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ALW Sourcing LLC / 19year old charged off debt

1 NJ, United States

i noticed an inquiry on only my transunion credit report for this company ALW SOURCING LLC i call and spoke with a gentlemen there who wanted any and all information which i didnt provide all i gave him was my name which he found my account with an address i never lived but the point of the whole thing is imensly stupendous to think that a debt that has been charged off for 19 year has not one foot to stand on yes this was a debt i didnt pay but you belive that i did pay it in another respect of have that bad mark on my credit for at least 10 years so as far as im concerned this debt is payed.But one thing that bothers me I belive that whomever sold my account from one collector to the next and put my credit information in the hands of these crooks are liable as well as the credit reporting agency.the reason for my thinking is this i agreed for sears to have acces to my credit not the ### suckers that they sold it to, so if this paticular collector is underhanded in his practicess then sears is liable for the damage as well.

I would like to know if there are any class action lawsuits against this company or if there is any others out ther wanting to sue these ### because i want to sue there ### off.

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