations to look out for homeless people and suspicious activity.And I get some police to watch out for people failing to stoping for the railroad gates when they come down.

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  • El
      Oct 18, 2010
    Amtrak - Was not upfront about fare prices
    United States

    I just purchased a ticket online from Boston, MA to Kingston, RI on December 9th. The fare that came up was $16.00 for Coach. I opted to pay the extra $12.00 for Business. When I did this, the fare went up to $28.00. I did not notice that I was charged $33.00 for the ticket until AFTER I hit 'ok'. I called the 800 number and your customer service representative, while professional, told me that it was because "The coach fare was for a 14-day advance ticket. The regular price is $21.00." Well, if it IS $21.00, then shouldn't it be advertised as such? I feel completely misled here, scammed truly. There was NOTHING that said "your price WILL go up" just something that said "your price MAY go up". This is completely unacceptable...I anticipated paying one price and got shnookered into paying another price. I didn't want to press the issue at first, but then I realized that you are truly not being upfront about your ticket prices. $5.00 is $5.00. I understand completely that it isn't a large amount of money...for one person. I just can't help but imagine how many people Amtrak has done this to unknowingly.

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  • Ca
      Mar 27, 2011
    United States

    Several times a year, I would like to travel on Amtrak from Boston to New York City...I understand that prices are lowest when booking a month in advance...roughly $46 each way. But the closer one gets to travelling, say a week before, this same ticket goes to $95 each way...Most people including myself do not plan specific dates way ahead...more like 5-7 days ahead...So as a result, I end up taking the bus, for $18-24 each way...

    I wonder how many empty seats Amtrak has because of this...They do not run it as a business. It's not like an Airline, because there are alternatives--

    busses and driving in one's car...I think if Amtrak were a privately run company, they would do things differently...And they would actually

    show a profit...If only they would hold prices down for ticket buyers who buy with a week to go before riding, they would sell a lot more seats!

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  • Gl
      Jul 29, 2011

    Roy! In the words of the prophet, you are most definitely a 'pillock', n if you more than likely don't know what that means, get yourselsteal, which is more likely, of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are many words in there, but alas no pictures to colour in! You will find many many exciting and wonderful revelations, such as words that have not only 1 'p' but another too! I know, i know it, s all too much isn't it? I would certainly recommend a course in humorous prose as well, as i didn't laugh very much either! Shamone!1

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