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I opened a loan with Americredit 3/19/2008 for 22, 318.90 with a monthly payment of 517.00 for 72 months on a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica. I have nothing but trouble from the onset with this company. They post payments late then they charge you the late fees that never seem to come off of your account. I recently acquired a copy of my credit report and found that I have 12 months straight of late payments with Americredit a few times even showing 60 days delinquent. I am no Einstein, but I know that any other finance company would have reposessed their property by now. The truth is I have not paid my note on time every month, but I have made every payment everytime, and never -ever -ever missed 2 consecutive payments. I have paid $700, $800, $661, so on and so forth to makesure that my payments were sufficient to satisfy my debtors. These people are just evil and the consisitenly violate the laws regarding fair debt collecting. They have called my home 4 times in a day then my cell 2 times and even my job phone several times in that same day. The law allows for 2 calls if I am not mistaken. They harrass their clients ungodly. I recently checked my statement online and discovered that I owe another $158.60 late fee for my February payment. Here is the catch thought today is February 2 my payment is not due until the 15th does anyone else see a problem with this, and my account is current with no payments outstanding. I swear they are just making this stuff up, I have problem paying when I owe something but I believe they are trying to charge people for phantom occurrances to keep them in these over interest, over blown loans. I have paid over $11, 000 in payments but I still owe $19, 000 on a loan that was opened 2 years ago for 22, 000. That my friends makes no mathmatical sense. I can only deduce that I have paid $8, 000 in interest. In other words if they were to reposess my auto today they would have made their interest on the loan and retaken the auto, then sent it to auction, made some more on it at aution, and then sent me a bill for the difference of what the auto got at auction versus what was left on the loan, and this is legal, are you freaking kidding me. I believe a class action Lawsuit is in order, as individuals we do not have the power to fight these kinds of financial rapists and they know it, but as hundreds or thousands of angry well organized and well represented Americans we can hit these offenders in the only place they will feel and understand it; their wallets.

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  • Da
      28th of Aug, 2010

    I experienced the same scenario but the figures are different. Nonetheless, this company is highly unethical and have gotten away with these practices for way too long. I bad mouth them every chance I get and tell people to stay as far away as possible. These ripoff artists are in it for the money and they truly deserve to have a class action law suit taken against them, if not already.

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  • De
      30th of Aug, 2010

    I also have the same situation, I agree that we need to have a class action suit, anyone have this started???? I have since scraped up the money to pay them off, I called one day and owed them around 7500.00 and then when I went to the bank to get the cashiers check I called for the information again to get an exact figure and I was told that it would be 97??.00 I about fell over, they had no explanation on the additional charges! I couldnt buy a vehicle right now if I tried!

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