American Eagle Outfitters / online inventory stock

I repeatedly tried to buy one of their products (swimsuit) but everytime I placed an order, they would send me an email saying it is out of stock. Because I hover between XS and S, i go to the site and see that small was available (which was weird because on initial order, only XS was available and Small was not). Anyhow, i make the order for small. Soon after, it gets cancelled AGAIN, saying it is out of stock. At this point i'm just pissed because I had to make multiple orders to get what i want and as you know, they don't have freeshipping so i always had to add more stuff in order to avoid shipping charges.

Their explanation is that they have too much stock and it's hard to keep track of it as multiple people are buying at same time. What i don't get is why it takes them like a full WEEK to cancel my order. Are you that bad American Eagle? And why have things on sale at all if there is no stock? As of TODAY, the site still has the item in stock when it does not. It's so frustrating. And i keep getting unhelpful replies from a dude called Reinaldo. Augh. What i want is my ITEM, not your continuous excuses. When i compared it to their biggest competitor, Victoria's Secret, never having these problems, they offered no explanation to why their online system is inferior.

Anyway, I always liked their products but their more popular items just don't seem to update properly. I never had to make THREE frign orders to get what i want(and as of today i STILL don't have what i want since Reinaldo confirmed my suspicions that the item is just out of stock EVERYWHERE apparently and so i will be receiving yet ANOTHER 'cancelled order' email. Come on man! You're a big company, can you just do your job right.

Jun 06, 2018

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