American Laser Centerno refund / micro will damage your skin

I went to Mequon, WI location. Run away from this place as fast as you can!
I purchased 10 micro procedures. After 1st one I had to go to see dermatologist & pay for his services + meds. I called ALC & asked for a refund - guess what? they don't care! They refused to give me my money back. They told me that perhaps it was not done properly last time, it was cold outside & bluh, bluh...So, I tried treatment # 2 - same exact results, and I ended up at the Derma doctor again. I told ALC I will not be doing any treatments. After about 4-5 months of discussions, they offered to give me bikini hair removal for the remainder of my micro services & I was stupid enough to agree to it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Mequon, WI There was no paperwork completed for this & I have not signed anything! After 2 bikini treatments, I got a letter that now I have to pay $50 per service, I called ALC, and what is really interesting - manager does not have a voce mail there ...Can you believe that? so, I tried & tried for several times - finally I got to talk to Ms. Amy, she said she needs to review my chart, and she was doing so for 2 weeks. I finally got sick of it & I called customer service, they logged a complain & she called me back.

When I asked to see my personal file, she told me that she needs to talk to her regional manager & see if its OK. I reassured her that its my right as a Patient to see my file...she does not know how long it takes to get this file to me - does she know anything? why is she being paid?

I will fight, I will not stop! I will get my file & I will go to court! if you would like to call me, here is the contact: [protected]

Also, I completed laser on my face, 2 years of treatments are over & I see no result...waste of money!

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