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My experience with this company has been terrible. They do not return phone calls, especially the reps. They made up excuses for fees they couldn't explain, which changed constantly throughout conversations. Their moving company, infinity movers, never came when they were supposed to and american van lines did not care about the problems I had with either company.

My problems started when customer service could not tell me when my actual pick-up day would be. I had to call them multiple times to get a day and time which I was given the day before the supposed pick-up. Then they postponed my pick-up a day (1 day past the window). I had already moved, so I assigned a family member power of attorney. He had to call the movers to find out what time they were coming on the pick-up day, then they called later to say they would be late.

When the movers arrived, at first they did not recognize my brother-in-law as my power of attorney and then wanted $740 cash from him, which I was never told, so I hadn't provided him with the money. He had to take out money and pay the fee for me.

The movers wanted to box a floor lamp that my rep. As well as quality assurance specifically told me did not need to be boxed. The fee would have been $75 so my brother-in-law told them to leave it. They also put my suitcases in a box though I was never told they needed to be. Otherwise, I would have done it myself to avoid the fees.

The movers were supposed to drop off my boxes anywhere in the next 19 days. I had to pay extra to have my things transported to a van prior to delivery (Condo community rules). I called the movers for days trying to find out which day they would arrive and what my remaining cost would be. I tried calling my rep twice because customer service was not helping me. He never answered or called me back. (I haven't heard from him since before the pick-up.) each time I called customer service, they promised a call back the following day with this information, but they never called me. I found out the amount and delivery day the day before the estimated arrival (And the end of my drop-off window). Infinity movers was supposed to arrive between 3:00 and 6:00pm. The community where I live does not allow movers after 6pm. After 6:00pm I tried calling customer service and dispatch, but no one answered or returned my calls. The drivers called us at 7:00pm and said they would be there in one hour. We asked if they were driving a van and they said they weren't because no one had told them that that was necessary. They said they would get a van and come back the following day (On day 20).

When they arrived the following day they were very careless with my boxes. They tossed them on the floor, piling heavy boxes onto light ones and crushing them. I had labeled a few boxes, "fragile, this way up," and some of them were unpacked up-side-down. Multiple boxes were wet and two were destroyed. One soggy, wet broken box was shoved into a garbage bag with empty broken cleaning bottles in it. They broke a few of my plates and glasses. Some of my art work was damaged and my 50" plasma tv had multiple large cracks in the screen and no longer turned on. I paid $45 for them to box this tv (Which they wrapped in a blanket and taped) and then they broke it anyway. Again we left a message.

Customer service called the following day to find out if we received our delivery. I told them about the damage, they apologized and then quickly told me to just submit a claim, which they emailed to me. I complained that the movers boxed things that I was told didn't need to be boxed and tried to box others, so I was not able to bring all of my things in the end. Customer service told me they would find out why the luggage was boxed (I still haven't gotten a reason) but made excuses in regards to my lamp, none of which made sense. Eventually, I just gave up.

During the last five days, american van lines called me two more times to find out if my stuff was delivered. Each time I asked them why they kept asking me this. Each time they said they would update my information. The second time I asked if they could give me a breakdown of my packing fees (Everything that the movers had packed for me) because the actual price did not change from the estimated price though originally it was estimated that I would need many more boxes than I did (I had a friend go to my house and pack everything that I knew needed packed, other than my two tvs). The customer service agent tried to tell me that I was credited back all but $16 for the packaging fees and that that was reflected on my final bill. I told her that wasn't possible since my final bill was the same as my original quote and the weight hadn't changed. She said I didn't notice the price change because a destination fee was added and evened it out. I told her my destination did not change from my original quote and there was nothing about a destination fee or credit on my final paperwork. After a minute she went back to the same explanations so I asked her for a breakdown of all my charges. I am currently waiting for the invoice that I requested.

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      10th of Apr, 2012

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    On Behalf of the team at American Van Lines we want to extend our apologies for the troubles you underwent moving with us. We are making genuine attempts to rectify your situation as we are always working diligently to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with our services.

    Unfortunately, this has not been the case with you. We are aware that you would like to remain anonymous, however, we would like to speak with you to resolve this issue. We can resolve this pressing matter if you would kindly provide us with your job # ID. Call us at 1-800-338-9361. We are eager to work with you.


    Customer Relationship Manager

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  • Se
      10th of Jun, 2012

    Contact FMSCA on the internet.
    FMSCA will fine AVL for their illegal offenses with your move.

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