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I went to the amc regency 24 in jacksonville, fl 32225 to see a movie on 8 january 2017, using a set of coke rewards tickets. I was informed by a rather obnoxious ticketing agent that I could not use the rewards ticket to see the movie "rouge one" as it was a premium movie; cash or credit only. The rude attendant then pointed out six other movies on the board which were also "restricted", leaving only the worst-of-the-worst movies to pick from. If I had known amc restricted all of the good movies from discounted tickets (Including groupons, etc) , I would never have have used my points to purchase amc tickets. And yes, I did read the fine print of their disclaimers. Amc is more than glad to get money from people who buy discounted tickets... But then has no intention to let you redeem them for good movies. They have your money and therefore don't care. This is why amc is a dying brand. To put movies on a restricted list, weeks after they debut, is beyond greedy. I am currently contacting coke to see if I can get a refund of my points, since I have not used my tickets... And I have no intention to ever frequent an amc theater ever again.

AMC Theaters

Jan 13, 2017

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