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America's Servicing Company / Raised interset rate 7 points

1 MO, United States Review updated:

We have a 80/20 and America's Servicing Company has our 80 loan. Our 20 loan interate went down and we get notified that our 80 with ASC went up 7 points to 15%. We did a modification with them and it took over a year with all those payments and interest of coarse being tagged onto the loan and all the they did was go down to 14%. Bless there hearts!Whatever!!! Like that help at all! We called again after my husband lost his job and then found one but at a $10, 000 pay cut and to see if we could modify again because there was no way that we would be able to pay at that rate still and they said we had to be 2 to 3 month behind before they would consider. So now we are 3 months behind which has killed our credit, and I called and they said that we have a deficiat of $400. and that we don't pre-qualify for a loan modification but we will have someone review it and she told me that we needed to try to lower the deficiat. I told the lady at ASC, well yes it is high because my house payment is so high because of the high interest rate, that's why I'm calling . In the mean time I got a letter from a lawyer to start foreclosure but no sell date yet. I called ASC and asked why I got a letter and she said that they can still procide anytime they want. So ASC raised my interest rate to 15%, then modify down to 14%, then tell that I have to be 2-3 months behind for them to talk to me, and then send me a foreclosure letter. President Obama were is the help that you said there is because I can't find it ANYWHERE!

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  • Ne
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree we have been trying to work with ASC for almost a year now to get our mortgage modified to a fixed rate. I talk to them at least every other week and they always need me to send updated letters and statements and paystubs.. I don't know how this can be legal I am loosing sleep and am so stressed over this we do not want to lose our home. We have two small children and live in our dream home and wish that there was something that we could do. We have called several different people (Hope for Now, Ect.) we have even tried with a lawyer, but we just cannot afford any extra right now. We are willing and doing everything that they ask of us and still we get the run around. Is there anything that we can do...We are running very short on time and are looking for anything. Please help...

  • Ti
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Oh please. Let me just start off by saying that if you got stuck with a first and a second ARM that you should be pissed at the closing agent. Second even the most crooked of the crooked is not going to put a 7% cap per ir change on your loan. Thirdly you would have to have like a 13% margin and that means u either have the worst credit on the planet when u took out the loan or u look as stupid as u sound on here and just got straight taken advantage of. Anyway you look at it you didn't bother to read your docs at closing and that is nobodys fault but your own and certainly not asc's fault

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