American Airlinesmileage use policy

American Airlines should be ashamed that it makes its most loyal customers scrape by to earn what is rightfully theirs—a fitting way to utilize hard-earned miles. God forbid you've lost uour rlite status which is unfairly catered to the rich or corporate spenders. In my case I was waitlisted for a business upgrade until all available seats were sold and the waitlist was no longer applicable. What an unfair slap in the face to the driving force of the flying public. I'm so sick of the top 1% benefitting from things they can already afford. American should be ashamed and so should any other airline doing business this way. Not only did I earn my 107, 266 miles over 4 years, I can only use them in ways AA decides, as though my money soent over 4 years is somehow less valuable when I try and benefit from it. You corporate crooks! I'm so sick of your bullcrap!!

Dec 11, 2018

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