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American Credit Services / Asking for immediate payment of a loan

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I got a call in the office 2 weeks ago regarding a loan from fastcash and it was from a Mr. Robin Jackson and the phone number is [protected]. He said that i didnot reply to several emails from a loan company and now immediate payment for $614.00 should be made or i need to go to court to settle this. A particular Mr. Michael Brown with phone number [protected] also called regarding this loan. I was so surprised receiving this call and honestly i was terrified, calling me at work and harassing me. This is such a very bad experience.

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  • Pe
      2nd of Mar, 2010
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    The same thing happened to me last year 2009 but in my case I gave them my bank account number with the same robin jackson he said they will charge me with criminals charges because I did not paid my loan. I terrified and with out think twice I gave them my bank account and they took out from my bank checking account the amount of 614.00. dollars
    today march 2, 2010 they called me back with the same history and this time I confront him telling him that he is a thief and he hung the telephone. I was robbered by this gansters. Never paid attention to this call or the same thing that happened to me will happend to you
    Pedro R
    New Yor

  • Su
      19th of Mar, 2010
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    There is a scam going on right in our area and I think area viewers need to know about it, so they don't have the horrid experience. You get a call at work from different names, but sounds like same man. Mine was Robin Jackson. There is a lot of background noise and a thick accent, making it very difficult to understand. The man states that you have defaulted on a payday loan, and they have decided rather than to pursue it, to charge you with check deception, theft and several other horrid charges. he then asks you where you will be at 1030 the next morning, and says the police will be at your house to pick you up and take you to jail. When pressed for details, like who do I supposedly owe, they say it might be Fast Cash. The email address they gave me was The first phone number they gave me 730-514-0124, is out of service. When they called back yesterday, demanding to speak to my boss, so I can be fired, they gave me another number 817-717-7310. When I looked this up online, it seems as if they have been after 100's of people, all with the same story. They threaten you with jail, loss of your job, and it catches you so off guard, it is scary. They have your SSN, address, phone numbers, bank account numbers. There have been a fair number of people that have sent them money, thinking it would end the harrassment, but it does not, they want more. These people need to be stopped, and the word needs to get out, so others don't have this experience. Thank you Susan M Hoffman, Oroville, CA

  • Tu
      6th of Apr, 2010
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    My husband and I have had the same experience. We are told to call 817-717-7310. The person calling has a very thick india accent and has been using the name Patrick Gibbs and Eric Matthews. They sound like the same person. They have been calling my husbands work and leaving threatening messages. Saying that we have defaulted on a payday loan. A couple of years ago out of desparation we took out a payday loan, but paid the money back. I wonder if they somehow got our information from that payday loan company. Biggest mistake we ever made. My husbands work has an employee advocate. She called the number back and recorded the conversation and told them she was turning them over to the Attorney Generals office. zoesadie

  • Sa
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    I received this same call today and yesterday (11/20/2010). I called back because a message was left stating that there were criminal allegations place on my social security number which he stated my last 4 digit. the caller name was albert walker . when I called back he put me in touched with Frank Jefferson. Frank Jefferson went on to state the same speel about how I had a payday loan from cashadvance usa that I didn't pay back. he stated that several attempts were made on bank account which was returned. I did state that I have payday loans(not with cash advance usa) but they were paid and I was not aware of any return unpaid loans. He constantly repeated to me that the call was being recorded for the purposes of being able to use in court against me. He made mention of attorney and if had one and would like to continue the case in court. I stated to him I didn't have an attorney because I was not aware of a case against and not aware of being in default of a loan. He was reading from a prepared paper because everytime interupted with questions he would tell me not to interupt and he would answer my question once he was finished. He also stated that he would have to refer to their attorney Julian Marshall which was a higher authority. He and the so called atty. ask me if I were ever arrested or had a lawsuit against me. He told me that he could not make any decision but would really like to help me becuse I seem like a good person and have good credit becuase they ran background and credit checks on me. He would talk to mr. marshall for me becuse mr. marshall was a higher authority. then he comes back and said Mr. marsall would like to speak with me so I could convince him I want to resolve this out of court. I was really scare because I thought someone had stolen my info(which they did)and was doing illegal activities against me. Because they threaten to report information to my employment, I almost paid this clown. then something hit me when he tried to make me pay him (579.63)with a debit or credit card in 45 minutes and write a letter of apology and intent through faxing it to this number 808-442-0009. This is called OOCR-(out of court retribution). I think God alert during ending of conversation because I started asking many questions that he would keep interupting me. I ask him what law firm and address was his attorney Julian Marshall from and he gave me this information Morgan Law Associates, 19623 Lake Hollow lane, Houston, Texas 77084. After hanging up with this clown, he called me back threaten me that i better call back by monday because they were leaving the office for the day. I forgot to mention earlier the number that these scammer called from (817)400-5493 Grapevine, Texas and (817)710-4545 Fort Worth, Texas located in Tarrant County. I plan to contact the state atty general they must be stopped and I will notify as many people possible of this scam.

  • Li
      27th of Oct, 2011
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    OMG i just got the same Call from 713-701-7282 sayn that i was going to go to jail that i would be going to court and my job would be aware of this and i had till 12:30p.m. to pay a fine of 222.53 and two more payments of 222.53 with in the next month. He had such a strong accent that i couldnt even understand the first name he gave me but the whole time hes telln me all this he scared the crap out of me he also told me that i had 20 minutes to fax an apology letter to Julian Marshall sayn i would pay my fines in a timely matter. But something told me look google this Julian Marshall person and it led me to this.

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