American Red Crossmckay dee hospital incident with a blood drive nurse

I was admitted to McKay Dee hospital
In Ogden Utah.. I was asked by the hospital e, r nurse to sign a blood donors paper.. I did.. Then I was injected with something to pass out and I woke up hours later with a bed sheet covering my entire body face included..See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ogden, UTMy Dad was crying beside me and a Hispanic nurse unsure of employer was withdrawing my blood and I saw three bags hanging by her station next to me and she was paninicing and nervous as I was getting up from my hospital bed..did red cross have a blood drive nurse oat McKay Dee hospital Ogden Utah. On October/10/2024 my contact number [protected]) my name is Gabriel R Flores Sr age 54, , , thank you

Apr 30, 2017

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