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American Laser Centers / No hair removal

1 East Cascade RdGrand Rapids, MI, United States Review updated:

Good Afternoon!
I have been having Laser Hair Removal done on my lip and chin at your location on Cascade Rd in Grand Rapids, MI.

I started treatment in February 2008 with the understanding that this treatment was so good most if not all of my hair would be removed before my wedding day in November 2008. Well it wasn't, I had to shave my face on my wedding day! Imagine my humiliation! Because this treatment has been paid off since at least April 2008, I decided to continue with treatment and hope it got better.

Around January 2009, I was put onto a new laser and was told that if I didn't notice a difference within 4 treatments I would get to consult with a nurse, on my fourth treatment, I mentioned to the technician that nothing had changed and that next appointment I would like to see the nurse as promised, she then informed me that the former technicians had only noted I had the new laser twice, which is wrong, I know that the same laser was used on me all 3 times to that point. She continued to tell me that I was wrong. So she noted my account that I was only to have the new laser. I have been getting treatments every 4 weeks since and have not seen any improvement (nor have I talked with a nurse), in fact a year and a half after starting treatment, I have new growth! Also, the technicians would ask me how much improvement I had seen, some would ask over the whole course of treatment, so I would say about 10-20%, they would then write down that it was only since my last treatment, making it appear as if I had improvement in 4 weeks, which was never the case!

I drive 2 hours roundtrip for my 10 minute appointments and can no longer justify it for not having seen a single result in about 11 months!

I am asking for a partial if not full refund, I still have black hairs on my face, that have been treated over and over again and have not improved, my face is constantly broke out from new hair growth (and every sore has a hair in the middle of it, that I can't get rid of, so they stay forever), I now have scars all over my chin from all of the acne.

Let's hope that they listen...although based on all the other complaints out here, I'm sure they won't...

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      8th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been getting the removal done for eight treatments now (i am in my second treatment of the two year guarntee) I kept getting blisters and I would tell the tech about it on my next treatment and she would tell me thats perfectly nomal they go away just keep putting the laser lotion on it. I would also tell them about the horrible rashes I've been getting and she would say the same thing. I read the ingredients on the lotion and realized it contains copper. I have repediatly told them I am allergic to most metals especially nickle. They can see the rash on my stomach everytime from the nickle. So the lotion containing copper in it is where my rash kept coming from. As far as the blisters go this last treatment the blister was absolutly unbearable. It was the worst one by far. I got out my paperwork and in the contact it says "although very rare if you are to notice a blister forming please come in for a medical evaluation" I have never seen a doctor at this office before or ever even heard of one being there. So I drive 45 minutes to the clinic and its closed. I call customer service to see why it was closed on a monday a 11am and she calls the manager. The manager was sick and at the doctors so they closed the store. So I called the next day and the manager was the one who answered the phone and she said yes she would be there. I get there at 1130am and they are out to lunch and won't be back until one. The assistant manager finally shows up and I ask to see the manager because she is the one who gave me this blister and I really did not want to talk to her about it. She tells me the manager is out sick. The manager is the one who answered the phone earlier. She already knew what I wanted from where I had contacted customer service. She was avoiding me. So I have now requested a refund from their office because of the burns and I also was promised no hair by the 6th treatment and I barely see any reduction at all. I have light skin and dark hair whats the excuse on my skin??? That is the perfect combination for thier laser I have been told. Now they are tellling me the truth that this is NOT permenant hair removal it is only temporary. Why the hell would anyone pay for this if its not permenant. That is alot of money to throw down the drain and a lot of pain. They told me when i signed up i would NEVER have hair there again. If I don't get my refund within a month I am taking them to small claims court. I would suggest that to everyone else as well.

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      14th of Jul, 2010
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    One year to the day I can say I am just as fed up as you are and for the very same reason. Their laser hair removal system does not work at all. I have been going since December 2007 and now it is July 2010. I still have all the same hair I started with.

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