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American Laser Centers / Worst company ever

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Where do I even begin. Lets just start by saying that this company is one of the most god awful companies out there. They claim to be the best in the business for laser hair rremoval, skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction therapy! That is a joke! Its more like the worst company! None of there services work the way they say they do. I would say 10% out of all clinics patients actually have results. Its not worth the chance when you spend thousands on these procedures. And just know that if it doesnt work they will in no way give you a refund. They will just try to find every excuse in the book to justify why its not working and then try to sell you on something else. And they will do that because there only goal is to see how much money they can make each month. They do not care about your feelings or how much money you have already spent. They just care about trying to get more out of you. There company even holds contest to see who can sell the most.
Now on to the people that work there. The managers are not really managers or have any type of medical degree, they are just glorified sales people and people that are put under so much stress by there corporate office to sell that they will make up whatever little gimmic they want to try to get you to buy that day and tell you the deal is only good for that day and if you call back the next day the offer wont be good. Just know people that these people will take your money whenever they can get it.
Now onto the technicians. Im not trying to say they are bad people because most of them I have met have been extremely nice and wonderful. But the biggest thing is there qualifications. One of the biggest reasons the treatments do not work is because they are used on very cautious low settings because it is not being perfromed by a doctor or a nurse so there is a huge liability at stake. The technicians are only licensed estheticians who go to school for 4 months which actually has nothing to do with lasers and then if they get hired in with the company they train for about 1-2 weeks until they are already left alone with patients.
So this is just a letter to warn people the this whole company is a joke. They treat there employees like crap and there patients and it all comes down from the top people and 2 of them are Chelsea Klinke and Roxanne Kowelewski which are 2 of the most rotten women you can meet. They think they are better than everyone and treat all ALC staff like crap. Which I guess Roxanne is the Michigan regional manager and does not do anything to help her clinics. She just goes in there and sits and does nothing. She sometimes show up to a clinic leave and go shopping or out to lunch for a long period of time but then fires people for being late to work or leaving early which is funny cause she did it all the time as a clinic manager. And this is suppose to be a women that holds control of an entire region! HAHA
Oh and one more thing to add. ALC has a higher injury report than anyone facility that does laser! BEWARE PEOPLE THIS PLACE IS AWFUL IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM!

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      23rd of Jan, 2011
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    As an EXemployee of american laser centers, I am blown away at how accurate your descriptions of the inner workings of the company are. Everything you said was on point except for one thing, the technicians. As a former technician myself, My qualifications went beyond 4 months of schooling. I am a college graduate, with 9 months of training in skin care which was followed by a 3 month training course on real lasers, not the Intense Pulsed Light devices that ALC passes off as top of the line Laser equipment. Now to be fair, not all technicians are trained so thoroughly and my ALC training lasted about a week because the clinic I was hired into was extremely short handed which lucky for them (and me), I had been through laser training beforehand and was aware of protocols associated with laser treatment. The real reason people are becoming injured is not due to the incompetency of the technicians but to the cheap and overused equipment they use. An actual laser does not require gel to absorb heat because the heat is controlled and often times such top of the line lasers as Candella have a cryogen spray that is released onto the skin after each pulse of the laser therefore immediately cooling the skin. The Intense pulse light devices have a higher burn rate and they do not penetrate deep enough into the skin to do any actual permanent good. A candella would take 10-12 treatments at the most to get a 75-90% reduction, where as the IPL devices require, for most of the patients I dealt with, well over 2 years worth of treatments. IPL devices are of a far inferior quality, they stun the follicles versus actually killing the follicles.

    ALC treats their customers and employee in a similar manner. The employees are aware of the ineffectiveness of the machines but are forced to sell to keep their jobs. Most of the people I worked with had children and had no choice but to keep an hourly Esthetics job, because most esthetics jobs are commission based and money flow is uncertain. They pay you more than the average esthetician but not as much as they would have to pay a nurse so they hook you in with a paycheck and cut their costs by hiring a skin care professional versus a medical professional. The managers keep all their employees in fear for their jobs. Threats, high pressure and absolutely no compassion or empathy are all common. It's a trickle down effect of fear tactics beginning with The head of the company and passed down through each level. The technicians are fearful and mostly miserable in their positions. If we made our sales goals the manager will either kiss up to us or say something not too far from "I know you did $10, 000 last month in sales so why couldn't you do $12, 000?" Nothing you do is ever good enough. It's a very mentally and emotionally taxing job. The guilt, the misery and the fear combined make for a toxic combination. The average ALC employee only stays with the company for a year or less. They fire people left and right to "make a point". The clinic managers are desperate because their bosses are holding their jobs over their heads the same way the mangers pressure the techs. The one and only job of the clinic manager is to sell. We never got lunch breaks but were asked to clock out for 30 min to show the break so if the labor board ever investigated it would show some sort of break. Lying and trickery are common practice in ALL these clinics. So on behalf of all of the current technicians (not managers) at ALC I ask anyone reading this to please consider what I have said. These are good hardworking people that are trying to make a living in an industry that is brutal and unkind. I could go on and on for days chronicling the horrors of employment with these soulless, greedy, corporate goons. But alas, I have grown tired already recanting the horrors of this place. But one last thought, when I was "Let go" for not making my sales goals, they attempted to have me sign a severance form that stated that not only would I not apply for unemployment but I was leaving of my own accord and therefore was ineligible for any type of severance pay. I told them to shove that form and that I would see them in court if they tried to deny me my rights as an employee especially after working 40 hrs a week with no overtime. Overtime is not permitted.

    So potential clients and employees BEWARE OF AMERICAN BUTCHER SHOP!

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