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August 13, 2009. Something is not ligit about American Income Life. I just receive a email from them. They started by addressing me as:

Attention Career Seeker,

Recently, we received your application / resume from one of the Job Boards that our company works. It went on to state that it had a job opening and urged me to call immediately to schedule an interview with Regional Manager, Anderson Sooknanan nad provided the name of Marsha Diaz, Ext 227, who is suppose to be the Asst. Dir of HR.

I contacted her and kindly informed her not to send me any randam email, because, had I indeed responded to one of their advertisement, I would have had to provide at least my name and telephone number. Something they did not have. Surprise, Surprise, she hung up on me.

NO LIGITIMATE COMPANY WOULD DO THAT. As I stated, I was not rude or anthying.

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  • Pa
      Aug 26, 2009

    They e-mailed you because you posted your resume on the internet. Most likely they hung up on you because you were rude. AIL is 100% legitimate.

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  • Mj
      Sep 02, 2009

    Again Paul, what are you doing posting on here? Didn't you leave AIL like three years ago? Are you really that much of a ###?

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  • Sc
      Nov 13, 2009;_ylc=X1MDMzk2NTExMzc4BF9yAzIEbGlkA0hKMTAwVG9wQ29tcGFueQ--?ultsrc=HJ100§ion=TopCompanyList

    What is not legit about a fortune 400 platnium company with an A+ superior rating with AM best (the best rating to achieve) and a company that was just listed as the top 37th company to work for in america by yahoo hotjobs 2009 . The only company on that list that provides supplemental benefits to the working class man. The company doesn't advertise because they made an agreement with the union board to not advertise to help keep the cost down. SO do some real research based on facts rather than opinons and reading peoples slander!

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  • Aj
      Dec 20, 2009

    I agree with Paul... You placed you resume online for everyone to contact you. I have been with the company for almost 8 years and my wife almost 9. We have been on numerous trips with this wonderful company. I see all this LAZY people posting how they couldn't make it... I am an RGA with this company and I love the life that I made for me and my family. OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED... Are you up for a challenge? Selling Life insurance is tough... Go complain to your mommy and have her give you a bandaid for you booboo and give you a kiss and hug and tell you it's all better

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  • Ln
      Jan 04, 2010

    Hey Gilbert,
    I though something was fishy, too. That is how I ended up on this website. You do sound little a bully to me and not to professional either.

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  • For sure, you can tell when people are posting because they are sponsors, Gilbert is probably an office manager playing on his computer all day while his salesmen are out knocking on doors 70 hours a week.

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  • Mi
      Apr 19, 2010

    Your resume was in fact posted on something, just because your name was not stated in the email does not mean that your name wasn't on the resume(that they saw) or that you didn't apply to the position. It simply means it was a massive email in the sense that you are not the only one that made a request or clicked on the link or applied. It also may mean that they did not want to type the same message out to 20+ people (and maybe even in the hundreds) and sending one email to 200 people was not only more cost effective but also less time consuming. Sounds to me like they are using their noggin. but on another note, If you don't want people contacting you about a position you can do a few things. Get a job and take your resume off those job hiring boards. Stop looking for a job and don't put your resume on a job posting site. Or one of the simplest of them, Responding to the email "no thank you". I mean you received the email, called the number and extension just to say you're not interested? that to me just seems like more was said than "i am not interested thank you" because if it involves "sending a randam(which it's spelled random) email then an EMAIL would suffice, because her talking to you on the phone doesn't give her your email by osmosis. But then again, she may have been psychic, i'm not sure.

    I work for AIL and have been since October 2007. It's april 19th 2010, and to answer 'Kevin-trying to find a REAL job' AIL reps aren't "out knocking on doors 70 hours a week" Do a little bit more research and you'll see that leads are provided that one doesn't have to pay for and are viable leads that the person(on the card) has filled out with their own handwriting. Or in some cases gone onto their unions, credit unions, associations link (that links to our site) where they are able to fill out an online form for their aforementioned affiliation. The only time a door knock is involved is when its from a previously scheduled appointment in which they know we are coming, or because the member has a bad number or disconnected number.

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  • Pa
      Apr 26, 2010

    I usually worked for 6-7 hours a day as an agent, max. Some Saturdays I would put in a 10 hour day but only about once a month. Check it out for yourself people. Don't listen to the haters like mjd101010. If you spend your life listening to all the suckers who say you can't, you won't.

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  • Pa
      Apr 28, 2010


    It's not that you can't, its that you shouldn't. You left so obviously, to some degree, AIL wasn't for you either. And mjd101010 isn't a "hater, " just doesn't seem to like you.

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  • Pa
      Apr 29, 2010

    Major Tool, retired to a remote region of the country would be more accurate (not that accuracy matters to you). Also, do you really think that people can't tell that you're the same person posting under multiple screen names fail/fail01/fail02/fail03/fail04/mjd101010/major tool? It's simply pathetic. Maybe you should get a cat or something. Try knitting or jigsaw puzzles, anything to occupy your time better than stewing about YOUR past failures and posting anonymous insults under different names on a website. Seriously, seek help.

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  • Sa
      Jun 11, 2010

    I find it funny all of the "ex" AIL employees come on here and still defend AIL. The above post is clearly delusional if he thinks we can't tell he still works for them. And if he doesn't, that's even worse. Something not quite right with someone who vehemently defends a company they themselves no longer work for.

    Samantha Brown

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  • Mi
      Jun 11, 2010

    Samantha B - Just because someone chooses to not work for a company [any company, not just AIL] any more, does not mean that they have something against the company... Some people leave because they have another calling in life. In one case I have seen myself Phil Folkertsma[sp?] left AIL not because he hated the company, or had anything against it. But because he was very into his religion and was getting more involved in his religious aspects of his life. But, he was able to just stop working for 'the man' and do 'the lords' work because of all the years he put in at AIL, guarantees that he'll have an income coming for the rest of his life...

    Let me ask you, how many people do you know that worked for a company, let's say in this case, McDonalds or Subway or Wal-mart and after quitting, cut all times with them. Like 'oh I worked there for 3 years, I'll never eat there, bring my friends there, shop there, etc...' You probably do not know too many people like that, if any. Right?

    Most of those people move on from one career to another [again, not just AIL specifically] do so because they have to relocate because of family or certain extenuating circumstances, or it's career path for something that they have ALWAYS wanted to do and now getting that opportunity to do so (like music, or acting, or even growing their own family) anything like that. So please, don't go around saying that just because someone doesn't work for a company, but still supports that said company, or field of work, that they 'obviously' work for the company still. That makes you look like a person who is vehement on discrediting anyone who says something of substance about a company. In this case, that company being AIL, a company that I DO work for, and enjoy.

    Samantha B - what are all the companies that you, yourself have worked for? do you go around telling people that since you don't work there anymore it must be a bad and terrible place? And also, Since you don't work there any more, that company must not be supported by you as an individual and for anyone else to support it, they are obviously paid to... That sounds quiet ridiculous, I know. But that's what you're summing it up to.

    Paul Lund - For someone to defend a company that they no longer work for speaks volumes. Not just about the person, but the company as well. I hope that you have found your true calling in whatever it is that you're doing now, and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest. Back on Topic though, being that I do work for the company, I 'obviously' have a biased opinion, but that's what an opinion is, biased. And Samantha B, yours is no different.

    Samantha B - I really hope that the person you are describing in your post, is not the type of person that you are because that's not a very productive way of living life. If it is, I hope you do find something that you can wake up in the morning to, and in the future speak positively of. Life is all about experiences, and unfortunately, we all will experience bad ones, but we will also experience great ones. Your past career endeavors may have been some-what un-fulfilling [assuming]. But one day you'll find where you belong, whether it be with the company you're in now. Or a company you'll be in, in the future. Either way, I wish you the best. But for any one reading this who is on the fences about going in to an interview. Go, find out first hand if it's something that YOU want to do. Not something that you just read or heard people say not to do it. Some people like it, some people don't. But at least the people who didn't like it, made that decision for themselves. I urge you to do the same.

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  • Pa
      Jun 12, 2010

    Samantha B??? I don't think so. It's just Fail again and its pathetic.

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  • Mi
      Jun 12, 2010

    You may be correct Paul, they just spammed a bunch of other AIL posts. This was the first one I saw, so I thought it might be a real post, but then there were like 4 more of just flames, so I too think it's Failsauce101 as well

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  • St
      Aug 27, 2010

    The two of you (Paul Lund and Michael AIL) are really pathetic. Your post everywhere on this website blindly assuming other posters do not have any idea what they're talking about. Michael AIL, you work for the Altig agency in Virginia. Big effing deal. Your part of the worst, slimiest, dishonest agency in the whole of AIL, which is pretty bad considering how slimy and dishonest AIL is as a whole. As someone who was an MGA for 2 years with the Altig agency I can personally attest to how they treat fellow agents and clients. I have personally seen Rob Hay (your mentor I believe) as well as Rick Altig himself flat out lie to other agents to better their causes. I have seen RGA's in the Altig agency personally write checks to agents in order to keep their mouths shut about what goes on there. You have the nerve to come on here and try to sway everyone to believe your this hotshot producer and I can't even find your name in the recent spotlight. The fact of the matter is 98% of all hirees will leave within the first year if not before. Yet your're trained, no conditioned to say "The insurance business is hard and every insurance business has the same retention...blah, blah, blah." Another lie that they have you entagled in. I can show you dozens of other highly reputable investment firms that pay for training, have agents who stay longer than six months, and don't have to lie to clients to get in the door.

    Paul Lund, whoever is calling you a tool is completely accurate. You have brought nothing to the table in your posts only to further show potential AIL agents how they can expect to be treated. Even if you do or do not work for AIL anymore, it doesn't matter. Your posts show how lame a person you are and you are actually slowing down the advancement of the human race. Please stop and return to whatever rock you crawled out from under.

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  • Mi
      Sep 21, 2010

    Stevedossett - you have no idea what you're talking about. I don't work in Virginia, I've never even been in Virginia longer than a 10 minute drive. If you're going to try to discredit me, figure out what you're talking about.
    Rob hay is not my mentor, I know Rob, but not on a professional level (since he lives in Washington state now, which is where i lived when I first started).
    Nor do I claim or have even made mention that 'i'm a hot shot producer' I am a part time producer, since I am running my agency of 6 and an office of 18. You may have seen RGA's write agents checks you may have seen people do a lot of things. But your word is just about as valuable as my words... You have no way to really back up what you're saying. All of what you said is exactly the same thing that you are flaming me for.

    What 'reputable investment firms pay for training'?
    what reputable investment firms have agents that stay longer than six months? (which is every single one, since mine does as well not EVERY person will stay in any agency in any company but above the norm is what i'mn talking about.
    How exactly do we 'lie' to our clients to get in the door?
    Who was writing these checks to which agents to keep what quiet?
    what exactly did Rick and Rob lie about?

    Explain that to me because i've at least had reasoning (even mostly personal experience / reasoning) to back up what i'm saying. you're just talking out of the side of your neck.

    I hope you have a wonderful day

    If you choose to contact me my information is on my name or
    [protected] - email
    [protected] - cell number (leave a message if i don't answer, otherwise i wont get back to you)

    I don't mind, in fact, I enjoy when people post something of content in their complaints, or compliments. You didn't really post any kind of complaint, it sounds to me like you're just trolling.

    Back up what you said with solid information, or proof. Then i'll take you more seriously, but until then, please keep quiet.

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  • An
      Dec 30, 2010

    AIL has been calling me and leaving me messages "regarding my resume", also. Yes, I do have a resume posted online. It also says specifically on that resume that I do not want to be contacted for postions outside of the scope of work indicated by my 16+ yrs of professional experience - which is definitely NOT in the insurance business. They are not doing anything "illegal" by doing so - but they are very obviously violating my stated wishes on that posted resume. I wonder if they really think that randomly contacting everyone who posts a resume online, regardless of that person's background, will convince career professionals to suddenly ditch their calling and become insurance agents. :p Not likely.

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  • Mi
      Feb 11, 2011

    Angelle - I apologize that AIL has called you back several times, have you called back at all and let them know that you are not interested? I'm sure that'd stop them from calling. If you haven't, I'd try that, for courtesy to them, but also to have them stop hassling you, it's a win-win.

    Before I started with AIL I didn't have a whole slew of careers under my belt, especially not 16+ years. But for most people who get let go in a position or positions that were held for so long, most people (especially now) are having a hard time finding a job in their listed field. I have talked to people that have been doing the same thing for 15-20 years (I.e Construction) and though that is what they have been good at and that is what their resume lists, that doesn't mean that people are hiring in that field or if that field is one's calling.

    I have not seen your resume personally, but I can say that if you've been in a field 16 years, you will definitely have talent, that's a given. But what employers also look at is "is this person going to be easy to deal with (or train) or are they going to have so many bad habits or "so much experience" that they cannot be taught anything, because they know it all. I am not saying that is you, but as someone who employs people, that's one big factor i look at when someone is sitting a crossed the table from me...

    It may be your calling to stick in to you field, but how many people in your field can say "that is my calling, through thick or thin i'm going to stay in this". Probably not many...

    I do hope they have ceased calling you though since it has been 42 days since you posted this, but I also hope that you have at least given them a phone call.

    If there is anyone here who is on the fences about AIL and wants to know some information, I work for the Company and I have for a while

    I am available to answer any questions that you may have and any concerns that may be on your mind.

    you can reach me at
    [protected] which is my cell phone, or you can text me at the same
    or email me at [protected]

    anyone that talks to me i will not be mean or judgemental so do not think that i will, my only goal is to give anyone looking, insight.

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