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My husband and I went to the AMC Ahwatukee Theatre on Saturday, 5/6 hoping to see Get Out at the 7:30 pm showing. We were there at 7:15 pm. When we went to the kiosk to pay and choose our seats, the only time listed was for 10:00 pm. We questioned if the show was sold out. The customer service representative looked it up and did not know if there was even a 7:30 pm time slot. He then asked another employee. The second customer service representative said there was never a 7:30 pm showing and that I must have looked it up wrong. Walking away, I accessed my phone and up came the AMC Ahwatukee website search indicating the 7:30 pm showing for Get Out. I went back and showed the employee who questioned my ability to do a website search that indeed the actual show times conflicted with the AMC website. He again told me again that I must have looked it up wrong. I then asked a female customer service representative who was nearby just standing there. She said they changed the times to accommodate The Guardian of the Galaxy Vol II movie since it was more popular. (See actual screen shot of AMC Website with Movie times below)
Needless to say, we left AMC and went to another movie theatre. I have been an AMC patron and Ahwatukee resident for over 20 years. I do not appreciate being lied to or belittled by your customer service representatives because you decided to change the venue. At a time when movie theatres are struggling to survive against alternative options, I would think customer service should be a stellar part of the AMC movie going experience. Otherwise, why bother leaving home and paying to see movie at an AMC Theatre?

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May 07, 2017
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