Amscot - The Money Superstore / amscot violating customers rights to personal privacy intrusive and unethical conditions

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On April 12 2016 visited Amscot Money Superstore at 9620 sw Coral Way Miami Fl 33165. to claim a western union money transfer of under $100 I had the information from sender with transaction id# the store clerk Alexandra first said i needed to register as a client i found that odd that they require i be a client like a walk in customer is not enough? but turned out i had been there once before and i allready was from months earlier, she pointed out the proper Western Union form i filled out with all the requested info on the form and handed it to her with my drivers license, she asked me a bunch of personal questions about myself and the sender that i felt were invasive and irrelevant to the transaccion among them she asked me where was the money sent from? i answered here locally Miami no actually Homestead why? (she replied Miami is good enough) i figured she knew better than me from what location sender used to send money so i was being put to a test like i am a suspect and i had to proof i didn't steal it who sent it? the name is on the form then she asked :what is the money for? I said i know i dont have to answer any of these questions for this transaccion right? she asked me again (what is the money for?) i was appalled i couldnt believe the personal intrusion of the questions at that moment out of frustration i answered even if it was for drugs so what i really dont feel i need to answer any of that. she replied we can't process your transaction. I asked for what reason and she would not respond she was writing notes on the computer probably about me on whatever file they have of me, I requested to speak to the manager and the other clerk a young man that was standing near bye listening responded :i am the manager (i suspected he was lying and later found he was) i asked him to please give me a reason for not being able to process my Western Union money transfer and if possible in writing specifying the transaccion id# he replied i cant do that said call this 800 # pointed to it on window and walked away.
I called Amscot number he pointed to [protected] i spoke to sherri and explained the situation and expressed that i felt that the transaction had not been processed because i refused to answer questions that shouldn't of been asked in the first place. so i asked what is the managers name in that store she would only provide a first name of Jonathon i mentioned to her that Edgar identified himself as the manager and asked her if it was customary for employees to represent themselves as managers, she said Edgar was not the manager but perhaps was in charge,
Western Union is one of the reasons customers visit business's like Amscot The Moneystore, Western Union should review the abusive policies of Amscot and take some action into this matter so that Western Union customers don't fall into the Amscot unscrupulous invasive tactics that Amscot is practicing.
Just for the record later that day i went to Publix Supermarket with the same Western Union transaction presented it to the cashier with my identification and that was all she needed no questions asked. Now i know bettter than to step inside an Amscot Money Superstore

Apr 13, 2016
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      Feb 03, 2018

    I was also treated like a criminal for trying to get a money order over $1000. Which they had to give me THREE money orders to get the amount I wanted. Clearwater FL gulf to bay location I will NEVER GO TO AMSCOT AGAIN. I will find other means. When I questioned why they were asking me all these questions a manager inserted herself which only upset me even more...actually I wasn't upset UNTIL the manager interjected herself. I did not ASK for a manager I simply was asking intelligent questions. Now I know, if you're smart don't go to Amscot.

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