American Eagle Outfitters / service - saint john, nb mcallister mall

I am a frequent shopper at AE for both of my children but I had a horrible experience at the Saint John, NB store on the weekend. The young lady working at the cash when I was making a purchase of over $300, simply closed up her cash and walked away. There is some bad history between this clerk (Alicia) and my daughter but I am a "customer" and this is unacceptable. There was another customer in the line behind me and we both had to move over to the line on the other side of the counter where the clerk had to apologize to customers for their wait. As I passed by the the clerk who left the cash, I commented "Gee thanks for your help!", she very arrogantly replied "You're welcome". I realize this is a teenager trying to make a few dollars while she's in school and don't expect her to loose her job, however I do expect an apology and for her to treat me like any other customer when I am in the store.

Sep 25, 2017

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