Alumniclass.comhigh jacking their website to another host on facebook

I thought I was registering with Arts High School alumni class of 82 advertised on Facebook, instead it was with They, piggybacked my registration on Facebook. Also alumni Class & alumni class reunions refused to contact me concerning this matter.
Their website, somehow connected with Arts High School on Facebook, it then prompted me with a $25 discount and lifetime membership.

After registering I realized my name was incorrectly spelled, and I registered with the wrong website. is not associated with Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey. Also I contacted the real individuals in charge of the Arts High School Alumni association site and they also confirmed that I had not registered. This is a sham at its best on Facebook allowing piggybacking and high jacking consumers. Facebook does not have a direct link that allows reporting this type of abusive behavior. [protected]@FakeBook

Mar 06, 2018

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