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I took my chain and hand-chain into my local American Swiss store for repairs and was told that i would be contacted with a quotation within the week, of which i was and i was told that the repairs on my chain would cost me R220 and the hand-chain will cost me R140, of which I agreed to pay, a week later I am phoned again and told that my stuff is ready so when i go in store, I'm happy with the chain however the hand-chain did not have the link that the hand-chain required and was noted by the consultant on the slip that I was given when I handed in the repair, so I asked them to send it back to get fixed correctly the consultant advised that there would be a price increase of which I didnt agree with as i was quoted on the repair as it stood however i didn't not argue and acknowledge and advised her that she would need to call me first with a quotation before commencing the repairs as I have a budget, I am then called a few days later and told the price has changed to R328, of which I annoyed but still agreed. A week later I get no call about the progress etc so I went in store and was told that the hand-chain was still at the jeweler, 2 days later I receive a call and I am told that the hand chain is ready to be fetch and the cost is R467! Shocked I asked the consultant why and how she states that I was told this amount by another consultant of which I disagree obviously as I am not an idiot, i have written the quotes each and every time that I was given one, I told the consultant that I will not pay for the repairs as I didn't budget for it, she has the nerve to tell me to charge it to my American Swiss account? of which i don't have! to date it is 6 days later no one from the store has contacted me to sort out the issue. What do i do here with this unprofessional approach and under handed conduct?

Dec 22, 2014

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