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I have seen a job posting on one of the Facebook groups for refugees in Toronto, it was posted by a very new profile, I have sent my resume after this person mentioned that they need many employees for different positions, they have contacted me and I went to the interview, it was basically a selling presentation for their products!, many false information that you can tell, very attractive presentation aims to give you the impression that you are very lucky to work for them, but it is not a position or employment, you have to buy a training, an exam, licence, using your car and even your laptop, they will only get commission from you. no benefit no security. at the end of a long process and filling out many forms, I rejected the job that they were about to offer me a the same day!, so the associate - who claimed himself as a manager-, start selling me a product!!! I told him I am not going to by any insurance coz basically I need a JOB first!

Although I didn't work with them, but I am writing this review coz I felt that they are not honest and not professional in recruiting, and many lies and deceptive information were presented to us.

Jan 10, 2018
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      Feb 07, 2018

    I was called for an "interview" with Arias-Cimino agency and was told it was for an office position, benefits rep. Basically, answer any questions that policy holders might need help with. I was told that my interview time would be 10:30 am. Sixteen people showed up at 10:30 and all sixteen made it to the second round. The second round began at 11:00. Well after sixteen applicants were throughly interviewed in 30 minutes by two people with a remarkable 100% accepted rate, 1.) Lie one, I was told I was going to work with American Income Life. 2.) Lie two, I was going to peddle their insurance policies. Can you believe it me and fifteen other people made it to the third round?!!!
    I got my call from Sarah telling me they are extremely excited and welcome aboard. Sarah asked me if I thought they were a good fit for me. I said I have some questions first. Sarah said, "sure"? I questioned the name change...the job change...A very aggressive, angry male voice stated, Hey! Hey!...ummm! are not a good fit...and the call ended abruptly with them hanging up.
    These people at American Income Life are parasites...low life thieves. Don't believe anything they have to say! They are lying snakes! I'm reporting them to the BBB tomorrow morning.

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