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Amscottook my money

I went to cash my check this morning at amscot. As they were counting my money I noticed it wasnt as much as I was paid. Then the guy comes over and gives me part of my check and hands me a receipt with a paper. He then tells me they showed I owed money and took it out without permission! They took almost 300 for a debt supposedly made in 2005? I have recieved no contact from them at all about this. Then when I called in corporate they tell me that I owed the money and too bad. I now cannot pay my rent and maybe on the street with my children! I did try to stay calm but yea, I flipped out in the office.

I will be contacting my lawyer and will try to get it done that way. I attempted to even get half of the money back and they said no. Wouldnt give me any of my money back. I asked for my check back and to give them the money back and they also said no. This is guy "Eman" proceeded to yell at me and then walked away and ignored me. and The Manager "Jim" ignored me also.

I will be making sure EVERY person I talk to will never go to amscot again, and being that most of my office cashes checks there, Hopefully it will take something from them.

I also called corporate and they were rude and nasty, and didn't try to come to any solution whatsoever. I was really trying to work something like a payment plan or something and they said no and will keep the money.

Im am in a hole, thanks to amscot on Brian Dairy and Starkey here in Largo, Florida.


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    Brandi Star Trolinder Sep 18, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you had Done business with AmSott in the past or any cash advance place, why on Earth would you go back there to cash a check?! Especially when you know you never paid them back for the loan you took out? Doesn't matter if it's 1yr or 10yrs! Cash advances cannot report to credit bureaus therefore they're going to collect the debt on their own. If you owe a business money, you dont go back & try to cash a check/money order or file taxes at said business. Lmao why did you think youd get away with it? Your name/last 4 ssn/dob are still the same. Doesn't matter if you moved and changed numbers. What they did was not illegal. What they did is not tell you prior to handing you the receipt. And that 1 person is lucky day only paid half your debt and gave you money back that was nice of them. I'm with other posters, I find it ridiculous you go back and try to get money when you owe them money. Doesn't matter if The nature of your business there is to just cash a check, you still owe that dead. And if you never pay them back you will never get a cash advance from them again. And they could put you in the tele check system where all cash advance places will have you placed as a person who doesn't pay or does fraudulent transactions.

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  • Di
    DILLIGAF2 Aug 15, 2013

    I had an employer give me a paycheck and told me to cash it mascot. The check ended up being no good and they continue to try and get the money from me, not the idiot who wrote the check. He wrote hot checks to all of his employees then said he went out of business. He has the same address and started the business again yet they refuse to go after him. I went to cash a paycheck from a new job and they tried to commandeer the money for his debt. They are ruthless and uncaring, and I'm sure run on the edge of legality. I refuse to ever step foot in that place again. And 'telling secrets', you don't have much room to put down people who come in as an employee of Amscot. I can tell by reading your post that your not much different than the people you put down.

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  • Ap
    A. Paredes Feb 04, 2013

    People stop making bussiness with Amscot, people in need, find another way, and stop this charlatans!!! Once I owne some money because I lost my Job, somebody send me to Amscot to make a money order and ask me for my driver licence, next they took the money I owned and give the for the money order, I explained that it wasnt my money several times, and try to make a payment with my account and they decline to take the the payment arrangement my was kick out of his house.
    Stop making bussiness with Amscot!!! The rip you offf!!!

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  • Io
    iocus Jun 12, 2012

    I too have been a victim of this type of debt collection while cashing a money order. First off, I was not aware at the time that the check that was used to get the cash advance did no clear as it was my ex-wife who what responsible for the bills at the time this happened. I move away and had to start over, hence, they did not have my contact information. The problem I have is the fact that they did not let me know that they were going to take my money. To be clear, I did not authorize nor give consent to Amscot to take my money . The money order was not cashed they just took it! Like a loan shark!.There is a proper way to collect debt and this is not it. I too have people that own me money for work done. It doesn't mean I will just start haul material off their property without their consent. Hence, my money is my property. BTW, banks do not practice this type of debt collection.

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  • Me
    Melissa 0821 May 22, 2012

    AMSCOT CASHES STOLEN CHECKS. Someone stole a check from me and was able to cash it at Amscot. Even though my telephone number was printed on the face of the check, Amscot made no effort to call me to ask if the check was good. Worse yet, Amscot made no effort to call my bank to find out if there were sufficient funds in my account to cover the check. As it happened, my account did not have sufficient funds to cover the stolen check that Amscot cashed, so the check bounced. When Amscot was unable to cash the stolen check, Amscot actually began calling me and asking for the amount of the check to be paid by me. I told them that the check had been stolen from me, that I had been the victim of a crime, and that I was not the person who cashed the check. The person who cashed the check was the thief, and in my view, Amscot participated in the crime after the fact by cashing the stolen check without making any inquiry to my bank or to me as to whether the check was good. Amscot has since called me numerous times asking me for money to cover the check they cashed for the thief. Every time I explain that I was the victim of a crime, and they need to find the thief to collect their money. So anyone who is a thief should go to Amscot to cash stolen checks. Amscot will be happy to participate in the crime after the fact and to cash stolen checks --- no questions asked.

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  • Te
    tellingsecrets Mar 10, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    give me a break. Amscot is a business. you cannot expect them or any company to give u something for nothing. if u owe them money they have the right to take it. its no ones responsibilty but ur own to worry about ur bills and family. do u think about the employees at amscot? how about if amscot allowed everyone to have free money and listened to the sob stories from people like u? then how do u think they would pay their bills and their employees? get a bank account and stop making excuses. and yeah so what the person called her an is what it is. fact is most of the customers at amscot are ridiculous and complainers and down right stupid. the intelligence level for over half of the amscot customers is very low. listen to their language, these low lifes come in with attitude, swearing, hitting their children, making demands, common sense...they spit and piss on the floor, we find used tampons in the trash...have attitudes beyond belief. I am amazed that people like you and them can function in the world, and what a shame that u are allowed to have kids...spawns of satan...the funniest ones are the ones worried bout there info getting stolen like their social sec # hahaha who wants any of you guys identities...losers...and the customers who think they are too good to be in there...with their bmw and mercedes cars living off 500 dollar cash advances hahahahahah!!! so lame...I hate amscot its fact worst place to work ever...worst rules and no one will ever have ur back and there is no open door policy that they preach about...they will fire u for nothing and treat u like crap and no one including management and recruiters are t deal with them is one thing and then to have idiots to deal with on top of it make the place miserable...if there were more jobs and better paying then no one would stay at amscot. and ben u are not going to do anything for these customers so stop playing hahahahahaha

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  • Th
    Therealfirstfeenix Feb 02, 2012

    this is what i tryed to send them but of course their contact us thing didn't work:

    "im very upset, with amscot. you guys tryed to rip me off. we did our taxes a few days ago. when we went to pay with the credit card. it was denied... tryed several times. starting to get upset here. called the bank to see why the heck it was denied. comes to find out. your stupid ### is trying the transaction as cash advance.

    thank you amscot for trying to screw me over and give me high interest charges. why don't you charge the damm card has credit like everyone else. stop trying to rip people off and acting like your better than other business. cuz i happen to know when you do cash advance you get your money right away, and we get high interest everyday since the transaction day, unlike regular transaction. by the way you can expect my experience with amscot to be shared to everyone i know."

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  • Zu
    ZuZuZa Sep 29, 2011

    I use to work for Amscot. If you noticed, everyone who had something to complain about here owed money from years back. Amscot makes calls EVERY SINGLE DAY from each of the branches, and takes note of each call. These notes are as detailed as "number not in service, " "customer hung up on me, " "customer stated they were never going to pay us back, " and "customer promises to pay 'x amount' by next friday." Like someone said above...if YOU give a bad number, if YOU default on your loans, if YOU make no attempt to work things out from the beginning, why in the world would they let money owed to them from years back walk out of the branch nver to be seen again. If they allowed that, they'd be out of business and that last resort business you relied on to help you in your time of need wouldn't be there. Grow up. Handle your financials. When you sign that contract for the cash advance, you state that you approve for Amscot to collect on a debt, whether in person or by ach, without your approval. How dare you go into Amscot, knowing you owe them money, have the balls to complain when they take what's rightfully theirs?

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  • Ju
    Just sayin'... Sep 26, 2011

    Amscot DOES send you letters. They send you letters, call your phone, call your references, and will do everything they can to try and peacefully collect from you. If you don't give Amscot good references/addresses/phone numbers, then they won't be able to get in contact with you. Like thetruth99 said, I'm sorry you forgot, but you got free money from Amscot. Don't complain because it came back to bite you in the ###; Amscot has a LOT of options for you to repay a cash advance you can't afford, and if you tell Amscot that you can't afford to pay back in a reasonable amount of time, and you genuinely appear to intend to pay it back, Amscot WON'T collect from you; but if you never get in touch with Amscot, never give them good contact info/never return contact, and never show any genuine intent to pay back, Amscot is going to collect. It's company policy that setoff (collecting from you without your permission) is a LAST RESORT, to be implemented only in extraordinary circumstances, and only with approval from MULTIPLE people.

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  • Co
    compassionate soul Apr 06, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    to personal responsibility coash...has it ever occurred to you that not everyone makes enought to even support themselves. I am a full-time student and work part-time. Looking for another job is also a job of mine. I don't spend money on unnecessary things, or frivolous things. For some of us, what we make is really not enough to cover the bills, for various reasons. My hours were cut back and I also had Amscot take $120 from me. Apparently I owed them in 2008. Now, when I had the money and was paying off my bills, Amscot did not contact me. I literally did not remember owing them or I would have paid them the $200. But when I went in with $120 also to use towards my rent, they took the entire thing and didn't tell me what they were doing. My daily choices are, spend the $3.50 to catch the bus to and work, use a dollar to get something to eat and not have enough for the bus, and whether to use the 0.75 cents that I have for toilet tissue, that I can get by walking five miles to the nearest dollar store, because I can't use money for the bus. And the fact that you called someone an idiot tells us everything about you character or lack thereof.

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  • Bi
    BitemeAmscot Mar 01, 2011

    First of all, its extremely rude to call someone an idiot, and yes we live on more than we earn because we have children and have been laid off. you do what you have to do to keep food on the table! This happened to me today and i know they should collect their debts but they didnt even attempt to collect from me as a normal debtr would (ie: phone call, letter etc) my debt was from 5 years ago and I come in with my child and a $400 check and left with $12. They were comepletely a-holes about it too, like I said theres no need to be rude to people, its their job to do cash advances!!! so now I have to ask my parents to help cover my power bill. Until there are enough jobs for everyone, there will be a need for these smug [censor].

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  • Th
    TheTruth99 Aug 27, 2010

    What they did was legal, its like trying to cash a check at a bank you owe money to. Do you really think they're going to give you the money? They know if they give the check back they'll never see you again. They are some arrogant people but they're not stupid, you were for going there.

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  • You are an idiot. Live on less than you earn and pay your debts. I see you have learned nothing about personal responsibility from this experience.

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  • Am
    AMSCOT SUCKS Oct 09, 2009

    I paid a visit today to my neighborhood amscot to change a money order that my mother had sent me for my birthday. Mind you a $50.00 money order.Due to the recession there are hard times for everyone, thats what Bonnie stated before she took half of my money order. Now in better times back in 2006 I used to used Amscot on the regular to take care of bills etc.etc ahead of time and slowly but surely my credit went up so I was able to receive larger amounts of loans.As luck might it I was laid off and it was all down hill from there.Nonetheless Amscot was yet to be paid. So after losing my apartment, car and almost my dignity I fell hard.Since then I have been on a on going struggle just to put food on the table for myself as well as my family but when I go to Amscot they decide to of course verify who I am, ask for my I.D. and asks for updated information but fails to let me know that she was about to take my money.Oh yes recession or not where people are living on a thin line they want their money which I totally understand so She (Bonnie) states that I must make a significant payment now or else she can take it all.Ok take $5.00.Isnt that significant. Now mind you I owe about $500. That is $500 that I dont have.Oh did I fail to mention that this money was to complete my Late rent.Well of course to Amscot that doesnt matter.So she decides to take half or threatens to call whoever to see if we can take it all. Yeah sure just leave me out of house and home with my birthday money that my 70 year old mother sent and it was a Amscot money order.Now this wasnt a loan that I came by got it and left. If you know you have to build that amount up and was always on time and never failed to pay until our country feels the wrath but guess what. Bonnies answer to all this is "Im just doing my job". Well said Bonnie, so how does it feel to take food out of someones mouth.She stated everyone is feeling the recession and my answer to that was "some worse then others" I have been out of work going on almost two years and I strongly believe that a sucessful company such as Amscot might want to use a different approach on how to collect whats owed to them. I havent ran nor hid from this company.As a matter of fact Amscot isnt the only one I owe and guess what? Because of what the country is going thru so is thousands even millions of others.Is the recession hurting Bonnie? I dont think so.She has a job that could be her carrer and shes what I call "lucky" Because what we are going thru can happen to anyone or is it that Amscot isnt aware that people are really messed up.So i just want to add that Bonnie was very professtional when taking what little money I have but when I dont have a roof over my head is Amscot going to let me stay with them. So now I have officially named Amscot the non-compassinate finacial service..I would have respected the fact if she might have told me upfront that the issue needed to be rectified because Of course I knew I owe the company but to act as if to throw the curve ball is out right terrible.I was born in Bushwick Brooklyn and when I say Im broke its because theres nothing but lint in my pocket not that I have 5, 000 in the bank that I will use on a raining day.By the way if your not familiar with the area I grew up at, google it.It seems that Bonnie as well as Amscot is going to be ok as long as they keep taking money that is theirs but dont give 2 cents about what were going thru then so be it.I want to thank Amscot for making my birthday the best one I ve had in such a long time and hope they enjoy those $25.00.As for your employee of the month I wish Bonnie all the luck in the world because she should always remember that she could find herself in other peoples shoes even if they dont fit her.Of course this doesnt matter to Amscot because of the money they generate but my business is over with this company. You will get your money but its not going to be money that I have to pay my rent nor take food out of my familys mouth...No need to call since I imagine your company will be attempting to collect the balance.

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  • Ni
    nickel09 Jul 24, 2009

    i feel for you. but you live and you learn.

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