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American Tax Relief / Scam Artists

1 Beverly Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-829-4357

I called American Tax Relief after viewing ad on television. I spoke to Robert Campbell for about five minutes regarding my tax debt issues. He guaranteed me that my interest fees and penalty charges would be removed and I would only pay for my actual taxes owed. I paid $4, 000.00 on September 24th 2008 and made arrangements with him to pay the rest by October 24th 2008. After paying the $4, 000.00 I decided to research the company and found that they have an extremely bad reputation all over the internet. Please check Better Business Bureau,,, etc. Naturally I felt duped and decided to have my brother handle the refund due to my anger. I chose not to send the remaining $1, 500.00 and my brother asked the company for at least a partial refund. The representative Robert Campbell became very agitated and stated, "I'm not going down that road with you. So you can forget about that refund. We have an army of attorneys..." I felt that the conversation was not getting anywhere and I became convinced that I lost the $4000.00. This company did very minimal work on my case. The only thing he did on my alleged case is receive a signed 3 page power of attorney. They also sent me a 10 page questionnaire w/ a cancellation policy that was impossible for me to participate in. Policy stated, "you have 5 days from date of letter." Letter was dated 9/24/2008 and I received it on 9/30/2008. They are scam artists abusing the legal system to get rich. I would also like to add that they are a bunch of cowards. I asked Robert Campbell if I could set up an appointment with him since I was going to travel to L.A. for a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event. He became very nervous and lost control stating, "get the ### off my phone you're a joke." lol.

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  • Ww
      15th of Sep, 2008
    American Tax Relief - All talk, no action
    United States
    Phone: 501 563-9072

    The staff talked as though they would really take care of my tax problem until I deposited an amount of money into an account specified by them. Now when I call them, it is always the same story-"somebody will call you back", a call back that I never receive. Something truly needs to be done about these fake people.

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  • Th
      18th of Jul, 2009

    Anyone who has a complaint with American Tax Relief should sue them as I did.I paid this cmpany $6500.00 to help me with back taxes ended up I did all the work.And they were never there to help at all.So I filed a small claim against them.I sued Alex Hahn, Joo Park, and American Tax Relief .Alex and Joo are husband and wife and own american tax relief Alex is a convicted felon from a telemarketing scam he pulled before opening ATR.When I went to court the first thing the judge said that you ATR hae been sued several times in this court room and it is the first time anyone has even showed up.The beverly hills court house is very familiar with ATR and there scam business practices.From what I got from the Judge and the way she treated ATR they have never been found in there favor and never will.Needless to say the ruling was in my favor and I was granted $6500.00 plus court cost.You need to suue them in the beverly hills court house and add Joo and Alex to the suit they are not attorneys and in small claims can't be represented by one they have to appear.

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  • Wf
      4th of Nov, 2009

    January 2006 I needed advice on back taxes my company owed. I spoke to the representative that asked that I sign over a Power of Attorney he would fax to me while on the phone, he determined that yes they could help me reduce my liability significantly and had done so many times. They would handle all communications with the IRS and resolve all issues. I would have to turn over financials and they would be responsible for filing my returns. They needed $ 9, 000.00 to start the process and hit my American Express card for the charge before they would open the file. After being refered to multiple attornies within their network, I was finally asked what personal property (houses, land etc. ) that I might own. I explained I had a weekend house at the beach that was paid for and they explained that I needed to mortgage that as soon as possible to make it appear to the IRS that all my property was encumbered. I was told that they would set up a mortgage on the property and that I needed to speak with another person that handled these transactions. I thought this was ridiculous and told the they were commiting fraud at this point. I asked for my money back and was told that they would not make any refund for pulling out of the program although they had not done any work on my behalf. I was essentially looking at being encumbered on a mortgage on a property I owned to some outfit that ATR fronts for and also owing the IRS on top of it. I did not know who was going to rape me the most between the 2 options.
    I contacted the State Attorney General of California who said that this organization operates under multiple names and that they were aware but that no action had been taken yet because while they are technically providing a service that they claim to do, they technically can make no assurances of helping taxpayers. Buyer beware. They later attempted to bill me another $9, 000.00 payment with American Express but I was able to have that charge removed.

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  • Su
      17th of Aug, 2010

    Boy did I dodge a bullet!!! When I called these guys up it was a strong arm sale from the very beginning. I guy named Joseph Spinelli or something gave me the run down. What I owe, how much I make, my assets etc. Next question was " Would you like to write a check by phone or use a credit card? That will be $7, 500".
    Under what circumstance would somebody hand over that amount of hard earned money after a 10 minute conversation. Well not me. I kinda laughed, and asked if that is normal protocol. He exclaimed that because they are such a big company and spend a million dollars in advertising every month, I should have a blind faith in them.
    Needless to say I did not hand over the money.
    About a month later, after networking with a few friends. I was pointed to the website settle with the irs dot info, 877 - 517 -0067 . My experience with them has been as smooth as one could expect from a professional company. Ive had a great experience with a man named Owen. Helpful from Start to finish. They performed a tax investigation before quoting me on what they could do. This only made sense to me because if I don't have a clue what my situation is with the IRS, then how could I expect this company to know what they could do for me and require an upfront exorbitant amount of money to find out where I stand? Last but not least, I saved a lot more than what American Tax Relief was going to require upfront.

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  • Ab
      18th of Apr, 2011

    In 204 we hired American Tax Relief to help us settle a tax debt in the state of New Mexico.We paid over 10.000 dollars up front.We received there information package in the mail. Returned it to them immediately and never heard from them again.I called numerious times, sent letter after letter and never received one response.We then had to retain another attorney costing us even more money and he passed away be fore our hearing.I am so blown away with this company.It cost us a fortune to say the least...We are now going to the Attorney Generals office here in Albuquerque to see what recoarse we have.

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  • Am
      31st of Oct, 2012

    I was able to get my money back finally from those cowards with the help of the Attorney General. The IRS finally accepted my offer of $2500 through my CPA. All this headache because of a previous accountant not doing his job. Wish you all good luck. - Ameen Sarsour

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