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This company runs itself on a pyramid scheme and treats its customers with disrespect. Each employee from the nurse up receives a bonus when the customer purchases. It is very much like a used car lot and just like a used car lot the buyer should be wary. The manager and main nurse (at least in this Central Valley office) see no issue with changing client's appointments, and lying to them about it, to only give time for one area when more were scheduled. This is all done to fit in a new client so that treatment can proceed before the new client changes their mind and asks for a refund. Not that you would ever be allowed a refund by this corporation anyway. You may not be able to get rescheduled for months even when the manager or nurse made this schedule change. The manager also continually tells other staff to not worry about giving good treatments, as the client (you) will be coming in several times and it won't matter if you are "cheated" on your treatment. The manager and other staff talk about the clients behind their backs in a disrespectful, racist (especially if the client is Middle Eastern), and rude manner. If you buy from this company, you are locked into a two year contract and once that contract is signed the staff do not feel the need to give exceptional service until the next time you think about buying. If you are getting good treatments, it is more likely that those treatments will be successful. Unfortunately, the manager and staff at many of these clinics do not truly have your best intersts at heart. The manager at this clinic will tell you that her clinic is different from the others that are complained of on this is not! BUYER BEWARE!

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  • Sm
      Apr 13, 2011

    I signed up for removal of my age spots July 2010. There is absolutely no changes. Microderm did nothing for my face. I am so angry. Staffs ignors you when I walk in the clinic. The manager said they will try to give me more treatment until I am satisfied with the result. She suggests that I puchase lotion that will help remove my age spots. Then, doesn't this mean my 7 laser treatment did nothing with treating my age spots then lostin did?. I could have saved $1500 rather then spending only $ 95 on this lotion that could done the job without the painful laser shots and time consuming visit to the unfriendly atmospher?
    They should just stick to laser center for hair removal only.
    Any advise if any one who was successful in getting refund?

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  • Ma
      Apr 29, 2011

    i Had similar experinace
    at "West End Academy"
    in Ottawa . On, canada
    Im thinking of claim it to small claim courts to get a refund

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