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American Laser Centers / Unsafe practice, facial burn, failure to respond, no refund!

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On January 28, 2006 both my sister and I met with Annie at the American Laser Center in Dearborn, MI to discuss permanent hair removal. During this consultation we were told that the hair removal was complete and permanent after 6 treatments, but that we would receive treatments until all hair was permanently removed. After the permanent hair removal was complete, we would be given any necessary follow up treatments if hair growth returned.

When filling out the questionnaire I found a Contraindication section that listed several medical conditions. I spoke with Annie about two of my medical conditions, Lupus and Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy (a condition which affects nerve sensation in my arms and legs similar to a diabetic neuropathy). Annie said that there was absolutely no problem giving me the laser treatments with either of these conditions. Annie pointed out that the contradiction section does not say it won’t treat a person with those conditions.

I received regular treatments from early February 2006 through March 2007 and began expressing my concern that I was not seeing any reduction in hair growth to the technician during my visits. During my treatment on March 23, 2007 a new laser was used for my facial hair. This treatment left me with a scar from a severe burn on my upper lip.

On my subsequent visit on April 13, 2007 I arrived for my appointment and went through the normal questions about whether I have had any changes in my medications or medical situation and my answer was the same as always. At that time Ashley asked me again whether I have been diagnosed with Lupus. My answer was that yes, they strongly suspect Lupus, and my medical tests do indicate this diagnosis, but that there is no positive Lupus test. I was informed that the American Laser Center does not treat people with Lupus, and that even without Lupus, I should never have even been treated with my nerve disease.

Ashley spoke to a nurse and was given approval to treat me again. But by this time I had done more research and realized the danger I was placed in by receiving the treatments in the first place. I spoke to Michelle, a nurse with the American Laser Centers, and we discussed my situation. She did not feel comfortable that with my medical background that I ever should have been treated. I was told that she was referring my case to the legal department and I would be contacted.

I have tried contacting the American Laser Center numerous times and if anyone even answers the phone to me, I am always promised a call back. I was told about 5 weeks ago by a person in the legal department that I would be offered a refund of my “unused amount.” I told her that I was not satisfied with that resolution. I explained to her that I had told Annie about my diagnosis during my consultation and was told that it was no problem, that I have not had any reduction in hair growth, my health was put in danger for 14 months, and I have a scar on my top lip from the last treatment I received. She stated this was new information and she promised to get right back to me.

I have given the American Laser Center 3 months to respond and I feel that I have been more than patient. I paid $6000 for the treatment and I feel at a minimum they owe me a complete refund. I STRONGLY urge anyone who is considering doing business with American Laser Centers to use extreme caution. Their hands are out when they want your money, but afterwards they do not care about their patients.

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  • Mi
      29th of Dec, 2007
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    The experience i had at ALC was not pleasent... i went in to do my research with ALC and i wasn't completely sure if i should do business with them but i gave them a chance since i "thought" it was a good deal . the lady whose name i will mention so everyone could be awear of how Disrespectful and Deciving she is... anyway i called the following day to cancel service with them and this person inform me that i wont be allowed to get my money back... I was NEVER informed that they had a no refund policy... Even if you NEVER had any treatment done. In my eyes you should mention that before payments are made. During our first meeting i was asking ALL the question and she was very unsure with her answers . She failed to cover the important details... When i call she would be extremely rude with me! She hang up the phone in my face, she has her coworkers say she's off when i know she's their (cause she just hung up the phone in my face), then her receptionist follow her foot steps and hang up in my face after lying to me cause i ask foe corprat number.... I personally wont put up with that behavior... I will go to corprate and after i am granted all my money i will drive to their location and pay them a "friendly" visit. It don't make any since how these people are getting away with this and they don't even delivery good service... If you want good service go to IDEAL IMAGE! That's what i did and i love it! But as far as for American Laser, it's time for us to get together and shut that garbage down!!! If you resign in Miami DO NOT GO to the ALC Adventure office because they are disrespectful and their ring leader ROCHELLE is the head of it. Ms. Rochelle is a racist, disrespectful and very unprofessional person and should not be in that kind of business. So everyone before signing any papers, just run!

  • Ti
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    I am currently receiving services w/ AMC and I don't have any major complaints. I knew that there was no guarantee when I decided to get the service. I do think the things that have happened to everyone is horrible. It seems like everyone has a problem with the laser hair removal and I am so glad I read this because I was considering buying my boyfriend a giftcard from there for his b-day to have laser hair removal. However, a friend and I receive microdermabrasion (spell check) treatments and it has been going good so far. I haven't seen the results that I wanted to see but I have noticed fewer outbreaks. The service is working wonderful for my friend, her skin looks beautiful. I think something as simple as micro is fine for them to do but I wouldn't let them touch me w/ a laser!

  • Al
      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    Hello Patricia and Mikki,

    I represent American Laser Centers and we apologize for the delayed response to your request for assistance. American Laser Centers has recently changed ownership and we would like to ask you to please contact our newly expanded customer service department regarding your issue at (877) 252-2010. If you’d like us to contact you instead, please provide your contact information to my email below and we will contact you at a time and day of your convenience.

    American Laser Centers’ customer service center will be happy to personally help you with your needs and will provide a swift response to your concern.

    Thank you,


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