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Americas Servicing Company / Fraud

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

Americas servicing Company (ASC) lost two of my mortgage payment checks AFTER CASHING THEM and claimed for months that I did not make the payments even though my bank sent them copies of the checks showing them paid. ASC threatened to foreclose unless I accepted a forebearance agreement and paid those same checks again. I accepted and paid the agreement off several months early. They are still claiming that they were not paid on the original two checks. I complained to the Texas Attorney General and filed criminal charges against them. I won and got some money back. Now ASC hates me! Yeah for me!

ASC then deposited into my bank account three payments without my knowledge or concent and is attemptin to foreclose based on me now being three payments behind. They have refused to take thier money back. This is bank wire fraud according to my bank manager. I will again file criminal charges against them this week.

I asked ASC over the phone to point out where on my note it allowed them to do this. I was told that notes are complicated and that I would not understand it even if they pointed it out to me. I explained to them that I am a mortgage banker and an expert in notes so go ahead and point it out. They promptly hung up. They are nothing but an organized crime racket.

The Texas Attorney General wants all information on this company! Those of you in Texas start documenting everthing, especially ASC's illegal activity regarding thier 'drive-by fee' if you are late. ASC was ordered by the Texas Attorney General to cease and desist collecting this fee and to return it to Texas customers. Document everything. This company must be put out of business and it's corporate officers must go to jail!

People in other states: Check with your Attorney General. 37 of 50 state Attorney Generals have criminal investigations currently underway against ASC. Get involved and help your AG by documenting everything and offer evidence to your AG against ASC! Take these scums to the mat!

Lets get a class action lawsuit going! This company breaks every law that there is and must be stopped. A multi-million dollar lawsuit ought to get thier attention.

Anybody have a lawyer already doing this?

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  • Va
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    In May of 2000 Americas Servicing Company was to have paid off my mortgage loan from Washington Mutual for me. I have just recently learned this past April 2008, through looking at a copy of my credit report, that the Washington Mutual Loan was not paid off as promised by Americas Servicing Company and Washington Mutual now has a court claim against me for the outstanding balance of the loan. I have made an effort to contact Americas Servicing Company at the bogus address listed on my credit report and I was unable to locate the company in all of my searches on the internet.

  • Re
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    I agree with everyone on this comment board and I am so sorry to hear about all the trouble that you are all having. This is the reason I started my company. I have helped several people that have mortgages with ASC, Countrywide, and other mortgage companies that don't seem to care if they harass people or suck them dry. The comments I have heard are along the lines of trying to get blood from a stone or turnip, or something like that.

    Contrary to what some people have said on here, I am not trying to be one of those people I mentioned above. My company is a nationwide company that provides services for people that are at the end of their rope. One of the helpful things that we provide is letting you know, before payment for service, if we can assist you and if we can not. If we can not, we tell you why not and what can be done to allow our company to assist you. Most companies won't do that, but we will also give you the reasons why exactly so that, if you should choose a different service, they will not be able to scam you. Now that's a way of saving money too.

    I have a service that actually will take you out of the loop of contact with ASC, or Countrywide or whomever you have servicing your loan. All you have to do is tell me how we can help you. By that I mean, tell us what you are looking for us to do for you and we will pursue the help that you want, no matter what. We have all aspects of the mortgage business covered from being a mortgage mediation company, a title company, a real estate company, all the way to having access to attorneys for litigation or help to avoid foreclosure. No aspect of help is turned away.

    Let me tell you, most of the customers that I deal with have told me about the fear and the frustration of working with mortgage companies that don't seem to care or give them the runaround. To be totally fair, mortgage companies have their ways of dealing with people. Some are good, some are horrible. But one thing all mortgage companies love is being vague. When they are vague, they don't have to give you information until you ASK for it. How does that help you? How can you try to save your home if you don't know how to ask the right questions?

    That’s another reason why I created this company. I take your number out of their "system". When they mail you something, it goes to me. I take the burden away from you so you can live your life without the phone calls and the letters. And the rudeness!!! Oh, man, if I told you some of the stories I have heard...let's just say, it’s not pretty.

    I know that some people are going to look at this comment and go, this guy is trying to drum up business. Well, you're right. But here's the kicker. I used to work in mortgage collections. I used to make the phone calls and send the letters. I used to work around the people that make your lives hell. And I kept asking myself, why? Why are these people not being told about the help that’s readily available? Why are these people not being helped to make payment arrangements that are realistic? Why does this company care more about the money than about customer service when that is supposed to be their primary objective?

    That's why I got out. I can not stand collections. Just because they are hiding behind a company name they think that they can say anything or act anyway they like with the customers, being friendly with one and the next 40-50 they can treat like crap. Where is the customer service?

    I take all that frustration away from you and create solutions that work. I know that it may be hard to swallow, but I do. I have done it for several people. And I can do it for you too. If you want more specifics or just want to talk to me, call my office at 888-453-1518 and check out the website, which is being updated with a few new options available. And this isn't just for people facing foreclosure, people that are current and want to pay off their home early, call me. I can and will help as many people as I am able to. What have you got to lose? Website address is if not for you, best of luck. In all your endeavors.

  • Sc
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Americas servicing Company is wholly owned by Wells Fargo. Stop doing business with Wells Fargo and make them feel the pain. Wells Fargo goes to great lengths to hide it's 100% ownership of this criminal cash-cow company.

    Make Wells Fargo pay!

    Close your Wells Fargo bank accounts. Payoff Wells Fargo credit cards with other cards and close the Wells fargo account. Refinance away from them if you have a mortgage with them. Do not apply at Wells fargo for any credit and do not do anykind of business with them. Do anything and everything to put Wells fargo out of business.

    The blame for the endless crimes committed by ASC rests squarely, and knowingly on Wells Fargo's shoulders. Let them know that you know.

  • Co
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    I absolutely agree with you. They did the same thing to me. There should be a class action suit against them. I am willing to join it. They should be shut down. Would it help to forward all these complaints to the morgage companies they represent?

  • Mi
      24th of Jul, 2009
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    I was also charged a "drive-by " fee. When I questioned what that was, no one would answer. I live in Delaware and I will be contacting AG Monday morning. We have had to deal with ASC for over 4 years and it has been a battle since day one when our mortgage was sold to them. I NEVER would have given them my business. They lose payments, misapproriate funds, charge fees that are not documented. We now record every phone call and tell them we are taping the calls. When they lose a payment I call and tell them we Western Union'd the payment and the day and time. When they say they never received it I play the recording of the CS person who we called to confirm & that they had the payment ON TIME. They usually stop talking and apologize and hang up. The next's month's statement reflects where they have refunded the late charges. Don't let them get away with anything.

  • Th
      10th of Jul, 2010
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    They did foreclose on our house, and we were completely blindsided by the whole ordeal. We had moved to East Texas, but were still making payments on the home with the mortgage through ASC. They 'lost' checks (Jan, Feb, March) that we never knew about being lost because the funds were withdrawn from our account and we received no collection calls...we kept paying the mortgage as usual. Then whammy...a foreclosure notice in the mail. The shock of our lives. This was the middle of June. Our house was going to be foreclosed on August 5 of '08 if we didn't cough up $14K. We are both educators and have four kids. We don't have that kind of money floating around. They did not care about our bank records. They said we must have sent the checks to the wrong department or the wrong address and someone else must have cashed them. But they were not credited to our account. No sympathy. We lost our house and $40K of equity because they reported 'foreclosure proceedings started' on our credit report, no bank would touch us to help us.

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