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I am a previous employee of american laser centers( i was not fired, i left on my own) and was told about this website. after reading many comments it's made me aware I was not alone in realizing how awful this company is. They are scam artists no matter what they say. Scam artists. all the ex-employees could truly blow this company out of the water with all that we know. I saw so many unsuspecting, hopeful people come through the doors thinking this was permanent and amazing treatments. They are not permanent. They are not amazing. I worked there over a year and a half and rarely saw people with 100% hair loss from laser hair removal . What's very sad is the clinic managers truly think that their company is right and all the bad things said about them are wrong. Or maybe they just play along because they make huge bonuses when they reach certain sale amounts. And I want people to not blame the technicians, when we are hired we do not know we are being hired as sales people(they forget to mention this to you) let alone know we will be trained so poorly and then thrown into treatments and told we need to make certain amounts or we will lose our jobs. It's a very stressful job for a technician and working 8 or 9 hours a day with no lunch everyday is very tiring for us. PLEASE do not spend your time and money on this company. Please please please do not go to this company. I have seen a few ex-employees comments on this website and we are not disgruntled we are merely trying to warn people and are motivated by others comments to only put our 2 cents in. I left there a few months ago but only just now have heard of this website from a previous employee and am so shocked and saddened to hear of all the people out there who have had to deal with these things from this company. Such a shame.

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  • Sf
      21st of Feb, 2010

    The employees are expected to work hard like everyone else who has a job in this economy. If employees didn't get breaks that would be illegal. I am an employee here and have received more breaks than any employer would allow. You take the breaks when you are scheduled and when ever you need them, as long as you ask for one. This is definitely like corporate america, where they lock you in towers and make you take breaks only when scheduled. I left corporate america to work for this company. Yes, this company is corporate, but with all the perks of receiving free services and great pay/benefits. I am on salary, however when you run over salaried hours they still pay for over-time. I wish people would stop being so irrational about everything. I was a patient for hair removal in the past, I didn't receive results from this other company after 2 treatments. However, despite those results I didn't have enough treatments to comment on their service. So far, I have had over 5 treatments at alc and have had incredible reduction. I shave once a month, I probably can get away not shaving for 2 months now. Yes, some can take less or more treatments to get to where I am right now, but if I could I would pay for legs and bikini right now since I get a discount. I'm sure at one point the company may let me go, who know's in this economy? The one thing I would want to walk away from this company would be my treatments. You only have to go in once every 1-2.5 months for 30min-1hr and this will insure little to no hair growth for possibly the rest of your life (unless pregnant or extremely hormonal-patches may reappear every few years or so, but $50 touch-ups can take care of them) :) Managers are not hard on staff. Most of the technicians work in hospitals and do not understand that this is a business where all the products and treatments work. Therefore, these products must be studied and tested by staff so that they know how to promote the value of these treatments/products. Many of the managers and techmicians receive the treatments. All of my employees who receive the treatments have had a good success rate after just one treatment. 6 or more are recommended. When these products/treatments are not utilized, this is where employees allow the small percentage unhappy customers to control how they should feel about their company. Ask any employee who has had more than 4 treatments. By 4 treatments everyone, despite your hormonal/genetic beackground will tell you they have had great results. I will try to stay with this company for as long as I can. I have chosen to work the hours that I do, because it's my choice to receive over-time if I want to help the business run more efficiently. It's my choice when I chose to take shorter or longer breaks. I took a 2 hour break last week, what does that make you think about this company? I deserved it as I have worked as hard as any of you out there trying to keep your job in this economy. I have friends working in corporate america and friends working in retail, they all do not have it as good as me.

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  • Sf
      21st of Feb, 2010

    I meant to say this is definitely NOT like corporate america where they lock you in towers.

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  • Am
      27th of Mar, 2010

    Whoever wrote this comment above is FULL OF ###!!! You are obviously a manager or regional manager because if you were a tech there is no way in hell you would get a two hour break. A two hour break is very normal for a manager or regional manager with this company because they DO NOT do anything so yeah then that would make sense! The techs bust their ### and do not get breaks unless a client cancels! As far as results go, you are also full of it. It is so obvious that you are writing all of this to try to convince people reading this that ALC is so great! Of course you are trying to sell people on the idea that ALC is great because that's all ALC is about is selling and lying!!! You are such a liar to tell people they will have great results by four treatments. I worked there for alomost 4 years and I do not even have 50% reduction! And I am the perfect candidate for hair removal. ALC is completely like corporate america! What are you delusional? Obviously! This is THE worst company I have ever worked for! All the managers and regional managers are on power trips, are money hungry, greedy and conieving!! And I'm assuming you are one of them! I can not wait for the day ALC crumbles to the ground, which it will eventually and you will lose your job and then maybe you will realize how horrible and ### ALC is. I pity u for even thinking that ALC is a good company, you are completely out of your mind! ALC does not care about their clients AT ALL or they're employees!!! Please people do not go there!!!

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  • Mo
      19th of Jul, 2010

    I agree with amdebar 100% and I am a former Clinic Manager! I did however give my girls brakes until our Regional came in and made me stop blocking out the time for them. Our Regional was or is rather a huge coke head and doesn't care how they speak to you. I was told to stand on the street in a bikini holding a sign to try and bring money in. I'm so happy to not work there anymore. It's been over 6 months and I FINALLY feel normal again. They are brainwashing people who care about nothing but themselves. And the founder Rich Morgan is the biggest joke ever. He is such a jerk! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!! THEY ARE ALL LIARS!!!

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  • Su
      19th of Aug, 2010

    sfffx-"I took a 2 hour break last week..." "...because it's my choice to receive over-time..."- WHAT A JOKE 8)

    "I am an employee here..., All of my employees..."??????

    Everything you wrote looks like very successful brainwash!!!

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  • Ig
      16th of Nov, 2010

    It would be illegal, at least in California, to not give employees their due breaks. That is why ALC owes me over $2000.00 and a fine to the California Labor Commission. I asked for my breaks...I tried to schedule them in myself...I was shot down and told that I should be thankful to have a job. I was even told that I should be thankful to have a job a week before I was given walking papers from that job I was to be so thankful for...
    You can't retain a descent modicum of ethics and work for this company too! Honest and American Laser Centers are not compatible!

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