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Where do I start? I have been working for AMC for years, and, I love it there. I really do. But, I feel as though the staff is underappreciated. Let me tell you why. First of all. We still get paid minimum wage. On a slow day, we deal with a minimum of 2, 000 to 3, 000 people. And, that is a slow day. And these guests yell at us. Call us terrible things. Because of things we can not control. Such as pricing. There was once a staff member who went into a full blown anxiety attack because a guest threatened to report them. Why? Because she was new to the job and said a ticket was $15.09 when it is really $11.49 ( It was the poor girls 1st week and she was not told that there was a difference between 3D and regular showings ). I myself have had hot food thrown at me because it was not to our guest's liking, but, I still show up with a smile on my face, attempting to be "AMCamazing". Secondly, I do not understand some of the dress codes. In this age, why can't we dye our hair or have piercings. or even a tattoo? Most of your employees are teenagers or young adults. And, this is becoming more and more of a popular thing to do. One of our best selling employees quit a few days ago because he wasn't allowed to dye his hair pink ( for a breast cancer awareness run he was going to compete in, his mother had died of the cancer a few years prior ). On to pricing. Now, I know that movie theaters have high prices, but, the one thing that drives me nuts is the $12 for a Stubs card. I have been keeping track, and, over the past three months, 126 guests have turned down a stubs card after hearing the price for it. They wanted one, but, were not willing to pay for it. Even with all the benefits that came with it. I really love my job, but, I am on the verge of leaving. I really do not want to, but, I believe that I would be a lot happier working somewhere else at this point. I'm sorry.

Dec 27, 2015

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