Amoma.combooking denied but pre-authorisation still taken

D Nov 15, 2017

I tried to book accommodation in Vienna over Christmas on the 13th of November and after filling in all the information and confirming the booking, I was told my booking (request [protected] for Enziana Hotel 23rd -27th December) was declined because someone had booked the last room while I was filling in the information and that a pre-authorisation "may" have been taken. When I rang and asked about this, I was told that there were no available rooms left and that the funds would be released back into my account in a day or so. The money is still frozen and the room I had wanted to book is still available on the site but is now at a higher price. I now cannot book accommodation anywhere else until the money is eventually released, and while I wait; accommodation prices are increasing. It is absolutely ridiculous for the entire amount of a booking to be held as a pre-authorisation before the booking is even confirmed.
I worked at a hotel for years and have never come across this issue before and I expect some kind of compensation for having to pay more for accommodation just because AMOMA took a pre-authorisation before the booking was even accepted.

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