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I was scheduled to stay in your hotel in Sandusky Ohio on July 18 and 19. When we arrived the front desk was nice.. I asked for a roll away bed since we were 5 people and I was told that the roll away bed was extra which was not mentioned in the reservation. After agreeing to pay the extra $15 per night we were given a key to room 221 (I believe). Once in the room we were brought the roll away bed and it was completely full of urine and the springs were broken and you could not even lay down.. I was a little upset but would of tried to make it work by getting extra sheets and blankets-but the straw that broke the camels back is that there was either urine or old blood stains on the sheets and there was also mold on the pillow and sheets also... the blanket on one of the bed had cigarette burns...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Sandusky, OH I at that point decided that staying in the hotel was no longer an option for my family.. Mold is absolutley horrible for your health and with the sheets having either urine or blood stains what else could we possibly get from staying in your hotel.. I asked that I be refunded for both nights since the room was horrible and I was never offered another room (which I would not of taken) the front desk told me that they would not refund me the money that night so I got the phone number to the manager Jennifer that would be in the following morning.. I called her at about 9 am the following morning and she stated that she would only refund me one night since we could of stayed in another room. I am not looking to get anyone in trouble I would just like to be refunded the total amount... I have photos if needed but would have to send them another time since I an unable to upload them... please email me back at [protected]

Jul 23, 2018
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  • Ca
      Sep 26, 2018

    My granddaughter had been driving cross country from California heading to Georgia. It got to be late in the evening so she called America's Best Value Hotel at 4060 LaMar Avenue in Memphis, TN. She booked the room through Expedia while still driving and about an hour from the hotel. When she arrived they should she wasn't 21 and couldn't stay (she's 20). They said Expedia would have to call the manager (Megan) of the hotel the next day to get a refund. I called Expedia today and they said they denied a refund. I called the hotel directly and asked for Megan. The woman answering said she was Megan and when I asked her if she was the manager she said she worked there. I couldn't get a manager and Megan said she was aware that the refund was denied. She said I needed to call Expedia which I already had and she said she couldn't help. The whole time I was talking to her she had a child screaming and talking in the background (I believe it wasn't a customers child either but hers). I don't feel I should be charged and am requesting a refund. I will never deal again with an America's Best Value and will not recommend it to anyone. I would appreciate a response ASAP.

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  • Ma
      Aug 25, 2019

    I made a complaint aug 6th 2018 and requested a refund not once but 2 different times and I was told they would refund my money. Even the so called ceo called me and told me to go tell them that he said to refund me my money. Unprofessional as all get out. It's not my job nor place to go tell them the CEO said to issue my refund. But like dummy i did n got laughed at i was embarrassed and made a fool of. Not happy at all. I'm still waitin for that refund and whats sad it's been over a year and i don't have the card i used to rent the room rediculous. How would i go about getting my refund and still i feel like i should get my refund plus a couple nights free or at least one night free in the suite.

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  • Mi
      Aug 30, 2019

    We had bedbugs in our room they said they couldn't give us a new room not refund us back our money so we had too stay in that room . We no longer will be going back too ambi until this issue is resolved and we are customers they Kno by name and usually treat well Las nite was a complete diff story

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