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AMResorts / dreams punta cana

1 United States

1. Stranded at new presentation resort Zoetry by your company, over 5 1/2 hours with no ride back to our resort. I had to get a hold of Kathy at Dreams and demanded a ride back. The driver arrived and drove about 5 mph and demanded more money the entire trip back. He made several contacts with men on the side of the rode and only after I kept agreeing to paying extra money did he continue. That is a SAFETY CONCERN FOR ALL AMERICANS, and your company did nothing to assure our safety. This wasted an entire day of our vacation, when we were told it was for 90 min max.
2. Casino employees told us were we could bet when using the useless coupons and of course no one ever won, and I watched at least 20 different people bet at different times. THAT's Cheating Stealing or whatever you choose to call it.
3. The outside vendors that your company brings to the resort, harassed My wife and I on Sunday by telling us, "Hey, I know you are part of the preferred lounge, so bring us some wings and a Jake and Coke. I told him to back off and walked away. Then on Weds, the exact same thing happen to our 22 year old son, but after he started walking away they started walking real close to him to intimidate him, I took care of that also.
4. The employee Miriam at the resort store, denied our Preferred discount and tried to charge us in USD, instead of DR money, it was caught and asked her to change it. She argued for no kidding 30 minutes, but then changed it and said, "Oh, it was a mistake" no reason to get upset. After 30 minutes, she spoke English fine.
5. The waiter with green braces for the Romantic Dinner, continued to harass our entire party for our entire trip, except for the last day. He was told several times that we did not wish to purchase. Then two days later he went to the Brides dad and told him that the Bride wanted to have this dinner. It was a Lobster dinner, she does not eat seafood. Liar
6. Expressed Laundry was used and the extra charge was approved, but the clothes did not return that day, but rather two days later. Broken Promise and service not provided.
7. There was suppose to be full length mirrors in all rooms, one was missing and requested before the wedding, they promised on three different occasions to get it and it never was brought for the entire trip. Over 6 different attempts by us to get.
8. The Steak house waiters, asked if we wanted to buy a bottle of wine, we all declined and hardly ever saw them again. All of our glasses were empty and I had to go get someone to get us other drinks, after 15 minutes they gave us more water. The steaks were a complete joke, smaller than my wife's palm and about as thick as a hamburger patty.

I spoke to Alexis Jaquez, Everette Medina after the safety issue about our presentation experience. Mr. Jaquez stated, "This is an opportunity to improve our service and make our vacation a great experience." All the remaining items happened after that statement and he never checked back to see how we were doing. Matter of Fact, he saw my wife and I and turned away from us several times.
Extremely stressful 11 days, our Safety was in question on several occasions outside and inside the resort, all while under your name and recommendations. My wife and I were ready to come home after 4 days. We wasted so much money and time for no relaxation period, horrible experience and I do not trust your company.
I am requesting a refund and I would like some sort of apology in writing, then and only then will I consider my remaining avenues to follow. If you are someone of importance at AmResorts what would you feel if this happened to You and your family? What is your safety worth? What would you want? My family is so stressed after this experience it really concerns us to leave the United States, you are a US company for god sakes look at our safety concerns, please!

Trip dates are January 11, 2019 through January 22, 2019. Booked through Apple Vacations with the following booking numbers: [protected], [protected] for a total of $8, 664.55 plus a late minute charge that I am not including.

Eric Shaun Bowman

Jan 31, 2019

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